Mexico (AMMEF) - Puebla UPAEP
geriatrics, gynecology/obstetrics, internal medicine-general, internal medicine-generalinternal medicine-cardiology, paediatrics, psiquiatry, general surgery, plastic surgery, traumatology
All year
If you are placed in: ISSSTE: Pocket Money will be given for one meal p/day. Hospital Gral. de Cholula: One meal p/day
Lodging will be at a student flat provided by one of the members of our Local Committee

Hospital Gral. de Cholula: 3 Wallet Size Photos
ISSSTE: 1 Wallet Size Photo (Coloured)

White Clothes:

Female: White Shoes, White Pants, White Blouse and White Coat
Male: White Shoes, White Pants, Whi
Alejandro Fernandez Florez

Puebla, is a city where you can see a huge variety of gastronomy, buildings and people, we are known for our hospitality., Puebla has been considered as one of the best places in Mexico to visit: The colonial architecture of the center of the city and some towns, the magical towns which are some little towns which hold certain beauty to them, , the atmosphere of the city is calm and reluctant, quite beautiful and not easy to forget... come to visit Puebla, explore, get in love with the culture, and investigate.


The Universidad Popular Autónoma del Estado de Puebla, or UPAEP, was founded on the 7th of May, 1973, it is located in: Calle 21 Sur 1103, Barrio de Santiago 72410, Puebla. It was created due to the unconformity of belonging to the state university, as it was built in an area that had already houses and buildings, its own buildings are scattered around the area, but close to the Central Campus.

ISSSTE: Located in San Manuel, Jardines de San Manuel, 72570 Puebla, is a Medium Sized Hospital which includes many different departments, the hospital fully supports SCOPE exchanges and is more than happy to welcome you all, it is 30 minutes away from the usual lodging locations by bus.

Hospital Gral. de Cholula: Located in San Bernardino, Tlaxcalancingo, Puebla, is the Hospital of Cholula, a town nearby to Puebla, it also fully supports the SCOPE exchanges, we took into account the departments included in the hospital, and also the fact that they are warm-hearted toward our students, it is a bit far from the usual lodging locations as it takes around one hour to get there by bus.


For more information, check the SCORE national EC and the project database


We offer one meal per day, and the place where you will get it depends on which hospital you are assigned.

If you are placed in the ISSSTE Hospital, we will give you pocket money, which equals the price of an economic meal per day, around $50.00 Mexican Pesos per 5 days a week for 4 weeks, totalling $1,000.00 Mexican Pesos.

If you are placed in the Hospital General de Cholula, due to the conditions of the hospital, one meal per day will be given in the dinning hall of the hospital.


In AEMAP, we like that our incomings get to know people from our university and our Local Committee, which is why we offer lodging in student flats that belong to our members, sharing some space with them, in order to create a family-like environment.


It is quite easy to move with our Public Transport, moving to hospitals require just to take one bus, we like to give all the information to our incomings, so we will tutor you on which and when to take a bus, or any other method of public transportation, the fare of a bus is $6.00 Mexican Pesos, which is really cheap!


Get ready, because here in Puebla, we are all about culture, from our cuisine (Mole Poblano, Chalupas, Cemitas) to our towns, as Puebla is a big city, in the weekdays, we like to take you to the Center of the City, where we have a huge Cathedral and many museums, as well as statues that were made to honor the people who fought in the many different battles that were held here. Now, for the weekends, we have many different options, we take you to Cholula where the Pyramid with the biggest base of the world is located, we also go in the weekends to Cuetzalan, a Magical Town with a lot of culture, waterfalls and even grottos! There is also Zacatlan de las Manzanas (Of the apples), where they make one of the best apple ciders of the country. It is up to you what you want to try, but remember, you won't forget any of these magical experiences.


In Puebla you can visit our places, like:
*Centro Histórico, here, you can see the different constructions that we have. A variety of museums that you can visit and learn about the culture or the important people of Puebla in past years. Meet the Cathedral of Puebla; it is an incredible building full of history in each of its walls.
*Los Fuertes de Loreto, this was the place where Puebla won the battle of 5 de Mayo against France.
*Cholula, the pyramid of Cholula is a beautiful place to walk around and get to know a culture that is a bit different to Puebla’s City or drink some refreshing beverages.
*Angelopolis, here, you can go the shopping, drink a coffee with your friends, get to know the up-most social place.
*La Estrella de Puebla, after you go out of Angelopolis you can cross the street and visit the ‘’London-Eye’’ of Puebla, the view is incredible. Enjoy it.
*Avenida Juárez, the zone where is ubicated right next to our university, you can walk and find a variety of restaurants and enjoy the food; a diferentes places to go with your friends, talk, laugh and dance.
*Paseo de Los Gigantes, is a little place where you found a little architectonic models of Puebla, the models are a scale.


*January and February: Cold months so we strongly advise to come with winter clothes, although without rains.
*March, April and May: Are sunny months, no rain at all, perfect weather.
*June, July, August and September: Also warm at the evenings but with some rains either in the day.
*October, November and December: Cold months but without rain.

Please let us know by email if you’re arriving too early or planning to leave several days after your exchange, otherwise, lodging will not be guaranteed.