(Santiago de Chile) Antioxidant protection from damage caused by acute myocardial infartion
Universidad de Chile
Clinical and Molecualr Pharmacology Program, Institute of Biomedical Sciences
Dr. Antonio Morello
Dr. Ramon Rodrigo
English or Spanish
4 weeks
Cities/Months Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Augt Sep Oct Nov Dec
No No No No No No No No No No No No
Type of Research Project
- Clinical Project with Laboratory work
What is the background of the project?
Acute myocardial infarction ans ischemia-reperfusion phenomenon are processes whose pathophysiology free radicals are present, mainly of oxygen, wich can affect one or more components of cardiomyocytes, altering their duties seriously.
What is the aim of the project?
The aim of this study is to analyze the protective effects that may be executed by antioxidants against damage caused by reperfusion injury in the heart occurring following acute myocardial infarction.
What techniques and methods are used?
The techniques and methods will be used are experimental model of acute infartion in isolated rat heart. Determination of parameters related to oxidative stress and antioxidant potential in rat heart.
What is the role of the student?
- The student will observe the practical experiments but will be highly involved in the analysis of the results
What are the tasks expected to be accomplished by the student?
The role of the student will be to actively participate in the research project. As a results, it is expected that the student will be able to understand the experimental methodology as a strategy designed to assess the amelioration of the damage by protective factors for acute myocardial infarction.
Will there be any theoretical teaching provided (preliminary readings, lectures, courses, seminars etc)
Lectures and seminars.
What is expected from the student at the end of the research exchange? What will be the general outcome of the student?
- No specific outcome is expected
What skills are required of the student? Is there any special knowledge or a certain level of studies needed?
The student need knowledge of Cell biology, biochemistry and Physioly. Also need skills for laboratory work.
There are no legal restrcitions for student participation.
Just will be accept Pre-Medical and Medical students.
Are there any legal limitations in the student’s involvement
Type of students accepted
This project accepts:
- Medical students
- Pre-Medical students from the American-British system
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