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Dermatology, Gynaecology/Obstetrics, Infectious Diseases, Radiology, Surgery-General, Surgery-Thoracic Surgery, Urology, Pathology, Orthopedics and Traumatology, Otorhinolaryngology, Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery
1 meal/a day at the hospital
Student Hostel
Elif Karabay
Bolu is a city in the north of Turkey, and administrative center of the Bolu Province. Bolu is on the old highway from Istanbul to Ankara, which climbs over Mount Bolu, while the new motorway passes through Mount Bolu Tunnel below the town. For further information: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bolu 

Abant Izzet Baysal University, one of the notewhorthy univesities in our country, located in an area surrounded by natural beauties between two metropolis Istanbul and Ankara, was founded on 3 July 1992. The university, which has been developing rapidly since its foundation, has campuses in the city centre and three districts of Bolu (Gerede, Mengen, Mudurnu). The main campus of the university, namely Izzet Baysal Campus, is located in Golkoy, which is 8 km from the city center and surrounded by a unique natural beauty.

The university comprises 10 faculties, 4 institutes, 6 schools, 7 vocational schools and 11 research centers. 900 faculty members and 550administrative staff in the university are proud to provide a quality and modern educational setting for about 25.000 students.

Our research hospitals are located side by side with the Faculty of Medicine.The distance between central campus and the city center 12 km and takes 25 minutes by bus.The faculty has 745 students and 292 faculty members. Phone:+90 374 254 1000 E-mail tipmaster@ibu.edu.tr Address:Golkoy Yerleskesi 14280 Bolu


Laboratories belonging to the Basic Medical Sciences are available. Medical Genetics and Biochemistry

teachers have conducted several research projects.

1 meal/a day at the hospital.

We recommend this places for meals at weekend: Kubbealti restaurant, ,Oklava restaurant (city center),Park Cafe (campus) 

Ps:You must visit “Cetin Tea House” for drink the world's most delicious tea (city center)

For the pictures of the state residence for students: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CNcIRocPUa4  

      A few Rules of Dormitory:

  1. Quiet hours (meaning no disruptive music, large groups in common areas or dorm rooms, loud voices, etc.) begin at 11:00 pm
  2. Comply with fire safety rules. There is no smoking anywhere inside the dorm - if you see other students ignoring this rule, Don’t you do same as him/her.
  3. Any damage caused by you to university property will be paid for by you. This includes damage to the furniture, linen, lamps, heaters, or anything else in your room that is not your property, as well as to items in the common areas.
  4. The cleanliness of your room is your own responsibility. These are facilities shared between college students and, as such, may be dirty even upon your arrival. If you find their condition unacceptable, it is, unfortunately, your own responsibility to clean them and/or to arrange with the students sharing the facilities to help clean them.
  5. You can have visitors, but you must ask for a pass for your guest in advance. The guest must leave the dorm by 11 pm.
  6. No pets inside the building at any time
  7. You can’t come to dormitory drunk and you can’t drink alcohol inside of dormitory.
  8. Don't move furniture between rooms.
  9. Above all, remember always to be respectful, kind and considerate with your blockmates. Requests for quiet or cleaning are not personal attacks, but simply requests

From Istanbul Ataturk Airport: You should use the subway to arrive coachstation; “ from airport to otogar” Then, you have to get on bus to go to bolu. The names of companies are Ulusoy, Kamil Koc and Metro Tourism.

From Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport: When you will arrive Istanbul Gökcen Airport;  You should get on taxi from airport to the kurtkoy metro tourism’s office . The price of taxi will be equal to 25-35 Turkish Liras.Then, you can buy ticket from the Kurtkoy Metro Tourism’s Office to go to bolu via metro tourism.

From Bolu Bus Station to Campus: There are two options to go to the campus of Abant Izzet Baysal University: 1. You can get on taxi from bus station which is about 30-35 Turkish Liras. 2. You can get on the local services of your bus company from bus station. That minibus is free.

Ps: Your bus ticket is 52-55 Turkish Liras from Istanbul to Bolu.


Abant Izzet Baysal University campuses offer a wide range of social and cultural opportunities. Blue Hall with a capacity of 514 people and Pink Hall with a capacity of 208 people in Izzet Baysal Culture Center, and hall with a capacity of 350 people in Morphology Building of Izzet Baysal Faculty of Medicine host activities such as symposium, panels, conferences, theatre and movie shows. Ballet and Folk Dances Hall also host many activities. In the Culture Center, frequently used by more than forty student clubs in university, is there a museum exhibiting works reflecting some parts of Izzet Baysal’s life.There are two basketball fields next to the social activity centre. The base of the fields are covered with reinforced concrete and surrounded with a fence made of plastic.Next to the boys’ dormitory building are two basketball fields. The base of the fields are covered with reinforced concrete and surrounded with a fence made of plastic.Two tennis courts covered with reinforced concrete with polyurethane paint on.A synthetic football field, surrounded by a Tartan track with 4 running lanes.

Various activities are organized for the incoming, especially if you love nature you will enjoy twining program also you can join the national tour at weekend.


Abant Lake


Goynuk Circumcision Lake





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