Peru (IFMSA Peru) - Piura (SOCIEM UPAO Piura)
April, May, June, July, August, September, October
Internal Medicine, Neurology, Pediatrics, Emergency Medicine, Dermatology, Internal Medicine-Rheumatology, Paediatrics-Surgery
Two meals per day
Host family

Only clinical students after basic rotation, for SCOPE only

HepB antibodies, SARS-COV-2 Test

All specialities necessarily require that the incoming speaks Spanish at least at a basic or intermidiate level , , ,
Alonso Burneo Seminario

Piura is a department at the northwest of Peru. Standing next to the north-westerly coast of Peru and alongside the Sechura Desert, Piura is a relatively isolated city and characterised by its hot summers, narrow cobblestone alleys and neighbouring beaches. Despite its desert setting, Piura has irrigated much of the land and now enjoys a thriving agricultural industry, with crops including both cotton and rice. Piura is politically divided in 8 provinces and 64 districts. Piura Department has a desert and semi-desert climate on the coast and the western slopes of the Andes, whereas on the eastern slopes the climate is subtropical.

SOCIEM UPAO Piura, is an autonomous organization constituted by students of Medicine of Universidad Privada Antenor Orrego. It was founded on January 2, 2016, being its general purpose, implement mechanisms to raise the scientific and academic level of medical students in Piura, promoting research in the area of ​​health with projection to the community welfare and student exchanges.


The UPAO, Universidad Privada Antenor Orrego  is an academic institution of the highest scientific, technological and humanistic level, which seeks to cooperate with the collective efforts of the country and the region, as well as participate in achieving the development objectives that Peru deserves. It was founded in 1988.

Jose Cayetano Heredia Hospital, has more than 50 years of operation, is the largest hospital in this region, consists of the best health professionals in Piura, has a modern infrastructure that makes it one of the most important in the north of the country.


Piura has a very varied gastronomy, with the most exquisite dishes in the entire northern region, also with restaurants for all tastes.

 We have the following restaurants:


  • El Caracol Azul

Piura 20007 – Piura

  • Restaurante “Don Renato”

Urbanization the Educators Mz A Lote 24, Piura 20009

  • Noches de Fuego/Costa y Selva

Main Street 66, Piura 20009

  • LimaBurger

Urbanization Saint Margarita Manzana A lote 10


Street The Gardenias Mz G Lot 7 Urb, Piura

  • El Chalan

Tacna Street 520 – 526 – Piura

  • EL Nuevo Ajicito

Mz. B lote 5 – La Providencia – Piura


The room offered to incoming includes basic services such as water, electricity and additional services such as Wi-Fi. For laundry, the house has a washing machine. The bedroom is for the exclusive use of the student and sheets are not necessary.

The family will offer the best conditions for incoming so that your exchange is pleasant and you feel at home including two foods per day.


In general, the different places in Piura city are very close and cheap.  If you want to move yourself around the city you can take a first option by bus, the second possibility could be a taxi or mototaxi.

Round-trip average spending:

Bus                          US$  1      (average time: 20 minutes)

Taxi                         US$  3,5        (average time: 7 minutes)

Mototaxi                US$ 1,5         (average time: 7 minutes)


They are activities that allow them to learn about our gastronomy and tourist attractions, the friendliness of our people, all this for a good cultural exchange that allows them to learn a lot about our beautiful culture.


-Beaches: Mancora y Cabo blanco to surf, Punta Sal, el Ñuro (swim with turtles).

-“Catacaos” known as gastronomic capital and silver filigree jewels (15 minutes from the city)

-“Aypate” its an arquelogical city in preinca in Ayabaca. (5 hours from the city)

-“Huaringas” (lagoons) in Huancabamba (6 hours from the city)

-“Canchaque” known as "Swiss- Peruvian" with beautiful places, good wheater and cofee. (3 hours from the city)

-“La encantada” is the artisan village in Chulucanas (1 hour from Piura)

-In the city you can find typical:chifles "Oleachea", la natilla de "La españolita", ceviche, cocktail de algarrobina,  el frito los domingos.

Dances: tondero de Piura and Marinera Norteña.

Museums: Casa de Miguel de Grau knows as "el caballero de los mares" a peruan hero.


Most important places to see in the town and around the town.


Surrounded by tamarind plants that were brought from the Yapatera estate and sowed from 1870 onwards. Located in the centre of the plaza is the "Pola," a marble statue representing freedom that was donated by President José Balta around 1870.


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With warm waters and excellent sun, this spa is considered one of the most important on the Peruvian coast. Its waves stand out, perfect for surfing and bodyboarding.

In addition to the beaches, the visitor can buy local handicrafts made with marine products, in the artisanal walk of the town of Máncora.


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Vichayito is a beach north of Piura, Peru. It is at a distance of 9.7 kilometers from the beaches of Máncora, on the North Pan-American Highway, with a southwesterly direction is the entrance to Vichayito Beach. South of Vichayito is Los Órganos approximately 3.5 km. Characterized by tranquility, this due to being an exclusive beach in Los Órganos


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Catacaos brings together excellent craftsmen dedicated to the elaboration of silver and gold filigree; straw fabrics for hats; and basketry works. Its cuisine is also remarkable and its flavor is a reference to taste the best of the cuisine of Piura.

On Comercio Street, one of the main arteries of the district of Catacaos, there are the majority of craft shops.

In addition, you can visit the San Juan Bautista church and the Jewelery Technological Innovation Center, where prominent goldsmiths perform a demonstration of fine silver filigree pieces.


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La Huaca de Narihualá is an archaeological complex located in the department of Piura. Historically it can be said that it constituted the main settlement of Los Tallanes, with the political-administrative center whose most significant evidence is the Huaca de Narihuala.


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Located 23 kms south of Máncora, this beautiful beach is the natural continuation of the Los Órganos spa (7 kms).

Also known as "Caleta El Ñuro", this small fishing town of no more than a thousand inhabitants, enjoys a spectacular beach, where the coastal desert adheres to the turquoise sea in beautiful shapes and colors.

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10 minutes from the province of Morropón, the magical Caracucho Waterfall is located, a perfect destination to share time with family, friends or partner. This waterfall is one of the most visited by the locals, as its beauty and natural environment make this a destination to relax and get out of the stress of the city. In addition, this is an economic trip and perfect to spend a quiet weekend in the middle of nature.
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