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Wilme Steyn

Hiiiiii! Since you’re reading this, we’re assuming you already know how amazing our country is, and we know you’re actually just looking for confirmation, because you already know you are choosing South Africa for your elective. Trust us, you’ve made the best choice.


South Africa is one of the most vibrant and culturally diverse countries of the world. Around the world we are known as the rainbow nation, because we have people of all races, nationalities, cultures and religions gracing our green landscapes.

We have perfect weather almost all year round, and have many different types of fauna and flora. Not only are we known for our bushveld, but also for our incredible beaches. Not to mention the vast array of wild life we have to brag about. Ever seen a lion stalking its prey? Stick with us.

If culture is your thing, you don’t need us telling you how culturally rich our history is. From Nelson Mandela, to the first heart (and penis) transplant, we can guarantee you will never be bored.


In our country the basic health care system is provided in the form of a large public sector consisting of clinics and hospitals made available to the general population. The private sector is smaller, but fast growing, and unfortunately makes out the mainstay of resources. The private sector caters to patients of middle- to high income classes who tend to belong to a medical aid.

The state provides primary basic health care for free, while more specialized and advanced medical expertise are available in both the public- and private sector.

Our health care system faces many public health challenges which makes it extremely unique. These challenges include diseases such as HIV and TB. This will definitely make an elective in which you will learn more than you can anywhere else

At the moment we have eight medical schools in operation, located all around our wonderful country. They are located in Pretoria, Durban, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Stellenbosch, Bloemfontein and the Eastern Cape.

Basically, our students study for 6 years, before moving on to complete three years of work in the public sector. Our studies are very hands on, and students come in contact with patients in a clinical setting from third year.


South Africa is accessible from almost anywhere in the world by plane. Most major airlines travel to our country.

Within South Africa, the main mode of public transport is the Gautrain (in Gauteng province only) and taxi’s. The Gautrain connects the OR Tambo International Airport with the different parts of Gauteng, making travel to and from your LC, much less of a hassle. The timetable can be found on this website


An exceptional social program awaits you upon starting your elective with us. As it is not included, the cost will be your own responsibility, and therefore to participate is entirely your own decision. We do however believe FOMO is real in every country, so make sure you don’t miss a thing when you do decide to visit.


If we put everything South Africa has to see on this page, we would need about a hundred pages. Since that won’t work, we’ll be showing you some of our best attraction points.

The Kruger National Park


Home to the Big Five, this nature reserve is something not to be missed. While not possible for us to include this in our social program, we will try our best to help you arrange a visit J More information:


Apartheid Museum


Apartheid is a major part of our rainbow nation’s history, and while we can gladly say that it is something that is in the past, this museum is so culturally rich and provides a clear and honest insight into what South Africa was like not so long ago.


More information:


A South African sim card can bought with very little effort, and will keep you reachable at all times.


There are also tons of banks and ATM’s located all around, which means you will not be stranded without cash. All major banks provide facilities for exchanging money. There are also places to exchange money at the airport.


All recreational drugs are illegal in South Africa, and certain areas prohibit smoking, especially indoors. Alcohol is definitely not illegal, except next to the road, or while driving.


Electricity is provided in the accommodation and is not something you need to concern yourself with. We do occasionally experience load-shedding, but this rarely happens, and if it does, we will make sure you are equipped with a flash-light or other light source.