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The difference of Ankara in the health industry presentation.

Ankara is going on proceeding emphatically be the making of being a leading city in health tourism as in many fields. The attraction and powerful position of Ankara in the health industry result from economic indicators.

According to Turkish Statistical Institute data, Ankara, is the second city with 4,65 million population, is the second also with urbanization rate (%97,1) and is the fourth with income per capita rate (9,056 $). On the other hand, according to the study of Economics and Foreign Policy Studies Centre, Ankara is the first with 100 index value about rivalry index, is the second with labor market (95,9), is the ninth with economical effectiveness and dynamism index (92,4).

All indicators (doctors, pharmacy, dentists, and hospitals for 10.000 people) are better than countrywide when Ankara is researched from the point of general health indicators.

Except hospitals to be given service are in the competition themselves, Ankara still attracts all new health service providers because of having a wide market, being a capital city and being placed in the middle of the country, making a request from other cities, having the most crowded second population as we consider.

4.515 business ventures have been done within sanitation and social services in Ankara. This number is 48.709 in countrywide. The rate in Ankara is % 9, 27. This rate is quite high when it is considered in countrywide.

Ankara has the potential of being one of the best health centers of Europe next five years with educated and experienced doctor staff, comfortable healthcare organization and hardliner from the quality and scientific service that is increasing day by day as well as easy transportation.

Hospital be born from the power of Ankara in the health industry

5 of medical faculties that are in the top ten in Turkey according to University Academic Rankings of performance-based are found in Ankara. Having a powerful academic and scientific infrastructure, higher up opportunities and qualification about the presentation of healthy service cannot be seen in private industry. In this point, Koru Health Group is the first private industry presented these qualifications and opportunities. It is the first time to have the same opportunities with a medical faculty university.

Koru Health Group has two hospitals with 132 beds, display system center, in vitro fertilization center, medical college and representation in abroad and also the new hospital with 220 beds in 36.000m2 that has technological and physical features.

Family model of Koru Health Group in the presentation of health service

Koru Health Group is going on their way with staff structure which serves properly scientifically, trustful, the group working, cooperation thanks to the impact of academically model. In this sense, Koru Health Group is going on to improve and develop with staff who work in determination.

The perspective of presentation health service in Koru Health Group

Koru Health Group have a mission being a health institution based on improving with real policy in parallel with the requirements, complying with the changes about all medical changes, having an aim to be better life thanks to care about human life, based on satisfaction of both patients and their relatives, following the scientific and technological changes with academic and ethical consideration due to founders who are doctors or academicians.

Besides, the philosophy of being a reference for staff to reach their career targets is an important decision to be an institution being combined scientific career targets and dynamism of the private sector.

It is continued to support the staff at the institution having an academic career so magazines and scientific platforms have been organized to present the services academically which has been given at the institution.

As a result of these vision and mission, Koru Medical College has been opened to educate medical staff who have equipped and sufficient practice because of the necessity in Turkey. The school has been active since 2013.

Moreover, one of the Project is establishing a university. Since our foundation, scientific development and truth have been helped to support our mission.

The technologic and physical infrastructure power of Koru Health Group

The new hospital of Koru Health Group, which is one of the job opportunities in Ankara, will be opened in Çukurambar. Koru Ankara Hospital is placed on Konya-Eskisehir road that is one of the most important transportation arterial roads.

With our new hospitals, Koru Health Group will take title as the biggest health presenter with totally 301 bed-spaces, 71 intensive care units, 31 new-born services.

Radiology Unit is going on studying international to be the center of radiology education center with General Electric cooperation.

Also, Robotic Surgery that has been going on for 2 years gives service with the latest technology, DA VINCI SI HD. It has been used on the operation of urology, gynecology, and general surgery. With our new hospital, robotic surgery is also used on the operation of thoracic surgery and has been planned to be used cardiovascular surgery.

When it is thought that there is a lack of using robotic surgery in countrywide, this center may be an education center with service diversity and usage experience about using robotic surgery.

