Manual interception of occluded visual trajectories: TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) study
Universita degli Studi di Roma 'Tor Vergata'
Università di Tor Vergata, Dept of systems medicine, Physiology lab
Prof. Siracusano Alberto
Prof. Bosco Gianfranco, Dott. Sergio Delle Monache
4 weeks
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Type of Research Project
- Basic science
What is the background of the project?
The study investigates some aspects regarding predictive processes, which underlie the ability of the brain of extrapolating visual information to guide motor actions as evade obstacles or projectiles as we see them come, investigating the connections between vision and movements.
What is the aim of the project?
The aim of the project is to get a better understanding of the putative role of some cortical areas, such as TPJ (Temporoparietal Junction) and LIP (Lateral Intraparietal cortex), on the aforementioned processes.
What techniques and methods are used?
Transcranial magnetic stimulation, psychophysical methods, eye tracking.
What is the role of the student?
- The student will observe the practical experiments but will be highly involved in the analysis of the results
What are the tasks expected to be accomplished by the student?
Will there be any theoretical teaching provided (preliminary readings, lectures, courses, seminars etc)
Preliminary readings, lab seminars and journal clubs.
What is expected from the student at the end of the research exchange? What will be the general outcome of the student?
- No specific outcome is expected
What skills are required of the student? Is there any special knowledge or a certain level of studies needed?
Knowledge of sensory and motor physiology, basic computer skills ( use of power spreadsheets, preferable)

For the use of students considering participating in the project, further information can be found from the following articles:
Bosco et al.
Are there any legal limitations in the student’s involvement
Type of students accepted
This project accepts:
- Medical students
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