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General surgery, Cardiovascular surgery, neurology, gynecology and Obstetrics
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Hospital dining hall
Student hostel
Although we don’t have an official decree regarding vaccination requirements in Turkey, all of the healthcare workers are vaccinated for COVID-19 in Turkey. So as Rize RTE TÖB we require you to get vaccinated. Also you have to prove that you have been vaccinated so don’t forget to get a document
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Fatma Seyhun Simsek
Rize is located in the north-east of Turkey and is owned by the Black Sea. Located in the Eastern Black Sea Region, Rize is located in the west of Trabzon, Artvin in the east, Bayburt in the south, and Erzurum in the south. It is the most rainfall area in Turkey. The most important product is tea, Rize, has also started to grow kiwi fruit. But since kiwi production is not much, the city only meets its own needs. Ardeşen, Çamlıheşin, Çayeli, Derepazari, Fındıklı, Güneysu, Hemşin, İkizdere, İyidere, Kalkandere and Pazar.

Rize shows the most characteristic features of the Black Sea region. It is distinguished from the other regions of Anatolia by its geographical structure as well as its cultural structure. It is a very special tourism area with steep slopes, peaks reachable mountains, glacier lakes, emerald green springs, historical arch bridges and bears, and exhilarating streams. Summer is warm in Rize. Autumn and winter seasons are rainy.
Medical Education
Medical educaiton is 6 years. Before and after the clinic. Each faculty can
provide training on its own system. With a spesific instruction, universities can
flex their own training in this regard.We take the exam to become an expert
doctor when the faculty is over.
*Public Health
Our countrty welcomes too many refugees. So, in a few years parasitic
diseases have increased. The rate of heart disease and diabetes is
high due to eating habits.
Newborn vaccination is high.
Child mortality is low. 
Our incoming will eat their meals in hospital dining hall at 12.00 - 13.30 at weekdays
Our incomings will stay at students hostels. Hostel rooms have beds, wardrobes , tables for studying, nightstands, a refrigerator. Rooms for 2 or 3 person.
Hostels are close to hospital. Male students hostel is near the hospital, just 20 meters far. Female students hostels are 10 - 20 minutes far from hospital with minibus.

Take minibus 3 or 4 or 5 to go to the hospital and medical school.


Transport alternatives to Rize are quite comfortable. For those who want to go by road, there is a highway connection all over Turkey. As you can easily go by car, you can go to Rize by buses of many bus companies. Rize does not have the option of rail and airline. However, after arriving in Trabzon by air transport, you can go to the bus stop to get to Rize from here. If you go to Rize in summer, you can go to Rize by taking a ferry with Istanbul-Samsun-Trabzon extension.
Rize transportation highway transportation some distance

Istanbul / Rize: 1158 km
Ankara / Rize: 840 Km.
Trabzon / Rize: 70 Km.
Antalya / Rize: 1312 Km.

