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We are delighted to welcome you to PMSA’s Explore page.
The exchange you are going to have in Palestine will be one of a kind experience! You are going to see a different side of the world.
Prepare yourself to be challenged, excited and inspired.


Historical Palestine surrounded from the north by Lebanon and Syria, south by Egypt, East by Jordan and west by the Mediterranean sea. It has a long history as a crossroads for religion, culture and commerce and among the earliest in the world to see human habitation, agricultural communities and civilization.
Palestine now is occupied and claiming the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem as its capital.

The climate is clear any time of the year. In winter, Jericho is a favourite resort and even the Jerusalem sun can be warm during the day. Winter can be cold, rainy with the possibility of snow in some areas. Spring is definitely the best time to visit as the weather is quite moderate making it enjoyable to travel around.

Musakhan is one of the most popular and traditional Palestinian recipes. It is usually prepared during the olive oil pressing season to celebrate freshly pressed oil but you can see it on the menu all year round in family gatherings and parties. Musakhan is all about fresh, simple ingredients allowed to shine. Good olive oil, tangy sumac, a hint of spices, onions caramelized to the point of being sweet and tender, perfectly roasted chicken and fresh bread. Simple yet you have to taste it to see how a dish can be much more than the sum of its parts.

A note: English is the language of teaching in medical faculties here in Palestine.


The Palestinian health system provides a unique and complex experience unlike any other, due to the restrictions imposed by the conflict, the number of health care providers and the geopolitical aspect of the situation. Despite these circumstances the healthcare system provides an appreciated wide range of medical services. Advances in training, increased access to state-of-the-art medical technology, and various governmental provisions have allowed the overall health status of residents to increas.

-Primary health care system in Palestine has many components that make it a special system, starting from Mother-child health care, coming up with vaccination and following up with NCD patients, all these services are mostly covered by the government.
-Secondary health care system which composed of treatment and management of several infectious diseases are also covered by the government.
-Tertiary health care system composing of different cardiac surgeries and cancer treatment is partially covered by the government.

The first medical faculty in Palestine has been established in 1994 after the Palestinian Authority has taken place in Palestine with two branches:
Jerusalem branch (Alquds University and Gaza branch(Gaza Branch),
and another medical faculty has been established in Nablus at Annajah National University.

Those faculties hold many medical programs including MD, Medical Laboratory, Medical Imaging, Nursing, Audiology and Speech Pathology.  Even Though we had a young medical education system, but hopefully these faculties have exported many doctors serving in at different medical facilities around the world, giving an indicator of how much potential these faculties have!


You have two ways to reach Palestine: 
1- You can land through Queen Alia International Airport-Amman, then take a taxi to The Allenby-King Hussein Bridge border crossing and passing three checkpoints: Jordanian, Israeli and Palestinian then you will find yourself in the Palestinian land! 

2- Ben Gurion International Airport located between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. 

You will be given a guid on how to reach you destination city.

Taxis are widely available in all Palestinian cities and are a popular choice of public transportation. West Bank blue and green license plates are not permitted to enter Jerusalem. Israeli operated taxis (with yellow plates) may enter the West Bank and Gaza Strip at the driver’s discretion.

An inexpensive alternative is Service Taxis. These are usually vans which operate on a fixed route for a fixed price just like a bus. If uncertain about the fare, just ask a fellow passenger. Regular rates are normally about 20% more than the bus. Most of them travel between towns and cities from recognized taxi ranks, departing when they are full.


Our national social program in PMSA will give you a unique historical, entertaining experience.
You are going to have a tour around the ancient and well-known city of Jerusalem where you will discover the history of many holy sites.
You will visit the oldest city in the world, Jericho! see the dead sea and many religious, archeological, and natural treasures.
on’t forget about the weekdays ! the short, exciting and unexpected trips guided by students in which you are going to have the time of your life.

A note: (the highlight of our national social program will be during the summer).

  • Sebastian Village 
  • Marj Ibn Amer
  • Wadi Qelt
  • Jerusalem Old town
  • Nablus Old Town
  • Rawabi Ramallah

Islam, Christianity and Judaism rituals are found all over Palestine with Islam as the main religion, this combination makes Palestine as distinguish destination for many people around the world! 
When you meet a Palestinian for the first time, especially a man, it is important to shake hands and/or introduce yourself, for women, you should wait till she initiates shaking(especially when you are a man).

Foreigners are very welcomed and well respected in Palestine. People are always smiling, helpful when you ask for a favour.

People are so proud of their origin and their historical beliefs regarding the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, Humour is acceptable as long as extreme political or religious views are not involved.

Police: 100
Ambulance - Palestine Red Crescent: 101
Fire department: 102