France (ANEMF) - Reims
All departments after the approval of our heads of department
February, March, July
One meal per day of clerkship, at the University Restaurant for lunch
Student's flat

French is mandatory
Skype interview might be use in order to confirm the French level.
All the other EC asked by ANEMF must be respected.
Hugo Artigue
Arthur GIS
Loic Papail
Emilie Guicheteau

There are 4 different hospitals which gathers various departments :
- Robert Debré Hospital ("Hopital Robert Debré" including various surgical and medical)
- Maison Blanche Hospital ("Hopital Maison Blanche" including various surgical and medical specialties)
- American Memorial Hospital ("Hôpital Americain" including all Paediatric
- Jean Godinot Institute ("Institut Jean Godinot" including Cancerology, Radiotherapy)


Few projects are created for our first year !

SCORE has been developed this year and cannot wait to welcome some Incomings !

Most of the research projects will be in our hospitals.


One meal is offered by the LC normally at the University Restaurant next to the various hospitals.
The LC might help the student in order to pay for the dinner.


French Outgoings need to welcome you in their flat normally next to the city center or the hospital.
Two situations may appear:
- You might share the flat with the student if you are coming in February and/or March
- You might have the flat for your own because some of them are in exchange during the summer if you are coming in July

If the OG is not able to welcome you, the LC will find a solution to welcome you in a safe place easily accessible by Bus or Tramway.


Reims is well-developed in terms of transport.
The LC is providing you an unlimited transport card for a month in your welcome pack. This card can be used for the bus or tramway, on every trip including the weekend.

In order to go to your internship, Reims proposes several buses (Line 4 et 7) and tramways (Line A).
Here is some information if you decide to take the bus/tramway from the Train Station: REIMS GARE CENTRE
To go to the four hospitals by Tramway :
Line A - Terminus REIMS Hôpital Debré, STOP : REIMS Hôpital
To go to Jean Godinot Institute of Cancer and Robert Debre's Hospital by Bus :
Line 4 - Terminus Hôpital Debré - Colomb, STOP : Koenig
Line 7 - Terminus Apollinaire, STOP : Koenig REIMS
To go to American Memorial Hospital and Maison Blanche Hospital 
Line 4 - Terminus Hôpital Debré - Colomb, STOP : MAISON BLANCHE
Line 7 - Terminus Apollinaire, STOP : MAISON BLANCHE REIMS 
You can find further information on CITURA's website :



Thanks to its long history and proximity to Paris, Reims is the place to be ! 

Our Social Program is based on what we are the proudest of : 
- Our cultural patrimony with our magnificent Cathedral where all our kings were sacred
- Our UNESCO Heritage sites
- Our vineyard and champagne making our region well known at world scale

A lot of activities are prepared for you if you come to Reims such as: 
- Visit of the city and its most important monuments (Cathedral, museums, Royal Place...)
- Champagne tasting and visit of the cellars
- Visit of the vineyards and most beautiful landscapes

Thanks to our proximity to Paris and Marne la Vallée :

- A complete weekend is proposed to every Incoming in Paris with some visits in link with some Parisians ICs and LEOs (40 mins by train and 1h20 by car from Reims)
- A day in Disneyland World Paris (40 min away by car from Reims)

Other activities are proposed to our IC but not planned by the LC : 
- Visit of some WWI museums and sites
- Some Tree Parks and magnificent green areas

An NFDP (with a lot of champagne don't worry) is prepared at the beginning of your exchange in order to make you know each other and in order to give you some advice for the best month of your life!
For this party, it would be really great if every IC tries to bring some national specialties to share!

A goodbye party is also prepared at the end of the trip in order to talk about your experiment and share the last moment before you leave

There are so many more things to discover... Reims is clearly the new Paris!


As it was developed in the Social Program, Reims is the place to come if you are interested in our history (French kings coronation, WW1, WW2....)

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the things to see in Reims:
WW1 memorial sites
UNESCO Heritage sites (including our magnificent cathedral and its museum but also the )
Champagne cellars
City center
Vineyards and beautiful landscapes.....


There is no direct airport in Reims.
The easiest thing to do is taking a plane to some Parisian airports or train stations.
We have plenty of trains, buses, and carpools planned every day to come to Reims.
Reims is a big city of tourism in development.

We cannot wait to show you our little jewel of beauty and history!