It makes a difference with radiation oncology giving service with utter technological infrastructure and manpower, bone marrow transplant center, IVF center, gynecology and perinatology center, urology and uro-oncology center

Koru Health Group has an important advantage of infrastructure about caring difficult and sufficient patients with 31 with a bed newborn care and 71 with bed intensive care units.

Place of Health Tourism

As a Koru Health Group, everything has been planned for foreign patients who can take trustful and comfortable services, still has been given service patients coming from 41 different countries. Besides, Koru Medical College has an important role in this point to grow up the staff who know foreign languages such as English, Russian, and Arabic.

Boarding will be provided by hospital. In weekdays, 1 lunch will be provided.  

There are also several restaurants around if you want to try, including:

→ Marco Pasha

→ Kahveci Hacıbaba



Lodging will be provided by either a student's house or a rental house for incomings.

In both possibilities, the house includes a kitchen, a bathroom, a living room and a place to sleep. The house will be furnished and will be enough for your needs.

→ If you stay in a student's house, you will experience Turkish culture by living in a Turkish house.

→ If you stay in a rental house for other incoming students, you can form new friendships and meet medical students from all around the world and exchange cultures.


The hospital is in 15 minutes walk from the nearest subway station-Söğütözü. The Söğütözü subway station is 3 stops far from Kızılay, the center.

Since the hospital is in a central spot, it is also on many buses and minibusses route. You can take busses and minibusses from "Akköprü", "Kızılay", "Emek", "Sıhhiye", "Bahcelievler" and many more stops.

There are 5 subway, 1 telpher lines but the subway map is easy to navigate. During the journey, both Turkish and English pre-recorded messages are played to inform the passengers.

With social programs, you will find a further opportunity to learn and experience more about Turkish culture when you are having fun!

Social programs include a welcoming party, movie night, games night, an Ankara Cultural tour, local famous food & drinks party: from kebab to Turkish drinks, picnic day and experiencing Turkish nights. 
Social programs can be scheduled up to incoming student's wills.

1) Anıtkabir (Atatürk’s Mausoleum)

Located on an imposing hill in the Anıttepe quarter of the city stands the mausoleum of Kemal Atatürk, founder of the Republic of Turkey. Completed in 1953, it is an impressive fusion of ancient and modern architectural ideas and remains unsurpassed as an accomplishment of modern Turkish architecture. There is a museum housing a superior wax statue of Atatürk; writings, letters, and items belonging to Atatürk, as well as an exhibition of photographs recordings of important moments of his life and videos from the establishment of the Republic.

2) Atakule

Atakule is one of the symbols, landmarks of Ankara. You can see Ankara in a panoramic view. There is also a shopping mall next to it.

3) Ankara Castle

The foundations of the citadel were laid by the Galatians on a prominent lava outcrop, and completed by the Romans; Then the Byzantines and Seljuks made restorations and additions. The area around and inside the citadel is the oldest part of Ankara and many fine examples of traditional architecture can be seen within its walls. It has a breath-taking view of Ankara. Some of these old wooden houses are renovated and used as small restaurants with the views of the city.

4) Anatolian Museum of Civilizations

Close to the Ankara Castle, a 15th-century Ottoman bazaar has been beautifully restored and since 1921 it houses a marvelous and unique collection including Paleolithic, Neolithic, Chalcolithic, Hatti, Hittite, Phrygian, Lydian, Urartian andRoman works. In 1997, this great museum won the "European Museum of the Year" award among 65 museums from 21 European countries.

5) Column of Julian

This column, located in Ulus district, was built in 362 AD probably to commemorate a visit by the Roman Emperor Julian the Apostate on his way to the campaign against Persians. It is 15 meters high and has a typical leaf decoration.

