Ecuador (AEMPPI) - Guayaquil - Universidad de Guayaquil
Any department is available if requested with time
March, April, May, june, July, September, October, November
Host Family, 2 meals per day
Host Families
LANGUAGE: Spanish (you have to be able to communicate with patients)
Alexandra Brenner Peralta
Guayaquil, oficially "Santiago de Guayaquil" is the most populated city of the country, it is also important trading center with regional influence in the commercial, financial, political, cultural and entertainment field. Also know as the "La Perla del Pacifico" is located on the Pacific Coast, the city is on the banks of Guayas River about 20 km kilometers of its mouth in the Pacific Ocean surrounded by the "Salt Estuary" in its southernwestern part and the begining of the "Cordillera Chongón- Colonche, a chain of mountais of the altitude, in the northwest. The Gulf of Guayaquil is the largest water inlet in the Pacific Ocean in South America.

University of Guayaquil "Homines dum docent discunt", a public university know as "Estatal", is the largest University in the city and the oldest in the city. The faculty of Medical Sciences "Dr. Alejo Lascano Bahamonde" was founded on November 7, 1877.

We count with different hospitals where students can develope their clinical clerkship: 

- Hospital Luis Vernaza
- Hospital de Niños Dr. Roberto Gilbert Elizalde 
- Hospital Teodoro Maldonado Carbo 
- Hospital Infectología José Daniel Rodríguez 
- Hospital Guayaquil Abel Gilbert Portón
- Hospital de Los Ceibos

As Local Organization we care about the student's comfort that's why we receive them at out airport "José Joaquín de Olmedo" with the Host family. The medical student from the host family will guide the exchange in everything including transportation, communication and general recomendations from the city. We'll make you feel as part of our family!
After the arrival, the family - student's host will take the student to the place where he/she will stay (house, departent), here the LEO will give to him/her the welcome letter with general indications from the exchange as well as some indications from the family.
The public transportation in Guayaquil is really cheap, you can use public bus, taxis in the street or private taxi that are normally with different companies, metro way and travel all around the important places in the city in less than 1 hour. 
Guayaquil offers some spectacular places to visit, to show a bit of our culture and history, places to get fun and to share with friends. Our City has a lot of restaurantes with a multicultural impact, places to get fun and know people, cultural places, typical food, museums, concerts, parks and viewpoints all around the city where medicine students also can enjoy. Also we are really near of the beautiful beaches so you can travel few hours to know the spondylus route. We show you a "sneak peek" of our city, enjoy it!

1.- Malecón 2000

2. The LightHouse and "Las Peñas" Neighborhood

3. Santay Island

4. "Guayaquil in the History" Museum

5. The Pearl 

6. Zig Zag bridge

7. Morgan Boat 

8. Typical Food 

9. Plaza Lagos 

10. History Park 

11. Beach " Salinas" - " Montañita"

You must see all the parks and visit our amazing beaches!
Playas - Salinas - Montañita - Olón- Cerro blanco Protected Forest - Laguna Park

Best Places In Guayaquil

Malecón 2000

La Perla

Centro Cultural Libertador Simón Bolívar

Museo Municipal de Guayaquil

Museo Presley Norton

Museo del Bombero

Museo de los Equipos del Astillero

Museo de Música Popular

Parque de las Iguanas Seminario

Parque Histórico

Parque Samanes

Catedral Metropolitana de Guayaquil

Isla Santay

Malecón del Salado

Bosque Protector Cerro Blanco

Zoologico El pantanal

Parque Forestal de Guayaquil

Iglesia de San Francisco

Cerro Santa Ana

Plaza Rodolfo Baquerizo Moreno

Safari Park

Puente El Velero

La Rotonda

Mirador de Bellavista

Palacio de Cristal

Parque El Lago

Laguna Park

The coziness from  tutors and the academic quality makes us the best option in the Ecuadorian coast. Enjoy our city just like we enjoy to live here in Guayaquil.