Exchange Conditions Score of Serbia (IFMSA-Serbia)

Exchange Information
Type of exchanges
Type of students accepted
Medical students
Pre-medical students
Graduated medical students (less than 6 months prior to the exchange)
Biomedical students
Academic requirements for the students
The condition for applying to any project is that the incoming student has studied the field that they are applying for.
Cities/Months Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Augt Sep Oct Nov Dec
Serbia (IFMSA-Serbia) - University of Belgrade, Belgrade yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
Serbia (IFMSA-Serbia) - University of Novi Sad, Novi Sad yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
Serbia (IFMSA-Serbia) - University of Nis, Nis yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
Serbia (IFMSA-Serbia) - University of Kragujevac, Kragujevac yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
Calendar Remarks
NOTE : We accept students only for CALENDAR MONTHS (1-28. in the month) except January.  

In January the exchange starts on the 15th of January due to National holidays. There is a possibility for the exchange to start earlier in January but only for certain projects and it has to be agreed on between NOREs in advance.

We don't accept students in June.
Number of incomings
Projects available
- Serbia (IFMSA-Serbia) - University of Belgrade, Belgrade
- Serbia (IFMSA-Serbia) - University of Novi Sad, Novi Sad
- Serbia (IFMSA-Serbia) - University of Nis, Nis
- Serbia (IFMSA-Serbia) - University of Kragujevac, Kragujevac
General Information
Hours per Day
6 Hours
Days per week
5 Days
Dress code
White coat
What to Bring
White coat
Sthethoscope only for the clinical projects
Unilateral fee
Unilateral fee (special remarks)
Explanations about paying procedure will be sent by email before the exchange. Unilateral fee is payed upon arrival.
Lodging (housing)
- Student hostel
- Student apartment
- Host family
Boarding (meal)
- Student hostel
Times per day
Pocket money
Social Program
Organized every month in every local committee. Incomings will be introduced with specific activities upon arrival.
Special Remarks
Application Form
Special Remarks


Student must choose 3 different projects in at least 2 cities.

Students need to pay attention to the availability of each project according to months : Research projects

We will do our best to place incoming students in the first desired project, if possible. Every student needs to fulfill the reqirements when applying to the project (e.g. subject passed). If students fulfill all the reqirements then we choose according to the date when the AF is sent (the sooner you send your AF the more chance you have to be placed in the city/project you desire.


You need 80% of attendance confirmed by the tutor, a filled out logbook as well as filled Evaluation Form in your Exchange Platform in order to get the certificate.

Card of Confirmation (CC)

Card of confirmation must be sent 4 weeks before the date exchange starts. IF IT HAS NOT BEEN SENT UNTIL THE DEADLINE, WE WILL CONSIDER YOUR EXCANGE CANCELLED.

Card Of Documents
Standard documents
- Photo (* Mandatory)
- Card of Document
- Passport Copy (* Mandatory)
- Card of Document
- Motivation Letter (* Mandatory)
- Card of Document
- Proof of Enrollment (* Mandatory)
- Card of Document
- Curriculum Vitae (* Mandatory)
- Card of Document
- Health Insurance
- Paper
- Students' Record (Subjects passed)
- Card of Document
Special documents
Upon Arrival documents
The standard documents are the basic documents that the students are asking for and the special documents are less important, as only some Local Committees ask for them. So it's mandatory to upload the standard documents, but not the special ones. (Students do it when asked for by the LEO/NEO.)
The upon arrival documents are hard copies documents that the students are requested to take with them in the host country.”
Special remarks
Card of Acceptance
8 weeks
Special remarks
Card of Confirmation
4 Weeks
Special remarks
NMO can provide additional documents if needed
NMO must be notified 16 weeks before exchange start if additional documents are needed
Special remarks
NORE must be notified before 15.3. if the incoming students needs visa in order to add them to the list that is sent to our embassies and provide the students with additional information on visa procedures.
- Health Insurance

Special remarks
Every incoming student is responsible for obtaining a valid Health insurance for Serbia.
Health Documents

Special remarks
- We accept substitutions
- Substitutions depend on the LC
Deadline for substitutions (weeks)
Special remarks
Substitutions have to be discussed between NOREs. Options vary depending on months and local committees.
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Special Remarks

♥ We are very excited to have you! Welcome to SERBIA 

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