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Welcome to the Explore Page of Turkey! Hope you have a splendid time here and Turkey becomes your second home that you will want to be back someday! Please be sure that we will try to do our best to make you feel like at home and keep you sound during the whole adventure. Turkey will welcome you as a synthesis of the west, east and cultures of centuries. Hope you will improve your clinical skills while enjoying your time with friends from all around the world. :) As Turkish medical students, we are eager to contribute the development and innovation in medical sciences and interaction between cultures maintaining the peaceful relationships among future doctors.

As the founder of Republic of Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk says:

"Science is the most reliable guide in life." and "Peace at home, peace in the world!"

You are welcome to discover the potential of Turkey! 



Turkey is at the northeast end of the Mediterranean Sea in southeast Europe and southwest Asia. To the north is the Black Sea and to the west is the Aegean Sea.The Dardanelles, the Sea of Marmara, and the Bosporus divide the country.

Straddling two continents, Europe and Asia, and bordering the volatile Middle East, Turkey has an unrivalled history stretching back to thousands of years. From the ancient Hittites to the Ottomans, dozens of civilizations have made Turkey their home, leaving behind them a dazzling historical and archaeological heritage. But despite its ancient roots, Turkey is a rapidly developing modern country. Born from the ashes of the Ottoman Empire in 1923, the country was transformed by its far-sighted and ambitious first leader Kemal Ataturk.

The total area is 780 000 sq. kilometers, with population of 80 million. About 99 % of the Turkish population is Muslim, although as a whole it is a very liberal and loosely practiced version of the religion.

The Mediterranean Coast enjoys hot summers and relatively mild winters. The Black Sea coast is hot and humid in summer, and cold and wet in winter. The north-west and Istanbul can be balmy in summer but chilly in winter.

Days of sunshine per year: 235
Average temperatures: If you are planning to spend your time in Turkey, it is a good idea to check the average temperatures so that you can bring the appropriate clothes with you. Depending on the season and which region you visit, you can expect to find varying temperatures in Turkey.The country can be devided into the following regions with reference to temperature: 
• Marmara coasts - (Istanbul): Hot summers and mild winters. 
• Aegean coasts - (Izmir): Hot summers and mild winters. 
• Mediterranean coasts - (Antalya): Hot summers and mild winters. 
• Black Sea coast - (Trabzon): Temperate climate, warm summers, mild winters and relatively high rainfall. 
• Central Anatolia - (Ankara): Steppe climate with hot, dry summers; cold winters. 
• Eastern Anatolia - (Erzurum): Long snowy, cold winters and mild summers. 
• Southeast Anatolia - (Diyarbakir): Hot summer, mild and rainy winters.


Business hours:
Shops: Monday-Saturday (09:00-21:00)
Offices: Monday-Friday (08:00-17:00)
Banks: Monday-Friday (09:00-17:00)

Population (December 2017 est.): 80,810,525 (growth rate: 1.24%); fertility rate: 2.1 ; infant mortality rate: 10.9/1000; life expectancy: 78

Capital City: Ankara

Largest cities: Istanbul, 15.29 million; Ankara 5.445 million; Izmir, 4.279 million; Bursa, 2.936 million; Antalya, 2.364 million.


Health care in Turkey used to be dominated by a centralized state system run by the Ministry of Health. In 2003, the government introduced a sweeping health reform programme aimed at increasing the ratio of private to state health provision and making healthcare available to a larger share of the population. Turkish Statistical Instituteannounced that 119.756 billion TL was spent for healthcare in 2016; 78.5% of which was covered by the General Government and 16.3% of which was paid directly by the patients. In 2012, there were 29,960 medical institutions in Turkey, and on average one doctor per 583 people and 2.65 beds per 1000 people.

Life expectancy stands at 71.1 years for men and 75.3 years for women, with an overall average of 73.2 years for the populace as a whole.

The first three groups of diseases that cause death, respectively; Diseases of the circulatory system (39.8%), cancer (21.3%), respiratory diseases (9.8%)

Private health insurance is well developed in Turkey, many people pay their premium to these private companies besides their regular contribution to state insurance systems, in order to get a better quality health service if they're ill. Also private pension funds have been started a couple of years ago and growing very fast. These private funds are usually private banks that offer this service. Depending on the pension plan you choose, after 10 or 15 or 20 years you can get an accumulated bonus when you retire from these private funds or get your monthly pension until your death.

There are many pharmacies all over Turkey, or Eczane in Turkish, which are concentrated especially near hospitals but also in every neighborhood. Certain drugs are sold with green or red prescriptions permitting the Ministry to control sale of some medicines, and there are also many sold over the counter (OTC) without the need of a prescription.

