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It's our pleasure to invite you to Georgia, the country of hospitality and breathtaking landscapes.

Georgia is a small country situated in the crossroad of Europe and Asia. Amazing nature and the diversity of this country was the source of inspiration for a lot of writers and poets. Here you have everything you can dream about: mountains of eternal snow, mountains lakes, canyon rivers full of flowers, palm coasts, ancient caves, mineral water pools- indeed heaven on Earth!

You are about to discover a country of diverse culture, rich history and unique artifacts. 

Georgian national dishes are among the best in the world for their diversity and taste. Each historical province has its own distinct culinary tradition. Georgian food and wine culture is best observed Through Supra- traditional feast featuring a wide array of assortment of dishes always accompanied by large amounts of wine.

If you intend to visit Georgia, relax about safety issues. According to Numbeo report, Georgia is the safest country in Europe and 6th in the world.  Georgians will do their best to treat you with great hospitality and always willing to assist you.


Health care in Georgia is provided by both public and private care systems. National health insurance system provides healthcare to about 90% of population. 

Polyclinics and family medicine centers coexist both in the cities and regional centers as well and new hospitals and clinics are slowly replacing old facilities.


There are several medical universities in Georgia, most of them are privately owned.

Most of universities offer a 6 year program in Georgian, English or Russian languages. The educational process consists of 3 stages: basic medical science(2,5 years), clinical science(2,5 years) and prediploma specialization( clinical clerkship- 1 year)



Direct flights are available from many European and Asian cities. There are 3 international airports in Georgia.

Georgia is also easily accessible by train from various neighboring countries. Tbilisi and Kutaisi central stations from all local routes. From these cities you can continue journey by train, bus or car.

Georgia is a small country. As such, most places within the country take only a few hours by road.


There won’t be a moment where you find yourself bored in Georgia. Trips to various cities and tourist attractions are hosted by the LC. You are guaranteed to have an amazing time filled with unforgettable memories and experiences.

Social Program includes trips to different scenic and iconic spots across Georgia. A dive into an authentic Georgian cuisine of wine, food and music will leave you asking for evermore. The LC will be more than happy to help you organize trips to various locations on weekends :D



 As Georgia is a small country, you are more or less guaranteed to able to travel to most places across the country except maybe some seasonal getaways.

Georgia is a haven for both Summer and Winter getaways. Summers are warm and winters are snowy giving you a mix of the best of both aspects.

Georgia is exceptionally good if you are an outdoors person. Adventure sports, hiking, trekking, mountaineering, biking, parasailing, and rafting are very common in the summer months. Winter is amazing for skiing, snowboarding and other winter sports at surprisingly low prices. Georgia is also filled with caves including the world’s deepest cave, the Krubera Cave.


Stepantsminda is known for its scenic location in the Greater Caucasus mountains, and it's center for trekkers and mountain climbing. Gergeti trinity church is outside of town, as well as mount Kazbegi and alpine meadows.

Mtskheta- "Holy city" and one of the oldest cities of Georgia became a UNESCO World Heritage site

Sataplia is a natural reserve filled with intricate paleontological caves, some of which will are HUMUNGOUS (SERIOUSLY they’re BIG).

Batumi-  The "Pearl of the Black Sea” is a very popular tourist spot located oin the eastern shore of the Black Sea. It’s pristine and unaltered nature is particularly intriguing for eco tourists. It is also a hub for night life.

Svaneti is a historic province in Georgia located in the central Caucasus mountains. It is surrounded by peaks averaging from 3000 to 5000 m in height.

Martvili is a small town in the region of samegrelo with canyons and gorges that are filled with natural beauty.

Racha- highland area in western Georgia is known for its beautiful lakes and mountain slopes filled with grasslands.

Signagi- Georgia’s “City of Love” is also the heart of Georgia's wine-growing regions. The heart is where is the wine is :D

Bakuriani and Gudauri are the prime spots for winter sports. The combination of  steep and gentle slopes of these locations make them extremely lucrative for both beginners and advanced skiers alike.


“ A guest is a gift from God”, goes a saying in Georgia. Georgians, for centuries, have developed intricate traditions of hospitality.

Whereever you go inGeorgia, You are sure to be greeted with pleasant, warm and welcoming “Gamarjoba”s (Georgian word for “HELLO”).

Wine is everything here and every family, be in anywhere, will treat you to their own wine (And yes. Everyone makes it at home). The Vineyard is a sacred place and winemaking is beloved tradition for thousands of years.

Georgian dance is a celebration of life and of Georgia's rich and diverse culture. Each dance portrays the characteristics of the region in which it originated.




Smoking is allowed in public places unless specifically mentioned otherwise. Alcohol is served to individuals above the age of 18.