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Welcome to Osorno!

Osorno is a city and commune in southern Chile and capital of Osorno Province in Los Lagos Region. It had a population of 145,475, as of the 2002 census. It is located 945 kilometres south of the national capital of Santiago, 105 kilometres north of the regional capital of Puerto Montt and 260 kilometres west of the Argentine city of San Carlos de Bariloche, connected via International Route 215 through the Cardenal Antonio Samoré Pass..

Located at the confluence of Rahue and Damas River Osorno is the main service centre of agriculture and cattle farming in the northern Los Lagos Region. The city's cultural heritage is shaped by Spanish, Huilliche and German influences.

Los Lagos Region was named for the many lakes in the area, many of which have tourist-friendly yet isolated beaches; closest to Osorno are Puyehue and Rupanco. Antillanca ski resort, less than a hundred kilometers away, is one of the highest-quality resorts in Chile. Ecotourism is also encouraged by the indigenous Huilliche communities, who inhabit the Pacific coastal zone. Much of the funds brought in by tourism is being used to protect native plant and tree species, most notably the Alerce, a threatened Cypress. The thick forests open onto beautiful beaches and bays, such as Maicolpué, Bahía Mansa and Pucatrihue.


Hospital Base San Jose de Osorno
Provided by a Host family. Due to this city having a small amount of students, it might happen that you'll have to be placed in a dorm, in that case, pocket money will be given.
Provided by a Host family. Due to this city having a small amount of students, it might happen that you'll have to be placed in a dorm.
How to get there

by plane
Daily flights from Santiago de Chile to the Aeródromo Carlos Hott Sieber. The trip lasts around an hour and a half.

by bus
There are daily departures to Osorno from Santiago, leaving from the Terminal Rodoviario de Santiago and the Terminal Alameda. The trip lasts around 10 hours.

Public transport and regular taxis available.

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  • Osorno city tour
  • Trip to Valdivia
  • Trip to Puerto Montt
  • Antillanca ski resort




  • Gonforterio: small paleontological site with bones from a mammoth like creature. Two trailers make up the visitor center with artifacts and displays about ice age animals. Guides are really helpful and will give you a tour. Free; in spanish. At the end of calle rio elqui, across the river from Parque Chuyaca (which has ice age animal statues)
  • Several historical houses can be found Ave. Juan Mackenna near Calle Cochrane
  • San Juan de la Costa: Several awesome beaches are about 1.5 hours from Osorno. Off the beaten track, beautiful views, quaint villages. Really a traveling goldmine. You can get a colectivo for 1,500 pesos from the termanal on the far side of town (calles tarapaca and temuco). First one is at 7:30.
  • Parque Puyehue: hot springs, hikes, waterfalls. Free hotsprings can be found along the riverbank of aguas calientes. From where the micro drops you off, go through the parking lot, towards the outdoor pool that's part of the paid complex. You'll cross a pedestrian bridge, take a right after the bridge and in about 100 yards you'll find the pools after the picnic benches. Catch a colectivo to aguas calientes for about 2,200 pesos.
  • Entre Lagos: A 1,500 peso ride takes you to the small town of entre lagos. Very tranquil, good views of volcanos. There's a park near the water front that has crazy/dangerous slides, good trees to climb, and small crayfish type animals you can catch under the rocks.


  • Pick blackberries: wild blackberries grow all over the city, big patches can be found in Parque Chyuaga.
  • Osorno is centrally located to many great destinations including Bahia Mansa (and other great coast towns), Parque Puyehuy, Frutillar and Puerto Varas, and Valdivia.
  • Urban exploring: Some abandoned buildings can be found near the train tracks and on avenue Pilauco near Parque Cuarto Centenario.


  • Pueblito Artisanal offers hand woven hats and gloves for fair prices.


  • Several grocery stores are located around the bus station on Pratt and Colón



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