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July, August
One lunch per working day
No specific ECs
Jagoda Galuszewska
Kielce is a thousand years old city located in the central part of Poland – in the heart of the oldest European mountains, which feature in a local legend about witches' sabbaths. Still some people claim that everyday at noon, a local witch "Baba Jaga" frightens the disobedient incomings (wanna try?).
Apart from picturesque landscapes, the city offers many cultural and popular events, where you can find lots of Polish delicacies and souvenirs. Moreover, the whole city is surrounded by ponds and lakes - it’s a great option to spend your day catching the sun and later meet at lovely Kielce Main Square. Now you know - you can’t find a better place to spend your summer in!


Jan Kochanowski University in Kielce - is one of the most innovative and progressive universities in Poland. The university is a fully independent scientific and educational higher learning center with rich tradition, dating back to almost half a century. The clinical hospital providing clerkship opportunities for incomings is Provincial Polyclinical Hospital in Kielce.

Current list of research projects available in this LC can be found at IFMSA.org “Research Projects” database.
One lunch per working day (Monday-Friday)

- single, double or triple room in the dormitory 
- each 2 rooms have access to seperate bathroom
- there is a kitchen available on every floor


Getting to Kielce:
The easiest way to get to Kielce is taking a flight to Cracow and then a direct train from Cracow to Kielce (1.5 h journey, the ticket costs 30 PLN, there’s no discount applicable for foreign students).
Getting around Kielce:
To move around the town you can use buses. The normal ticket costs 3 PLN, whereas the reduced ticket (available upon presenting the ISIC Student Card) costs 1.5 PLN
Travelling in Poland:
One of the cheapest and most popular transport options in Poland. You can either book a journey via the website: http://rozklad-pkp.pl/en or buy a ticket directly at the train station. Attention! Foreign students (also those equipped with an ISIC card) don’t get discounts for train tickets (if you buy a reduced ticket, you may be issued with penalty).
2. BUS
A very cheap coach carrier requiring booking in advance (the earlier you book, the cheaper the fare). You can purchase the ticket via their website (www.flixbus.pl). Flixbus operates not only national routes, but also reaches some foreign cities e.g. Berlin, Budapest, Prague, Vienna.
It might sound funny, but sometimes it’s cheaper and more convenient to use domestic flights instead of train or bus. If you happen to buy a cut-price ticket, you can get it even for 10-20 zl. Some of the available connections involve Cracow-Gdansk, Warsaw-Szczecin or Warsaw-Wroclaw
4. JAKDOJADE: public transport
The most convenient phone app to use for searching the public transport connections within over 40 Polish cities. Available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone


Since Kielce is a brand-new LC, we are planning the best social program in Poland. It takes place everyday in the week, so you won't be bored! You can't miss it. Local social program may include activities ranging from partying through escape rooms, paintball, bowling to sightseeing or visiting museums 
National Food & Drink Party - a typical integration reception which is about sharing traditional meals from our home countries. You will have an opportunity to taste some typical Polish dishes, such as dumplings (pierogi), sauerkraut with mushrooms (bigos), gingerbread (piernik) and cheesecake (sernik), as well as the meals prepared by exchange students from other countries
NICE Project - a great way to discover different parts of Poland. On summer weekends you will have an opportunity to take part in trips to the most popular Polish cities. It’s a good occasion to visit the most beautiful monuments and buildings and learn about Polish history
The incomings have a possibility to participate in various educational activities delivered within the scope of Med-Ex. The opportunities include surgical skills workshops, BLS and ALS trainings, ultrasonography and electrocardiography crash course, as well as dealing with real-life medical scenarios in simulation centres.


Palace of Cracow bishops - the magnificent palace is the symbol of Kielce, formerly serving the Cracow bishops. Built in the years 1637-1641, right now is one of the the most interesting residences in Poland. Today it serves as a museum facility that boasts interesting collections of Polish painting.
Kadzielnia Reserve - this place is a great treat for nature lovers, because of the interesting species of spiders and bats, for whom the local caves have become an ideal place. Kadzielnia Reserve is also famous from its interesting vegetation, with limestone species leading the way here.
Cave "Paradise" - a karst cave being one of the most famous tourist attractions of the Holy Cross Mountain.
Sienkiewicza Street - the main commercial and historic artery of the city of Kielce. Shops and department stores are located there, as well as historic buildings and monuments. The main attractions (e.g. Rynek - the main square of the city) are readily accessible.
And way more! We are going to guide you to all these places during our daily social program.