6) Roman Bath Open-Air Museum

The bath, situated on Cankiri Avenue in Ulus, has the typical features of Roman baths: a frigidarium (cold section), tepidarium (cool section) and caldarium (hot section). The hot and warm rooms were wider divisions because of Ankara's very cold winter climate. They were built in the time of Emperor Caracalla (3rd century AD) in honor of the god of medicine, Asclepios. The dimensions of the bath were 80x130 meters and it was made of stones and bricks. Today, only the basement and first floors remain.

7) Temple of Augustus

The Corinthian style temple can be found in the old Ulus district of Ankara. It was built by the Galatian King Pylamenes in 10 AD. as a tribute to Augustus and was reconstructed by the Romans on the ancient Ankara Acropolis in the 2nd century. it is important today for the "Monument Ancyranum," the sole surviving "Political Testament" of Augustus, detailing his achievements, inscribed on its walls in Latin and Greek. In the 5th century, the temple was converted into a church by the Byzantines.

8) Hacıbayram Mosque

This mosque, in Ulus, next to the Temple of Augustus, was built in the early 15th century in Seljuk style and was subsequently restored by Sinan in the 16th century, with Kütahya tiles being added in the 18th century. The mosque was built in honor of Hacı Bayram Veli, whose tomb is next to the mosque.

9) Kocatepe Mosque

This is a recently constructed mosque of great size in classical Ottoman design with four minarets. Built between 1967 and 1987 in the Kocatepe quarter, its size and prominent situation have made it a landmark.

10) Yeni (Cenab Ahmet) Mosque

This is the largest Ottoman mosque in Ankara and was built by the famous architect Sinan in the 16th century. The mimber (pulpit) and mihrap (prayer niche) are of white marble, and the mosque itself is of Ankara stone (red porphyry), an example of very fine workmanship. It is on Ulucanlar Avenue.

11) Hamamönü Bazaar

In case you are interested to get a feeling of how life was once in Ankara, find Hamamonu District, the newly restored neighborhood with old Ankara houses. A famous spot for the Ankarans, walk through the narrow traditional streets, and sip your Turkish coffee in a historic wooden house, especially at the night. There are different stores for souvenirs to coffee mugs.

12) Eymir Lake

The Eymir Lake is only 20 km away from the city center, in the town of Ankara Golbasi. Away from the business, the traffic and the noise of the big city, this is to be found as a retreat in which nature and silence can be enjoyed. It is definitely not a place acknowledged by tourists.

This lake is part of a natural park; its perimeter is of 10km and it's usual for visitors to go around walking, jogging or cycling with a bike rented at the entrance of the park. There are some picnic areas all along the lake. There is also a historic building which has become a restaurant that has a fireplace for the winter time and an amazing garden next to the lake full of tables to enjoy the sunny days outside.

13) Mogan Lake

Lake Mogan has always been one of the picnic areas of Ankara. Along the shore, there are many restaurants as well as camping and fishing points where the main game fish is a crab. In 2001 the Metropolitan Municipality of Ankara has established a recreation area named Mogan Park at the west shore of the lake.

14) Salt Lake

Tuz Golu in Turkish is a saline lake occupying a huge area in the arid central plateau of Turkey, about 65 miles (105 km) northeast of Konya, neighboring also Nigde and Ankara provinces. It's the second largest lake of Turkey, after Lake Van, lying at an elevation of 2,970 feet (905 m) as a tectonic lake. Despite its huge area (580 sq miles or 1500 sq kilometers) for most of the year is very shallow (between 0,5-1 meters), especially during dry summer months when the water evaporates in huge quantities leaving a thick crust of salt on the surface up to 30 centimeters. This salt is extracted, worked, refined and sold in the local market, thus making this the biggest industry for small towns' economy in the area. It’s between 3 cities and 2 hours ride from Ankara

15) Beypazarı

The first point of visit in Beypazarı: HIDIRLIK HILL You are able to view the prominent urban fabric with historic mansions and natural beauty from the hill overlooking all areas of the district.


