Cough and Other respiratory Reflexes- brainstem structures and mechanisms
Slovakia (SloMSA) - Comenius University Martin, Bratislava
Biophysics and Medical Physics
Institute of Medical Biophysics, Comenius University, Jesenius Faculty of Medicine
Jan Jakus, Prof. MD, PhD., DrSc
Jan Jakus, Michal Simera
English, Polish
4 weeks
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Type of Research Project
- Basic science
What is the background of the project?
The project concerns the basic research of brainstem structures and mechanisms being involved in production of the cough reflex and other respiratory related motor behaviours (e.g.sneezing, sniff-like aspiration and expiration reflexes).
What is the aim of the project?
In anethetized cats and rabbits we want to look for brainstem nuclei which are involved in production or modulation of aformentioned airways reflexes as well as the clusters of neurons serving as a " gate" for action of antitussive agents like codeine , etc.
What techniques and methods are used?
The project employs basic the electrophysiological methods- recording of single electric activity from brainstem respiratory neurons, EMG of respiratory muscles (diaphragm, abdominal or laryngeal muscles) and ENG of the phrenic and lumbar nerves) commonly with recording of eosophageal or pleural pressures C fos method for detection of brainstem nuclei involved in the reflexes. Local microinjection of Codeine , Kainic acid and variety of neuromediators using the novel microinjector ( David Kopf , USA) PC on-line recording , storage and processing of data from more than 15 channels, histology of examined brainstem nuclei , etc.
What is the role of the student?
What are the tasks expected to be accomplished by the student?
will to work in a laboratory
Will there be any theoretical teaching provided (preliminary readings, lectures, courses, seminars etc)
What is expected from the student at the end of the research exchange? What will be the general outcome of the student?
- No specific outcome is expected
What skills are required of the student? Is there any special knowledge or a certain level of studies needed?
Basic knowledge in the field of general surgery, anatomy and physiology. Students need to ask prof. Jakus for approvement for surgery
Are there any legal limitations in the student’s involvement
Type of students accepted
This project accepts:
- Medical students
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