The Red Crescent, equivalent of the Red Cross, is a humanitarian aid organization and covers the widest range of welfare services in Turkey, especially in times of war or natural disaster such as earthquakes.

Today, health care in Turkey is better compared to the past but, especially in most of the state hospitals. Private hospitals lately do a better job raising their quality of their physicians and medical equipment by investing more money on this sector. Most of the hospitals and doctors are concentrated in the cities and big towns where there is more people and more profit, meanwhile there is little health service in the countryside and rural areas unfortunately. Besides state and private sector, also universities and Ministry of Defense establish and operate hospitals in the country.


Medical education lasts six years in Turkey. Medical students are selected from among high school graduates through a nation-wide exam.

Usually, first 3 years of education, contains mostly theorical information and less practical education. Last 3 years of education contains mostly practical education. 6th year students called "intern" here. But they do the internship at special departments at 4th and 5th years, too. However the schedule is quite variable among different medical faculties.

Main International Airports:
for the capital: Ankara Esenboga Airport;

for Istanbul: Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen International Airport (SAW) and Istanbul International Airport (IST). 

You can also check the Istanbul Airport Mobile app if you desire.
for the Mediterranean coast: Antalya International Airport (AYT);

for the Aegean coast: Dalaman International Airport (DLM)

Main Turkish Airline Companies:
Turkish Airlines:

Pegasus Airlines:

Atlasglobal Airlines:

Onur Air:


Turkey has lots of different ways of Transportation. You can use a bus,metro or a tram to travel around the city and between cities. The intercity bus lines are well developed and distributed. For the information of public transportation within the cities, please go to LC's pages.

For intercity bus lines: 

We recommend you Nilufer Tourism, Kamil Koc Tourism, Pamukkale Tourism and Ulusoy Tourism as the biggest ones.

Turkish State Railways. (Turkish railway system is being updated due to very high-speed trains. Some of the lines are closed.:

Istanbul Electricity,Tramway and Tunnel General Management:
Local Social Programme:

Every LC has its own social programme, you will be informed about it by the LEO of the LC in which you are assigned. Your CPs will show you around and help you to make you discover the wonders of the city. LCs usually offer you city tours, NFDPs, and mini tours to close cities. It is in a wide range because we have tens of beautiful cities! :) You can also check LC's spesific Explore Pages. Enjoy some pictures! :)

National Social Programme:

We have special National Tours every weekend of summer just for you! The destinations change according to the year and the season, however, they are mainly organized to Cappadocia, Pamukkale-Izmir-Ephesus and Olympos (Antalya). We guarentee that it's going to be one of the most breathtaking adventures of your life with the friends from all over the world. Come and taste the history and the beauty of Turkey. In order to have more information, please contact with your CP. In addition, we will be putting some information and the link of our Facebook group on your Card of Acceptance. Besides, all the information will be sent through an e-mail in the month of May. Don't miss it, come and join the legend! :) 

For the last year's activities, if you are interested, feel free to join our Facebook group in 2016:

Below you can check the pictures from last years' National Tours! :)



Hagia Sofia












and many more!

Turkish people are one of the friendliest people you´ll ever meet. You´ll never feel alone. It´s really common to talk to strangers for hours and befriend them.
You can find yourself getting invited to a wedding by a person you know just for 3 days. It's like what turkish people always say:"The more the merrier!". It's a custom to invite lots of people to weddings, even strangers!
Turkey also have one of the best cuisines in the world. You can taste lots of different dishes in Turkey. You can easily eat different kinds of soups, desserts, kebabs, cheese and much more! We´re sure that it's going to be an incredible experience for you.

More about Turkish culture:

More about Turkish cuisine:

Turkish Holidays
January 1st: New Year - National holiday

April 23rd: National Sovereignty and Children's Day - National holiday

May 1st: Labour Day - National holiday

May 19th: Commemoration of Ataturk, Youth and Sports Day - National holiday

August 30th: Victory Day
October 29th: Republic Day - National holiday

November 10th: Ataturk Memorial Day (9.05 am)

Ramadan Feast: June 14-17, 2018 - Religious holiday

Greater Eid: August 20-24, 2018 - Religious holiday

For further information: 

Ministry of Culture and Tourism:


Ministry of Health: 


Ministry of Foreign Affairs:


For the visa information please check: 


*We provide ILs for visa transaction process if requested. To request an IL, please contact us through the national exchange officer (NEO) of your country. 
*The student must declare the truthful information to the related Turkish embassy. Otherwise, TurkMSIC is not responsible of any negative consequences.