Beypazarı has a rich life with its historic homes, vibrant streets reflecting the concept of street life, a historic bazaar where commercial activity still continues, markets attracting visitors from surrounding settlements large and small, and protected natural beauties.

Nearly every day in summer, visitors consisting mainly of domestic tourists join in the festivity resembling a fair on Alaaddin Street, İmaret Square, the Historic Bazaar, Demirciler Sokağı (Smith’s Street), and other streets with mansions rising on both sides and creating a unique scenery.


Karagöl National Park in Ankara where is one of the key lively centers and outdoor sports with natural beauties and the lake is one of the new priorities of those who want to get away from city life. Karagöl aims to host many activities from mountaineering to water sports as well as from nature photography to sportive archery; it has also four double-room bungalows and camping area that will be exploited in May to welcome the visitors.

16) Kızılcahamam

Located in the northern part of Ankara, Kizilcahamam is situated in a lush green area between Bolu and Çankırı.

Kızılcahamam, one of the greenest regions of Ankara, is about 1 km high from the sea. The area covered by three sides is famous for its thermal springs.

Many hotels and resorts in the northern part of the province help visitors to enjoy the hot spring waters. Kizilcahamam is an ideal choice for anyone who wants to spend a quiet holiday with its immaculate air and away from the noise of the city

17) Ulucanlar Prison Museum

During its 81 years of existence, quite an amount of intellectuals was imprisoned or detained in this building. The prison sorely created one of the darkest pages of the Republican history, while witnessing 18 executions during its history.

In 2011 the building was restored and turned into the Ulucanlar Prison Museum, to remember the saddest days of this place.

18) Seğmenler Park

It is a huge park where you can enjoy nature and have a break. It’s one of the famous parks of Ankara.

19) Kuğulu Park (Swan Park)

It’s located at the beginning of Tunalı Hilmi Street. The park is really peaceful and has 2 ponds that swans and ducks swim. It’s a good place to have a break and relax.

20) Ayrancı Antique Bazaar

Antiques from across Turkey are on sale at the Ankara Antique Bazaar, which is held on the first Sunday of each month at the Ayrancı Street Bazar and the third Sunday of each month at the Çayyolu Street Bazar. A wide range of antiques including gramophone records, clocks, rings, embroideries, Ottoman-era shoes, and agricultural machinery draws in hundreds of visitors.

21) Ethnography Museum

The Ethnography Museum is housed inside a white marble post-Ottoman building (1927) that served as Atatürk's mausoleum until 1953. Past the equestrian statue out the front, the mausoleum is preserved in the entrance hall. Around the walls are photographs of Atatürk's funeral.

The ethnography collection here is superb, with displays covering henna ceremonies, Anatolian jewelry, rug-making, Seljuk ceramics, early-15th-century doors, and (opposite the anxious-looking mannequins in the circumcision display) coffee.

22) Liberation War Museum

The Liberation War Museum, diagonally across the street from Ulus Square, is in the original form where the first parliament building of the Republic of Turkey was. Here the War of Liberation was planned and directed. There are various photographs and items on exhibition where you can view how it was during those times. There are also wax figures of the former presidents' of the Republic of Turkey.

23) Republic Museum

The Republic Museum was established in 1981 by the Ministry of Culture and Museum. It is often called the “Second Parliament Building of Turkey” because it housed the Turkish Parliament from 1924 to 1960. Designed by architect Vedat Tek in the Turkish neoclassical style, the building itself is a beautiful sight to explore. Visitors will be able to see various items on display at the Republic Museum, including photographs of all former prime ministers and presidents of Turkey. Other items include coins and banknotes issued during the Republican age as well as photos and mock-ups of country developments after the republic was proclaimed.

24) Genclik Park

Gençlik Park is a 68-acre public park that was created over 75 years ago in 1943. Surrounded by Ulus Square and near the Ankara Opera House, the park is considered one of the lowest points in Ankara at an altitude of 2,790 feet. It has an amusement park and visitors to the park also will be able to explore the cultural center and the youth center; the park also houses the Ankara Municipality Convention Hall and various other kiosks that are scattered throughout. Other than a public swimming pool, there are also many concerts and performances hosted at the park for visitors to enjoy.