Transportation in the city is provided by
minibus transport. There are 5 types of
minibuses. The 3 and the 4 goes to the
our hospital to the city center. The 3 minibus goes student hostel. 
Price is 2,5 Turkish Lira.
Kackar Mountains National Park is in the most rainy forests of Turkey, therefore which has extremely rich alpine meadows and outstanding flora as well as unique in terms of streams. Ayder Plateau has the best facilities in the park. Also there are specially designated camping areas in Camlihemsin.
Nature photography
Ecotourism for eco travelers
Geological and geomorphological formations Traditional highland life
Abundance of wildlife, natural plant communities Trekking, climbing, hiking, camping, heli-skiing.
            FIRTINA VALLEY and RIVER
Firtina River (Storm River), one of the main rivers in Rize, is a wonder of nature which combines many rivers on the Black Sea slope of Kackar Mountains.
Rafting on Firtina River: Firtina River offers unique opportunities for the lovers of whitewater rafting and canoeing. The length of the rafting track is 23 km.
Firtina Valley (Storm Valley) is 57 km long has always been a popular destination for both local and international tourists with its high flow and the bridges accompanying it all over its course.
In the valley, you can also see the graceful arched stone bridges built in early Ottoman times and the wooden hillside mansions built in the early 20th century by families.
                  PALOVIT WATERFALL
Palovit Waterfall has got the most magnificent and majestic scenery and the highest water flow in Rize. The village and waterfall of Palovit, high in the mountains. This famous waterfall in a lush forest, falls from about 15 m high.
                      ZILKALE CASTLE
It is one of the most remarkable structures within the region. The castle is located within 1st Degree Archeological Site. The castle is located in 15 km southern part of the district center and on the west slopes of Fırtına River. The steep rock mass which the castle has been built on is 750 m high from the sea and app. 100 m high from the river bed.
The Atatepe statue, which was commissioned in 2011 by the Sıtkı Kahvecioğlu foundation and completed in a year, was opened in 2012 with a magnificent feast.
The statue was built on 7,5 acres of land at Atatepe on the skirts of Genya Mountain. The size of the statue bears the distinction of being the world's largest statue of Ataturk. Height is 22 meters and weight is 60 meters. 40 tons of steel, 10 tons of copper and 10 tons of different materials were used in the construction of this gigantic statue in Artvin.
The park is situated within the borders of Savsat and Artvin provinces, and is spread over the plateaus of Karagol and Sahara.
The area around Karagol is Paleocene or neocene and is separated by valleys, with cracks causing landslides, and dense forests with spruce trees and pines. The area at the northeast of the lake, around Bagat, is good for grass-skiing.
Every corner of the Black Sea offers visitors different delightful qualities. this applies to Uzungol as well. The lake is surrounded completely by forests. when you see the lake’s view you’ll know why it is the subject of postcards.
Clean air, green natural environment and the Black Sea’s cool air. What more could one want during the summer months?
                      AYDER PLATEAU
The most-known plateau in our country is Ayder Plateau which is the most popular location in Black Sea Region. Ayder is one of the most popular tourist destinations in recent years with its thermal spring and unique natural beauties. Ayder Plateau is located in the middle of pine forests and Kaçkar view.
                     GITO PLATEAU
Gito Plateau, is a plateau depends on the Rize Camlihemsin. This springs from the storm reached the path of a forest overlooking the valley towards the south. Scenic and dominant position has a highland. When you arrive there is a plateau known for its unique nature where you can lose yourself above the clouds.
Mençuna Waterfall is a waterfall located in the Arhavi district of Artvin. The Mençuna Waterfall, which is formed by the merging of the small rivers arising from the Arili Mountains, is about 100 meters high. The water poured from this height forms a lake of about 200 square meters at the bottom of the valley.
                     POKUT PLATEAU
Situated in Rize's Çamlıhemşin district, Pokut Plateau, which is 2,170 meters high, attracts tourists and nature lovers with its unique natural beauties. The plateau is surrounded by 50 authentic wooden houses, some of which are more than 250 years old, and has become one of the popular gathering places of people who love trekking as well as photographers. 
Must Eat&Drink
Muhlama: Muhlama (or kuymak, as it’s called in
Trabzon) is essentially a fondue, made with famously
rich Black Sea butter and the addition of cornflour,
giving it a dense, stretchy texture. This scrumptiously
artery-clogging appetizer is typically served with
bread and a spoon to tame the unwieldy strings left
trailing behind every dunk.
Laz Böreği: Similar to baklava, laz böreği is built from
hundreds of layers of flaky filo dough drenched in sweet
syrup. Sandwiched in the middle is a thick layer of
custard made with the same sweet milk that’s put
Black Sea dairy farms on the map.
Pide: Ask five Turks which province has the best
football team or the tastiest simit, and they’ll each sing
the praises of their home region. But ask where to find
the best pide, and there’s no debating it: The Black
Sea’s stuff just can’t be beat. Around the Black Sea,
pide — the Turkish answer to pizza — comes topped
with a hefty slab of butter and a barely-cooked egg,
which together make for a rich dipping sauce.
Tea: It’s hard to walk down a street in Turkey without
seeing locals sipping steaming amber-colored çay from
tiny, tulip-shaped glasses. Pretty much all of that tea
— plus hundreds of tons more grown for export —
hails from the hills around Rize on the Black Sea. The
largest producer, Çaykur, runs a çay bahçesi that
overlooks a literal tea garden. Here you can sample not
just the ubiquitous black tea, but green and herbal
varieties at wholesale prices.
Useful Turkish Sentences
What is your name/surname? ( Adınız/soyadınız
My name is… ( Benim adım …)
Nice to meet you ( Tanıştığımıza sevindim )
Hello! (Merhaba!)
Excuse me. (Affedersiniz)
Good bye ( Görüşürüz )
Thank you very much ( Çok teşekkür ederim)
Yes - No (Evet- Hayır)Okey (Tamam)Help! (
I’m sorry (Özür dilerim)
Good morning ( Günaydın )
Good evening (İyi akşamlar)
How are you ? (Nasılsınız?)
Fine, thank you ( İyiyim, teşekkürler)
Can you help me? ( Bana yardım edebilir
Is there a telephone here ? ( Burada telefon var
mı ?)
Where is the nearest bus-stop? ( En yakın
otobüs durağı nerede?)
Where does this bus go to? (Bu otobüs nereye
Emergency Numbers
Police : 155
Ambulance : 112
Fire Department : 110
(Dial 9 for Engl
Please remember to bring your white coats & stethoscope & handbooks with you and don't forget that 80% attendance is mandatory to get the certificate.