Peru (IFMSA Peru) - Chimbote (IFMSA-USP)
Neurology, Surgery - General Surgery, Traumatology, Gynecology/Obstetrics, Paediatrics, Paediatrics Surgery, Surgery - Cardiovascular Surgery, Surgery - Thoracic Surgery, Surgery - Plastic Surgery
January, July, August
Host Family
Host family
Only clinical students after basic rotation (for SCOPE only)
All specialties necessarily require that the incoming speak Spanish at least at a basic or intermidiate level
Alejandra Obregon Mamani

Chimbote is the most important city in the Ancash Region of Peru. The city is located on the cost in Ferrol Bay, 420km (260milles) north of Lima. It is a small and nice city.

The town was created in 1835, it was a port and a very small village of fishermen. In 1940, the goverment made improvements to the port, they made a hydroelectric power station (Duck Canyon), also an iron and steel plant was built. The 1970 Ancash earthquake devastated the region, the city has been recovering and growing up in the last decades.

The city is known for its ceviche, a popular Peruvian dish whose ingredients include white fish, octopus, seashell, squid, crab, and red hot pepper. It is also known for a important celebration, The Festivity of San Pedrito (Chimbote’s Civic Anniversary), The central feast day is on 29 June, the image of the saint is taken out in procession and It is paraded through the bay by boat.

Nuevo Chimbote is a small district located on the south of Chimbote (12km) with residential neighboorhoods and beaches. Offially created in 1994 with the city of Buenos Aires as the capital. Nuevo Chimbote is very known for its ‘Plaza Mayor’, the biggest square park on Peru.

The weather is very hot, the hotest month is February with temperatures around 29°C (84°F) and September is the coolest month, at around 17°C (62°F). The annual average temperature ranges between 16 to 28 °C (61 to 82 °F).


Universidad San Pedro is the most important Medicine School on Ancash Region. The Medicine School was created in 1998, being one of the most importants schools in the north of the country.

Rotations take place in three Hospitals, two on Chimbote and one of them on Nuevo Chimbote.

  • Hospital EsSalud III Chimbote: Departments of Internal Medicine - General, Cardiology, Pneumology Nephrology and Pediatrics are located in this Hospital.
  • Hospital Minsa La Caleta (Chimbote): Departments of Neurology, General Surgery, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Pneumology and Emergency Medicine are located in this Hospital.
  • Hospital Regional Eleazar Guzman Barron (Nuevo Chimbote): Departments of Endocrinology, Traumatology, Neonatal Medicine and Gynecology are located in this Hospital.



Research work in various fields. Clinical projects are developed at our hospitals. Laboratories projects are developed in the laboratories of the university or the medicine school.


Your lodging will be at a host family, located very closer to the Hospital. They will provide you at least two meals per day. They are not required to give you more, although they might do. They also provide you with all the equipment to cook your own food.

They will make your transportation to downtown and your hospital easy.


Your lodging will be at a host family, located very closer to the Hospital. They will make your transportation to downtown and your hospital easy.

Your LEO and host will communicate with you as soon as you receive your CA (Card of Acceptance), you can ask them for any question.


You can get by public transport:

  • Collective Cars. There are many collective cars on the city, there are many routes so you can easily go wherever you want. The fare is like 0.5-1 dollar.
  • They are expensive but safer and fast, you can take a taxi if you’re late or at midnight for example. The fare is like 3-4 dollars.

If you want to go to another city (Huaraz, Trujillo, Chiclayo, Lima) you have to go by bus.



  • Welcome Dinner: for all the incomings.
  • City Tour: Chimbote and Nuevo Chimbote.
  • Beach Day: Tortugas and Vesique.
  • Isla Blanca: boat trip, beach and trekking.
  • Trip to Huaraz: mountains and glaciers.
  • Trekking Day: Cerro de la Paz and its great view of the Ferrol bay.
  • Food And Drinking Party: an international dinner where incomings must prepare typical meals and drinks from their countries.

 Malecón De Chimbote [Chimbote’s Seawall]


Muelle de Chimbote [Chimbote’s Pier]

Cerro de la Paz. Vista [View from Mountain Of Peace]


Playas de Nuevo Chimbote [Nvo Chimbote’s Beaches]





Isla Blanca [White Island]




















La Generosa Ciudad de Huaraz [Huaraz Generous City]