Role of tyrosine kinase-mediated signaling pathways in cardiovascular diseases (heart failure, atherosclerosis, pulmonary hypertension)
Germany (bvmd) - Universitaet zu Koeln, Cologne
Laboratory for Molecular Cardiology, Clinic III for Internal Medicine and Cologne Cardiovascular Research Center (CCRC), University of Cologne, Germany
Prof. Stephan Rosenkranz
Dr. Marius Vantler, Dr. Eva Berghausen
4 weeks
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Type of Research Project
- Basic science
What is the background of the project?
Tyrosine kinases play a pivotal role in the pathophysiology of cardiovascular diseases. Here, we focus on the signal relay mechanisms by which receptor tyrosine kinases such as the platelet-derived growth factor receptor (PDGFR) elicit their signals in vascular and cardiac cells, and their importance for the pathobiology of various diseases including heart failure, atherosclerosis and pulmonary hypertension. More specifically, this project focuses on the relevance of various signaling molecules downstream of receptor tyrosine kinases.
What is the aim of the project?
The aim is to identify novel targets that can be inhibited by small molecules in order to improve the treatment options of specific diseases. The main aim of the project is to decipher signaling mechanisms by tyrosine kinases in the context of cardiovascular disease, in order to develop novel strategies for therapy and/or prevention of specific diseases
What techniques and methods are used?
Tissue culture / isolated cells: Proliferation, migration, apoptosis assays, protein expression, Western blotting, immunostaining, FACS (fluorescence-activated cell sorting) analysis Animal work: Functional characterization, vascular function, hemodynamics, cardiac function, morphometric tissue analysis, quantification of vascular remodeling and atherosclerosis.
What is the role of the student?
What are the tasks expected to be accomplished by the student?
Will there be any theoretical teaching provided (preliminary readings, lectures, courses, seminars etc)
What is expected from the student at the end of the research exchange? What will be the general outcome of the student?
What skills are required of the student? Is there any special knowledge or a certain level of studies needed?
No specific technical skills are required of the student. However, it is expected, that studends in the group are highly motivated and interested in basic cardiovascular science
Are there any legal limitations in the student’s involvement
Type of students accepted
This project accepts:
- Medical students
- Pre-Medical students from the American-British system
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