Peru (IFMSA Peru) - Piura: SOCIEM UPAO Piura
January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December
Internal Medicine, Neurology, Oncology, Pediatrics, Cardiology
Two meals per day
Host family

Only clinical students after basic rotation, for SCOPE only

HepB antibodies

All specialities necessarily require that the incoming speaks Spanish at least at a basic or intermidiate level
Alonso Burneo Seminario

The city has a lot of typical plates. Very tasty like ceviche (best of Peru) and ronda criolla, among others. Young people here have a lot of night life. After a well academic day there comes a fun night. People from our town in general are very sociable and welcoming, especially the young ones. Department of Piura has 8 provinces, whethear could be cold or warm and we have a beach and mountains. The beach is only 1 hours from the city and the mountains 3 hours away. Ecuador is also 2 hours close and Lambayeque another 3 hours.


Private University of Antenor Orrego (UPAO), which is located at the city of piura, belongs to University of Trujillo, and the doctors who teaches us, they work at the Hospital “Jose Cayetano Heredia”. This is the biggest in Piura and its in charge of all the region, besides it also belongs to Seguro Social. On the other hand we got the Santa Rosa Hospital, which was built with South Korea´s support along with Peru´s government, it also belongs to the Ministerio de Salud de Peru.

Both Jose Cayetano Heredia and Santa Rosa hospitals are surrounded by places to eat. The Cayetano is only 5 min away from shopping center Open Plaza. For both of them it is only 15 min to get to them.

There is all kind of food spread out everywhere aroung the city. Buy you must know that the family host will provide 2 meals. Depending where you go, you might find food for maybe $2.5 dollars for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Where, how often. If pocket money then some suggestion where you can eat (not all the restaurants in town but maybe address of some student’s canteen). You will find them near the hospitals, for example, there are Open Plaza, Real Plaza, Plaza del Sol and Plaza de la Luna. Dowtown and all around the city in general its easy to find them.

The dormitory comes with privacy and it has basic services, including wi-fi. It is an students house and two meals are included at least. Is near by the hospital you will attend


All places are near by. There are 3 options to move around the city. The safest is bus, then taxi and the last one is moto taxi. Approximately 20 min by bus and it is $0.50 dollars.

Taxi will be 8 minutes, and it will cost you $3.5 dollars. And finally, moto taxi will be moto taxi 15 minutes, and you may pay about $1.5 dollars.


In a month we currently have many different activities as visiting museums, paintball, restaurants campestres, going to the movies and clubs. Also we go to the beach and the mountains and some other touristic places. Some of the field trips will be a day at least and we can join a social program that brings together all students that come to Peru.


-Beaches: Mancora y Cabo blanco to surf, Punta Sal, el Ñuro (swim with turtles).

-“Catacaos” known as gastronomic capital and silver filigree jewels (15 minutes from the city)

-“Aypate” its an arquelogical city in preinca in Ayabaca. (5 hours from the city)

-“Huaringas” (lagoons) in Huancabamba (6 hours from the city)

-“Canchaque” known as "Swiss- Peruvian" with beautiful places, good wheater and cofee. (3 hours from the city)

-“La encantada” is the artisan village in Chulucanas (1 hour from Piura)

-In the city you can find typical:chifles "Oleachea", la natilla de "La españolita", ceviche, cocktail de algarrobina,  el frito los domingos.

Dances: tondero de Piura and Marinera Norteña.

Museums: Casa de Miguel de Grau knows as "el caballero de los mares" a peruan hero.