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Natalie Marzouqa

Marhaba, Ahlan w Sahlan fikum fi Filasteen ( Hello, Welcome to Palestine).

It's an honor to me to represent some information about Palestine, hope to see you soon in an exchange with IFMSA-Palestine ;)




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Palestine, is considered the Holy Land for three of the world's major religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Many sites of religious and archaeological significance from the Biblical periods are found in Palestine, it is located in the heart of Asia. It is bordered by Syria and Lebanon to the north, Egypt to the south and Jordan to the east. Although it is a small country with a population around 6 million living in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, there are many places you can visit in Palestine. Almost all Palestinians speak English beside the mother language-Arabic. 




Situated in the Mediterranean, Palestine has a temperate sea climate. April and May bring some of the most beautiful wildflowers in the world. Wild poppies, jonquils, irises, and other vibrant species paint the hillsides with color during the short spring season. The rainy season in Palestine is between November and April. Occasionally it snows in Palestine but it doesn't stay long.Because of the wonderfully low humidity, the air in Palestine is dry. It is always a good idea to carry a bottle of water while hiking or walking during the day. In the summer months the night desert temperatures can get cool, so it is advisable to carry a lightweight jacket or sweater for the evenings.

Summer runs from May to September.

Average temperature in August: 19 to 29C (66-84F)


The Ministry of Health basically plays the role of protection for the Palestinian people, for those people presented endless sacrifices. Ministry of Health is considered as the protector and supporter for them; moreover, it is part of the present and future of the Palestinian people.

Taking in consideration that it plays a fundamental role in improving the Palestinian health sector, keeping pace with the latest developments, and conjugating efforts in spite of all obstacles and difficulties, the Ministry of Health turned all those obstacles into motivations that helped discovering the ingenuity of the Palestinian medical staffs. Those medical staffs believe in their humanitarian message and could challenge all abnormal circumstances.

For more information please visit :


The Medical education program in Palestine is composed of several stages: 3 years of preclinical studies, 3 years of Clinical studies, and one practical year. We have 3 medical universities in Palestine: Annajah National University-Nablus, Al-Quds University-Jerusalem and Al-Azhar University-Gaza. 


There are 2 ways to enter Palestine, the first is through Israel, you have to land in Ben-Gurion Airport in Tel-Aviv, then from there you can go to Palestine without the need of visa. The other way is through Jordan, by crossing Sheikh Hussin  Bridge ( Jordan River Bridge) you'll be in Palestine. 

***Note : Don't try to get into Palestine through Allenby Bridge ( King Hussin Bridge) to avoid enterrogations and refusal of entry .

Unfortunately, we don't provide pick up from the airport, you have to take the public transportation which is mostly available the whole days to Jerusalem and then you will be picked up from there!  


A national social program is provided by IFMSA-Palestine during July and August, in which we visit most of the cities in Palestine during each weekend of the clerkship.

In the other months, the social program is optional depending on the LC, we'll guide you to visit some places during the weekends. 


Although Palestine is a small country, there are many things you can see:

  • Nablus: You can visit the Old City of Nablus, Jackobs well, Sebastia and many other places.        
Turkish bath,Nablus_jacob_well Church,sabastiya-1
  • Jerusalem: the heart the holy land. you can visit the Dome of the Rock and Al-Aqsa Mousque
Dome of the Rock             Alaqsa

             also you can visit the Church of Holy Sepulche and the most beautiful church in the world, The Church of Gethesemane.

Holy Sepulche , 



Palestine has been influenced by the diverse cultures that reigned over the land since prehistoric times. Palestine is staying true to its rich culture and heritage and their preservation.The Culture of Palestine is closely related to those of the nearby Levantine countries such as Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan, and the Arab World.

Traditional Clothing :

        Women in Palestine used to wear a Thob; a full length flare dress, that is loosely-fitted to allow a lot of movement.



            also Kufeia, the Palestinian scarf is one of the most known traditional clothing especially for men.


Many different empires reflected the Palestinian cuisine, it has benefited from various cultural contributions and exchanges. Generally-speaking, modern Palestinian dishes have been influenced by the rule of major Islamic groups: the Arabs and Turks.



Musakhan: Palestinian Cuisine, where originally it was prepared by peasants & farmers to kind of test and celebrate their produce - mainly Olive Oil. They say that a good Grade Olive Oil Musakhan can never cause heart burn. If it does, then the quality of Olive Oil isn't good. Also imprtant to Musakhan preparation is the quality of Summac, which lends a sour-like flavour.Musakhan is usually made using 'Taboon Bread' , a thick and bubbled bread that peasants used to prepare at home. Also onion, chicken, olive oil and nuts are used, it is really delicious! For the breakfast you can have Humus, Foul and Falafel with the Olive Oil. You should eat these with the bread and it would be perfect if it was with some cumber and tomato!                                                      




Palestinian Music is well known throughout the Arab world After 1948, a new wave of performers emerged with distinctively Palestinian themes relating to dreams of statehood and burgeoning nationalist sentiments. In addition to zajal  and atabaa , traditional Palestinian songs include: Bein Al-dawai, Al-Rozana, Zarif – Al-Toul, and Al-Maijana, Dal'ona, Sahja/Saamir, Zaghareet. 


The Dabke dance is marked by synchronized jumping, stamping, and movement, similar to tap dancing. It is performed by men and women.


  • Jericho: the lowest point on the earth, there are many things to see in Jericho.

            Wadi Qelt gorge: This Greek Orthodox monastery was originally built in the fifth century as a spiritual center for hermits.

            Hisham Palace: beautiful desert ruin of Umayyad Caliph Hisham Ibn Abdul Malik was completed in the eighth century.Hisham Palace contain: royal buildings, amosque, fountains, and spectacular mosaic floors.                             

Hisham Palace           Hisham


                    And the cable car will take you to the place where Jesus fast for 40 days, Deer Al-Qurontol

                                                     Deer Alqurontolmmm


  • The Dead Sea : Its basin creates a complex unique geological formation, represented by the natural variability of each ecosystem type, and by the substantial variation in species, soil,geology and land form of the different areas that are enclosed by the basin. It is highly recommended to try a bath in the Dead Sea.


mud treatment at dead sea


  • Hebron: Hebron is one of the oldest continuously inhabited towns in the world. It is believed that Adam and Eve lived in Hebron after their expulsion from the Garden of Eden.

          Holy to Muslims, Christians,and Jews alike as the burial place of Abraham, Al – Khalil.The Abraham Mosque, which houses the tombs of the                 Patriarchs, dominates the city center’s landscape.




haram ibrahemi


Hebron is known for its pottery, glassware,leather works, and other inventive arts.You can try the process yourselves Lively, colorful, and creative are the most common words used by tourists to describe this city.


  • Bethlehem: Christians around the world know it as the little town where Jesus Christ was born. Many sacred Christian sites, churches, and monasteries are located in the city. A major attraction is the Church of the Nativity at Manger Square, built over the cave where Jesus Christ was born. The adjoining Church of St.Catherine possesses marvelous wood carvings of the stations of the cross.



            Also there are many places we can visit in Palestine : Haifa, Akko, Jaffa and many other places.