Non-invasive measurements of auditory function in man and laboratory animals
France (ANEMF) - University of Auvergne, Clermont-Ferrand
Laboratory of sensory biophysics, School of Medicine, University of Auvergne
Pr Paul Avan
Pr Paul Avan, Pr Thierry Mom, Dr Fabrice Giraudet
French and English only
4 weeks
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Type of Research Project
- Clinical Project with Laboratory work
What is the background of the project?
We have developed several original methods based upon collecting acoustical and electrical responses from the inner ear and the auditory pathways. They allow characteristics of the inner ear and neural conduction to be extracted within seconds.

Aim of the project:
Each of the signals we monitor can serve for a project. The goal of this project would be to establish normative data on volunteers or healthy animals, and to test specific populations with either targeted symptoms or mutant genes leading to some hearing deficit. The choice of the topic depends on the availability of suitable models or subjects at the time when the intern would stay.

Theoretical teaching provided:
Preliminary readings and field studies

Your role:
The student is expected to help design a protocol and implement it on either human subjects (then, on a strictly non invasive basis), or laboratory animals (e.g. mice) if the student wishes to use or improve his/her experimental skills.
The exchange program can either be observational or the student can participate and be part of the team, depending on the student
What is the aim of the project?
What techniques and methods are used?
What is the role of the student?
- If the project includes “lab work”
- the student will take active part in the practical aspect of the project
- If the project is clinical
- the student will take active part in the clinical examination
- If the project is clinical
- the student will be allowed to work with patients
- The tasks will be done under supervision
What are the tasks expected to be accomplished by the student?
Will there be any theoretical teaching provided (preliminary readings, lectures, courses, seminars etc)
What is expected from the student at the end of the research exchange? What will be the general outcome of the student?
- No specific outcome is expected
What skills are required of the student? Is there any special knowledge or a certain level of studies needed?
Only basic skills and basic understanding of medical issues. No legal limitation: confidential parts would be covered by a signed agreement not to disclose the work; animals experiments are supervised by a licensed researcher in accordance with European regulations.
Are there any legal limitations in the student’s involvement
Type of students accepted
This project accepts:
- Medical students
- Pre-Medical students from the American-British system
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