Exchange Conditions of FIMS

Working Conditions
Languages Remarks
Clerkship Type
- Clinical Clerkship
A clinical clerkship is defined as the rotation of a student in a clinical department of a hospital or clinic, such as Dermatology and Pediatrics.
Required level of studies
Graduated students allowed

Even if accepted by the hosting country, students must be still enrolled in university by the time the Application Form is sent.
Clerkship Duration
4 weeks, 7 hours a day, 5 days per week
Dress code
What to Bring
- Stethoscope
Academic Quality
Special Remarks
FIMS - ISRAEL reserves the right to cancel any exchange period & housing period if it receives any complaints of misconduct or unethical practice both in hospital & at the lodgings. The students responsible for such acts are held liable for any damage occurrence during the exchange. 

We will not tolerate students directly contacting head of departments prior to the exchange - this kind of behavior will lead to the immediate cancelation of the student's exchange with the student accepting full responsibility.

We only accept active students, we cannot accept students that already Graduated.

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Cities Remarks
we accept all year long (Except months that are completely taken by national holidays)!
Calendar Remarks

2019 National holiday (including weekends)

Exchange  period cannot  begin or end: on Friday, Saturday and during the following National Holidays, when the routine work at our affiliated departments is with a minimal staff & administrative offices at hospitals & University are closed.



Purim March 20-23
Passover     April 18-28
Independence day May 1-4
Shavuot                June 7-9
* Rosh Hashana September 27-1 Oct
* Kippur + Sukkoth Oct 8-20

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Disciplines Remarks
Pocket money
- Hospital
- Host family
- Student flat
- Dormitory
Social Program
Social program is active only during the summer (July - August)l
During the summer including trips and social gatherings.
Student with disabilities
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Special Remarks

Please, direct your questions/inquiries, only through your National Exchange Officer.

We do not meet students at airport! Please, report to hospital & housing, as written on your "Card of Acceptance".

We are trying to place couples as they request , but we can not promise this

You are required to send the AF at least 5 months in advance for July and August, and at least 3 months ahead for the rest of the year, first come first accepted. Thank you

Please do not purchase airplane tickets before receiving your card of acceptance.
Lunch Refunds

FIMS Israel will be refunding every student for one hot meal (lunch) every working day, at the hospital dining room. Food refunds will be given by every local exchange officer, according to the receipts presented.

Application Form
Unilateral fee
620 EUR
Payment details for unilateral fee
Since all the arrangements for students are always prepaid - payment must be taken care of until 14 days after submitting the AF.
Please contact us if there is any problems with respecting the deadline.
All payment details are in the link below. Do not forget to send us an email after paying!!!!!!
Please make sure that the full ammount is transfered (the price does not include the processing fees!)

We reserve the right to not accept unilateral students who did not make the payment on time..
Visa requirements
Please check the ministry of foreigm affairs website.
Link to Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ website (or any other website that provides official information on visa)
Card Of Documents
Standard documents
- Health Insurance
- Paper
- Passport copy
- Paper
- Photo(*) These documents are required to be sent with Application Form
- Card of Document
- Immunisation Record
- Paper
Special documents
- Immunisation Form
- Paper
Upon Arrival documents
The standard documents are the basic documents that the students are asking for and the special documents are less important, as only some Local Committees ask for them. So it's mandatory to upload the standard documents, but not the special ones. (Students do it when asked for by the LEO/NEO.)
The upon arrival documents are hard copies documents that the students are requested to take with them in the host country.”

Participants coming to Israel for the IFMSA exchange program are responsible for meeting their own health & accident care costs, including hospitalization. It is therefore IMPERATIVE that all participants be in possession of a PERSONAL Travel, Health and Accident Insurance. Students who fail to produce copies of their insurance risk having their exchange period automatically canceled without any refund. 

The Federation of Israeli Medical Students (“FIMS” ) or any person such as: hosting hospitals, dorms, social program organizers, operators and any other hosts will neither provide nor offer medical care or insurance coverage to participants, and are not responsible in any way for the health and safety of the exchange student. 

Malpractice insurance is not obligatory, but RECOMMENDED. 

Make sure your luggage (including valuables/laptop) is covered by your insurance. Hosting hospitals/dorms/FIMS or any other hosts will not be held responsible for loss/theft of your property."

3 Weeks

Card of Acceptance
8 Weeks
Special remarks
Card of Confirmation
4 Weeks
Special remarks
10 Weeks
Special remarks

In case of cancellation no money will be refunded, after we send the CA no Cancellation is approved only substitution

8 Weeks
Special remarks

We prefer substitutions to cancellations. Substitute is possible for the same period, gender and Department as originally confirmed. The substitute Application Form must arrive to our office not later than 60 days before the 1st day of the exchange period.

Additional Information
Update Date
07/18/2018 15:10
Validation Date
08/15/2017 00:00
Special remarks
Students must bring their proper immunization forms (as written in the vaccination requirements) - Students who fail to bring the necessary documents will not be accepted at the hospital!!!

For July and August - Please submit the AF as early as 5 months ahead of time. Later submission will not be accepted. First come first accepted. Thank you

Looking forward to having you here!!!