Uzbekistan (Phenomenon) - Tashkent
Ambulatory Care and Prevention, Anaesthesia, Dermatology, Dermatovenerology, Emergency Medicine;, Gynaecology/Obstetrics;, Intensive and Critical Care;, Internal Medicine-Cardiology;, Internal Medicine-Endocrinology, Internal Medicine-Gastroenterology;, Internal Medicine-General, Internal Medicine-Hematology;, Internal Medicine-Invasive Cardiology;, Internal Medicine-Nephrology;, Internal Medicine-Noninvasive Cardiology;, Internal Medicine-Pulmonary;, Internal Medicine-Rheumatology;, Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine;, Neurology;, Oncology;, Ophthalmology;, Otorhinolaryngology;, Paediatrics;, Paediatrics-Cardiology;, Paediatrics-Endocrinology;, Paediatrics-Neurosurgery;, Paediatrics-Oncology;, Paediatrics-Pneumology;, Paediatrics-Surgery;, Primary Care;, Psychiatry;, Psychotherapy;, Surgery-Cardiothoracic Surgery;, Surgery-Cardiovascular Surgery;, Surgery-Gastrointestinal Surgery;, Surgery-General; Surgery-Neurosurgery;, Surgery-Orthopedics;, Surgery-Plastic Surgery, Traumatology, urology
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Laura Bekmullina

The capital of Uzbekistan, the ancient city of Tashkent (more than 2200 years old) is an extremely interesting place for an inquisitive tourist. Juicy oriental flavor harmonizes here with the usual manifestations of civilization, but at the same time the city does not lose its recognizable appearance over the years, although it is becoming more modern, following the trends of the time. This makes it truly unique – where else can you see the neighboring traditions and modernity? Perhaps there are few such places on Earth, and Tashkent is one of them. Tashkent is the largest city in Central Asia. It is very clean by the standards of the big city air. An integral part of the local color is the numerous bazaars where you can buy anything, from fresh fruit to artfully hand-made carpet. There are more fountains in Tashkent than in any other Asian city. Every day the city consumes about 1.5 million cubic meters of water. Parks, squares and other green spaces occupy almost a third of all of Tashkent.  


Tashkent Pediatric Medical Institute have been arranged in 1972 and is leading institute on education in the area of “Pediatric Business”. During the 46 years of work the Institute prepared more than 29500 highly qualified medical doctors.
TashPMI – state higher education facility, performing educational activity on realization of main and professional education programs of higher education, as well as training-methodological, scientific work in line with the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan. There are 39 chairs in the structure of the institute.
Faculty contains 516 staff members, out of them 76 – Doctors of Sciences and Professors, 201 – Ph.D. and Ass. Professors.
The education in bachelorship is being performed in 4 directions:
• General Medicine;
• Pediatrics;
• Professional education – Medical-pedagogics;
• Medical-biologics;
• Higher Nursery.

Structure of TashPMI Clinic

Republican advisory-diagnostic polyclinic on 250 visitings with a modelling post of emergency medical aid

Branches of cardiorheumatology, pulmonology, neurology, emergency surgery, planned surgery, traumatology and orthopedy, otorhinolaryngologic, ophthalmology with microsurgery of an eye, urology with emergency posts;

Branches of dermatology, chest age, cardiac surgery with CICU, plastic surgery, children’s gynecology, a surgical infection, urgent medical aid at a reception. Therapy, surgery and neurology for teenagers;Therapy, surgery and neurology for adult self-supporting patients with branch of resuscitation and intensive therapy.

AKFA University has been established according to the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Uzbekistan dated February 15, 2019.

Our university is aiming to achieve its goal of being the leading institution of higher education in the region and contribute to the development of Uzbekistan, as we know and understand the significance of our geographical location. 

Our university’s mission is:
• To educate a sufficient number of people in the areas that the country needs,
• To propose solutions for the training of professional staff,
• To produce new educational technologies,
• To develop the principles of education and training.

AKFA University offers education at internationally acclaimed standards 200 students from different nations.

The university trains highly qualified specialists in fundamental, medical, exact and humanitarian disciplines.

In addition to the Medical Doctor Program, Masters’ Program will be offered by a highly qualified internationally acclaimed academic staff.

The educational process is carried out in partnership with leading international research institutions, including with Gachon University in medical area (South Korea) and our compatriots working abroad.
Study will be in English and lasts for 6 years (2 years of preparatory courses, 4 years of medical courses in medical faculty).  Graduates receive a diploma of higher education.

Research, discovery, and quest for truth are the critical characteristics of a university. AKFA University is aware of these responsibilities and devotes itself to create an intellectual environment where both students and faculty members can conduct productive and effective research together. 

The University aims to offer the most modern, and the highest quality education to its students. Each and every student that embarks on this long educational journey at our university graduates as an individual fully content and well equipped with the education he/she has received. Our graduates start their professional life at highly prestigious internationally recognized businesses and their employment possibilities with these institutions is an asset to AKFA University.

With a vision that foresees the future, and moving forward with firm steps with all the enthusiasm, vigor and vitality essential in becoming one of the most outstanding universities of the 21st century, AKFA University generates knowledge together with the students, faculty and administrative staff, and at the same time continues to introduce novelties in social, medical, cultural and scientific areas.

AKFA University has set its vision and mission as a road map to be a top university with its determined development targets, academicians, managers and administrators. 


At least 1 Meal/day will be guaranteed or pocket money. We will try to organize 3 time meals/day


Apartment/Students flat/ dormitory/ hostel/ hosting family


We will provide you with all information and schedules you need about this.


Visiting UNESCO World Heritage sites; Gastrotourism; Active leisure; and etc.

  1. Chorsu Bazaar 
  2. The museum of Temurids Dynasty
  3. Kukeldash Madrassah
  4. Hazrati Imam Mosque
  5. Amir Temur Square
  6. Broadway
  7. TV Tower Tashkent
  8. Plov Center
  9. Zoo and Botanic Garden 
  10. "Tashkent City" complex