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You should bring your apro,stethoscope and masks.There is also the obligation to be vaccinated due to covid-19 and to have a PCR test. The PCR test can be done in the hospital where you will do your internship, as well as in other health institutions if you wish. The addresses of these institutions will be notified to you.
Orthopedics and Traumatology accepts clinic students.
Cardiovasculer Surgery accepts clinic students in March, April, May.
General Surgery accepts intörn in July, August.
Urology accepts 5th grade students in April.
Anatomy accepts 2th grade students in June.
Emergency Medicine accepts 5th grade students and intörn in March, April.
Pediatrics accepts 4th grade students in May, June.
Ophthalmology accepts clinic students in March.

Berkay Alcan
Yozgat is a small city in Turkey. Yozgat has 13 towns (Akdagmadeni, Aydincik, Bogazliyan, Candir, Cayiralan, Cekerek, Kadisehri, Saraykent, Sarikaya, Sorgun, Sefaatli, Yenifakili, Yerkoy). 424981 people live in Yozgat. Winter is very cold and summer is hot in Yozgat. There are a lot of natural beauties in Yozgat. Its forests, plateaus, vegetation, recreation areas are very beautiful. 
There is a sightseeing area a Cehrilik. There are Bridal Rocks in Cehrilik. Its has an interesting legend. 
There are Capanoglu Mosque, Grand Mosque, Clock Tower, Etrognaphy Museum (Nizamoglu House), Camlik.


Yozgat Bozok University has a 14 faculty, 4 institute, 4 collage, 9 vocational school. 
There are 2 hospitals in Yozgat. 1) Yozgat Bozok Unİversity Training and Resarch Hospital 2) Yozgat City Hospital
Yozgat Bozok Unİversity Training and Resarch Hospital has a lot of clinic. Emergency Medicine Outpatent Clinic, Brain and Nerve Surgery Clinic, Pediatric Surgery Outpatient Clinic, General Surgery Clinic, Thoracic Surgery Outpatient Clinic, Ophthalmology Clinic, Gynecological Clinic, Cardiovascular Clinic, Otolaryngology Clinic, Orthopedics and Traumatology Clinic, Urology Clinic, Forensic Medicine Clinic, Family Medicine Clinic, Child Health and Diseases Clinic, Child Psychiatry Clinic, Dermatology Clinic, Endocrinology Clinic, Infectious Diseases Clinic, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Clinic, Chest Diseases Clinic, İnternal Medicine Clinic, Cardiology Clinic, Nephrology Clinic, Neurology Clinic, Psychiatry Clinic. There are intensive care unitys, labs. 
There is a city hospital in Yozgat. It is very technological hospital. 

There are 4 labs in faculty. Biochemistry lab, microbiology lab, anatomy lab and anatomy dissection lab. Microbiology lab can also be used  for Histology. There are models in anatomy lab. There are microscopes in microbiology lab. There are 2 cadaver in anatomy dissection lab.
There are several cafeterias in hospital. Student cafeterias, doctors and staff cafeterias and public cafeterias. You will eat hospital cafeterias. 

But there are a lot of resstourants and cafes in Yozgat. Zafer Turk Mutfagı, Surmeli Mangal Keyfi, Sefa Sofrasi, Bolu Lokantasi, Uranos, Istanbul Lokantasi, Burger King, Woswos Cafe, Teras Cafe etc.
KYK Dorms is government dorm. Yozgat has 8 KYK Dorms. There are  6  female dormitory and 5 male dormitory. There are rooms for 2, 4 and 6 people.
You can find information about the university guesthouse in the link below. 
If you come to Ankara by plane after you get off the plane, you can go to ASTI with buses named HAVAS. (ASTI is a bus station in Ankara.) After going to ASTI, you can buy tickets to Yozgat from to bus companies there. 3 hours from Ankara to Yozgat. When you come to Yozgat, we will meet you at the bus station. (This way is easier)
If you come to Istanbul by plane after you get off the plane, you can go to bus station with buses named HAVAIST. After going to bus station, you can buy tickets to Yozgat from to bus componies there. 7 hours from Istanbul to Yozgat. When you come to Yozgat, we will meet you at the bus station.
Or you can use a taxi to get to the bus station from the airport.

Buses are used in public transportation in Yozgat. There are 8 different bus. But we students take bus number 1 to get to campus so it is very crowded. We use 'kentkart' for bus. If you don't have a kentkart you can give coins and use public transport. 
In addition to these you can use taxi.

Yozgat is a small city but we can do a lot of activity together. We can go to Camlik together and we can will have a picnic together. We can go to historical place. 
If you want to go to other cities in Turkey you can go to neabry cities. Ankara, Corum, Sivas, Kayseri, Nevsehir, Amasya, Tokat, Kirikkale, Kirsehir.
And TurkMSIC organize national tours. Every year we organize tours to do most beautiful places of your paradise country.  You can join these tours.
You must see Çamlık Milli Parkı in Yozgat.Yozgat is a city far from greenery in general, but this park is like an oasis in the desert.
It is really enjoyable to go there by bus or taxi and have a picnic and barbecue.In addition, the yozgat sports valley is an ideal place for both sportive activities and relaxation and fresh air.