Poland (IFMSA-Poland) - Rzeszów
Internal Medicine - General, Internal Medicine - Nephrology, Surgery - General, Internal Medicine-Endocrinology, Paediatrics, Paediatrics- Gastroenterology
One lunch per working day
No specific ECs
Maria Burda
Rzeszow is the largest city in southestern Poland. It is located on both sides of Wislok river the heartland of Sandomierz Basin.  Rzeszow has found its place in the group of the most elite cities of Poland with the growing number of  investments and rapid progress.

  • Rzeszow University
  • Rzeszow University of Technology
  • I Provincial Polyclinical Hospital in Rzeszow
  • II Provincial Polyclinical Hospital in Rzeszow
One meal per working day (Monday-Friday)
  • double or triple room in dormitory
  • each 2 room have acess to separate bathroom
  • the kitchen is avaible on every floor
  • there is a Wi-Fi in dormitory
The easiest way to get to Rzeszow is taking fly to Jasionka near Rzeszow . You can also take a flight to Cracow and then direct train or bus to Rzeszow. It's  2 hours of travel.

Getting around Rzeszow

In Rzeszow you can move by bus . The normal ticket costs 3 PLN but if you have the ISIC card you can buy student tickets which costs 1,5 PLN.
You can also try  the most convenient phone app to use for searching the public transport connections within over 40 Polish cities. Available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

Travelling in Poland

  • Bus
Flixbus is a very cheap coach carrier requiring booking in advance (the earlier you book the cheaper the fare)/ You can purchase the ticket via their website. Flixbus operate not only national routes , but also reaches some foreign cities e.g. Berlin , Budapest , Prague , Vienna

  • Train
One of the cheapest and most popular transport options in Poland. You can either book a journey via the website: http://rozklad-pkp.pl/en or buy a ticket directly at the train station. Attention! Foreign students (also those equipped with an ISIC card) don’t get discounts for train tickets (if you buy a reduced ticket, you may be issued with penalty).

  • Flights
It might sound funny, but sometimes it’s cheaper and more convenient to use domestic flights instead of train or bus. If you happen to buy a cut-price ticket, you can get it even for 20-60 zl.  Some of the available connections involve Rzeszow-Warszawa , Rzeszow - Gdansk 

Rzeszow is a brand-new LCs.The incomings have a possibility to participate in various educational activities delivered within the scope of Med-ExThe opportunities include surgical skills workshops,electrocardiography crash course and more.
Daily activities may include activities ranging from partying through paintball, bowling to sightseeing or visiting museums.
NICE Project
  - a great way to discover different parts of Poland. On summer weekends you will have an opportunity to take part in trips to the most popular Polish cities. It’s a good occasion to visit the most beautiful monuments and buildings and learn about Polish history. In September we organize optional weekend trips to Gdansk and Krakow.

Rzeszow Castle -one of the main landmarks of Rzeszów rebuilt between 1902-1906, located on the former grounds of the castle of the House of Lubomirski. The castle located between Aleja Pod Kasztanami and Aleja Lubomirski, Chopin Street, Śreniawitów Square and Colonel Lis-Kula Street. Currently the castle houses the seat of the provincial court, the building housed a prison up until 1981.

Rzeszów Town Hall - built in 1591

Łańcut Castle is a complex of historical buildings located in Łańcut, Poland. Historically the residence of the Pilecki, Lubomirski and Potocki families, the complex includes a number of buildings and is surrounded by a park. In the second half of the 14th century, the land was the property of the Toporczyk family, who built a wooden castle on the hill. In the 16th century the castle belonged to Stadnicki family. Since the 17th century the property was in the hands of the Lubomirski family, and then the Potocki family until 1944.

Bieszczady is a mountain range that runs from the extreme south-east of Poland through Ukraine  and Slovakia. It forms the western part of the Eastern Beskids (Beskidy Wschodnie), and is more generally part of the Outer Eastern Carpathians. The mountain range is situated between the Łupków Pass (640 m) and the Vyshkovskyi Pass (933 m). It's 2 hours away from Rzeszow but it's worth to see.