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Quito, Ecuador´s capital and one of the oldest capitals in South America, is pure culture, art, history and fun. Quito, city that beautifully combines antique and modern era, will outstrip your expectations. It is located at 2 850 mts high on the Andes mountains, VERY HIGH! With this altitude you can imagine the amount of mountains, volcanoes and the fantastic view you will have from this places. Quito was declared World Cultural Heritage Site in 1978 by UNESCO, achievement we are very proud to keep. Our Historic center is one of the least-altered and best-preserved historic centers of Latin America.


Universidad UTE

Our university was founded in 1971 as the Instituto Tecnológico Equinoccial, and it was officially named Universidad Tecnológica Equinoccial in 1982. At 2018 the name was changed to Universidad UTE. The Health Sciences Faculty is located in a big campus, in the north of the city, in a modern building with excellent simulation labs and equipment. The methodology that our faculty uses is called Aprendizaje Basado en Problemas (Problem-based learning) were we weekly analyze different pre-clinical or clinical cases and study based on the identified problems of the patients. 

The hospitals that our university works with are Carlos Andrade Marin Hospital, Eugenio Espejo Hospital, Enrique Garcés Hospital, which are public hospitals. Some other hospitals are the Hospital Militar and Hospital de la Policia. The student’s role during the rotations in the hospitals depends on the tutors department and the tasks the tutor wants the student to fulfill.

Mostly it depends on the way the student wants to participate and how he manages the interaction in his area. It is important to keep very active and collaborative during the rotation! Definitely specialty hospitals such as the ones of the public service give the student the perfect opportunity to learn about our public health system and about the department of choice.

Center for Biomedical Research (CENBIO):

  • Intestinal microbiota and its association with human behavior, particularly with autism.
  • Investigations in different areas such as infectious diseases (leishmaniasis, dengue, chikungunya, zika, helicobacter pylori) and metabolic diseases.

Genetic and Genomic Investigation Center (CIGG):

  • Ecuadorian population genetic origins

Cochrane Center


The assigned host family will pick you up and drop you off at the airport.

2 meals per day


Host families of students that are part of AEMPPI ECUADOR


You can use public transport to go practically anywhere inside the city. Buses have a cheap fare of 25 cents; the principal buses that cross the city north to south are trolley bus and “Ecovía”, they also have a 25 cents fare. Yellow taxis are also relatively cheap with a minimum fare of 1.5 dollar and a bit more (2 dollar) at nights.  You can also call an Uber driver. (Recommendation) If possible your host family will be able to take you to the hospital, but remember they also have their own things to do, so try to be flexible and self-sufficient.

Social programs include a tour around the city Historical Center visiting the principal churches, plazas and having a lunch at a typical food restaurant. Other social program choice can be a tour around the Middle of the World Monument located at the north of Quito.

Quito´s Teleférico is the highest of South America from its starting point standing at 2 950 meters above mean sea level until it´s furthest point at 4 050 m.a.m.s.l. It is really close to Pichincha Volcano. From this place you shall have an amazing view of the city and also take a hike into different routes where you can enjoy with the nature of the environment. At the Teleférico there is also an amusement park “Vulcano Park” with nice activities to practice at a reasonable price.

La Ronda Street

A very unique and colonial street, full with culture and tradition. A place where you can enjoy traditional food and have a wonderful experience at the capital´s most famous street.

Mercado Artesanal Otavalo

A large and beautiful market where you can find handicrafts made by indigene people from the city of Otavalo that is close to Quito.

Laguna Quilotoa

One of the most attractive natural experiences of the country. Quilotoa is a lagoon close to Latacunga city (2 hour drive from Quito) where you can have a fascinating hike to the shore of the lagoon that is inside an old crater of a volcano. Definitely a must see place of the country! 


The Basilica, with its gothic style is one of the most beautiful churches in Quito. Next to it, there is a small private chapel where the leaders of the Order and seminarians gather to pray. At the entrance to the Basilica a stunning gold-leaf frame and a painting of the Corazón de Jesús, Sacred Heart, called the attention of visitors. A curious style of painting decoration shows the concept that people had in that time about the state and religion. Inside you can climb the two towers of the church to get an spectacular view of the city.


Quito Botanical Garden is a wonderful way to spend an hour or two. It features plants from all ecological regions of Ecuador and is laid out by ecological region. It features 2 green houses devoted to orchids native to our country, a beautiful pond, an ethnobotony exhibit and a nice spot to get coffee and a bite to eat.

So if you have any interest in plants or would just like to have a nice stroll in a lovely leafy location with giant tree ferns, colorful flowers and a babbling brook running through it, this is an excellent place for visit


Mindo is a small town located to the north west of Quito. This is surrounded by the Mindo-Nambillo Cloud Forest; the forest is home to hundreds of species of birds, many of which are in danger of extinction. The town has many activities that their visitors can make like bird watching, explore many waterfalls and rivers, visit butterfly farms and make many extreme sports.