25) Wonderland Eurasia

It's a new amusement park and holds the title to be "the biggest amusement park in Asia and Europe". If you want to have a fun break, it's the place to go!

26) Altınköy Open-Air Museum

The Altinkoy Open Air Museum in Ankara is one of the best places for visitors to get an understanding of what life was like in the villages of Turkey over a hundred years ago. The interactive feel of the community-like attraction makes it memorable for visitors of all ages. The village square expands to old-time mosques, houses, fountains, and everything else that comprised village life in the olden days. People can buy fun items from the village grocery store or dine in the authentic outdoor cooking areas. There are many workshops that display various skills and family-friendly traditional events celebrated throughout the year.

27) Aqua-Vega Aquarium

Found within one of Turkey’s largest shopping malls, the Aqua Vega Aquarium is perfect for a day out for visitors of any age. The aquarium has a 340-foot-long tunnel that surrounds visitors with the natural habitat and life of underwater creatures. The aquarium tanks have various themes for visitors to explore and house both salt and freshwater life. It is fascinating to see exotic creatures from various rivers and oceans from around the world. Other aspects of the aquarium include touch pools, a reptile house, various dedicated photography points, a souvenir shop, and a cafeteria to relax and dine in.

28) Esztergom Castle and Turkish Cultural Center

The Esztergom Turkish Cultural Center is located within the historic Esztergom Castle and has been promoting Turkish history and culture since 2005. Visitors will be able to see motifs of traditional Turkish art within the center’s museum. The building itself is a work of art; the Turkish-Islamic architecture, from the marble to the handcrafting, is a stunning sight for visitors to enjoy. There are many events and workshops on tradition and art held at the cultural center for visitors to participate in. Visitors can take home a bit of the beauty with souvenirs from the museum shop or have a delicious bite to eat at the on-site restaurant.

29) CerModern Modern Art Museum

Like all modern art establishments, CerModern Arts Center is a project that brings together schools and colleges; it creates a collaboration between intellectual, aesthetic, emotional unity and high level of understanding. CerModern is a ‘living and breathing art space’ and has a program full of different types of art.

30) Toys Museum

The museum was founded in 1990 with the aim of preserving those toys lost during times of swift social change. It also serves as a research and training center.

The toys exhibited here are of various forms: wooden, tin, paper and plastic. Toys of days gone by are exhibited here, and those individuals longing to reconnect with their childhood are encouraged to visit this fine museum.

31) Stamp Museum

The museum is in Ulus neighborhood of Ankara. The Turkish and the Ottoman as well as some foreign postage stamps are displayed in the museum. Stamps from all around the world, Ottoman Stamps, Anatolian Government Stamps, Republic of Turkey Stamps are shown. There are also thematic collections shown below:

Cultural heritage

Atatürk (founder of Turkey)





32) Rahmi Koç Industrial Museum

The Cengelhan Rahmi M Koc Museum is a technology museum that was established in Ankara in 2005. Facing the Ankara Citadel, the museum can be found in a renovated inn and quarters in historic Atpazari. Visitors at the museum will be able to see galleries dedicated to carpets, pharmaceutical exhibits, and agricultural machinery. There are other exhibits with items and artifacts relating to rail transport, everyday life tools, communication instruments, navigation, and the sea. While there, visitors will be able to learn about Vehbi Roc, one of the first industrialists of Turkey, as well as Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of modern Turkey.

33) Kızılay – Bahcelievler

If you are curious about the local’s daily life, you should definitely visit Kızılay and Bahcelievler. You can find lots of stores,  restaurants, cafes, malls, pubs...

34) Ulus

Being the center of the city, it’s a popular destination between locals. You can get to see old school bazaars and stores where you can get everything you can imagine and cheaper.

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