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Student Dorms
Two meals per day from the College’s Cafeteria
The exchnage conditions is the same as the general EC (LC Institute)
Narjis Al Sheala

We welcome you in the city of Sohar, a historical Capital of Oman, and one of its oldest ports! Sohar is a peaceful costal city just 200 km away from the Capital City of Muscat, which is also the birthplace of the legendary mythical sailor: The Sinbad! Re-emerging as the new Industrial Hub of Oman, Sohar is a growing city connecting history to modern day, welcoming multicultural interactions with its generous and warm-hearted people. It is home to the country’s second medical school that hosts students from various nationalities, and a Hospital that covers a population of roughly 721,000 people. Our LC currently accepts exchange students in the Summer Months, but despite the hot climate in Oman, Sohar maintains its weather on the cooler side of the scale compared to most areas of the country. With a dedicated team, we welcome you again and are looking forward to have you here!


The home institute of our LC is Oman Medical College, the 2nd Medical school in the country. It is in Academic Affiliation with West Virginia University School of Medicine, USA. The affiliated Hospital at which clinical Training takes place is Sohar Hospital, a Secondary Care Hospital serving as the Regional Hospital and covering a population of roughly 721,000 people.

All incomings will be provided with accommodations in the College’s Lodgings; the female students in the Girls Hostels (On-Campus/Off-Campus) , and the male students in the Guys Hostel (Off-Campus)/Nearby Hotel. All Off-Campus Accommodations and the Hotel (if required) are just across the road of the College and the Hospital
From Dorm to Hospital and to national social program

The College and Hospital are both a walking distance away from the Off-Campus Lodgings. Despite that, the LC will provide daily transportation from the College to the Hospital and back. Incomings will be notified about the exact timings and details upon arrival.

For other needs, transportation will be always provided by the LC. Our team will always be available to provide support as best as they can in-case of any additional transportation needs.



Our SCOPE team offers a range of social program for our incoming students:From ravishing markets called "Souqs" where one can find authentic omani products to the beaches along the coastline where one can have great swim and sun bathe or just watch the turtles at beautiful turtle beach. Another program sees the student going to the mountain ranges or visiting numerous forts around the country. One program takes to the student to the Golden sands of Al Wahiba Desert. These are just the weekends program, on weekdays one gets the chance to go around the City of the Sindbad, getting to know the different food and cultures seen in Oman. There is a lot to do in Oman in just one month making one not think of the word bored!

The following link shows part of the social program that you will experience, as prepared by the NMO’s Excahnge Team:

Watch "IFMSA SCOPE / SCORE Exchange - Sultanate Of Oman" on YouTube - IFMSA SCOPE / SCORE Exchange - Sultanate Of Oman:


Sultan Qaboos Mosque – Sohar

Sohar Fort

“The Chocolate Mountain” at Wadi Al-Hilti

Camel Racing Track

Breathtaking Cruises through the Gulf of Oman

Traditional Omani Marine Exhibitions
There will be National Social Programs.