Brazil (IFMSA Brazil) - Uba/ MG - Faculdade Governador Ozanam Coelho (FAGOC)
June/2018, January/2019, February/2019, March/2019
host residence or student flat
host residence or student flat
Semiology must be concluded before the exchange period.
Don't forget your white coat and your stethoscope.

Ubá is a municipality in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil. It is considered the main furniture pole of the state. Besides the furniture, the municipality is recognized nationally by the species of mango that takes its name. Ubá is the economic center of its micro-region and nearby microregions, serving as a sub-regional level A center. In the past, Ubá was a major producer and distributor of tobacco, a plant that adorns the municipal flag. Today, it concentrates medium and large industries, mainly of furniture and confections, an abundant and varied commerce, besides presenting a strong growth in the service rendering. It is one of the fastest growing municipalities in the interior of the state, being, therefore, one of the ones that create the most companies and generate jobs. The city is also a cultural and technical training center and subregional superior, having important institutions of higher education.

A mid-sized city that still preserves its small-town roots and dreams of being a big city.

Governor Ozanam Coelho Faculty (Fagoc) was founded on September 13, 1999 with the mission of actively participating in local and regional growth and development through the offer of higher education courses in areas of great market performance. Fagoc is an institution that believes in the transformative power of education and therefore invests constantly in actions that promote the quality of its courses. It also has a modern infrastructure; laboratories equipped with what is most current in the market; large rooms, air conditioned and equipped; faculty formed mostly by masters and doctors; and physical and virtual library, with a variety of titles to assist the training process of its students. Currently, Fagoc offers courses in Health, Human and Exact areas focused on business, technology, science, communication, education, health and wellness. It is worth mentioning that all courses are duly authorized by the Ministry of Education (MEC). In addition to these, Fagoc also offers extension and postgraduate courses, reinforcing its attention to continuing education. Its pedagogical proposal is identified with the broadest concept of education coupled with the guidelines that establish an effective educational action.

Note: A college also has scientific magazines, which enables publications of students from all over Brazil.

The city has the following hospitals:

  • Hospital Santa Isabel
  • Hospital São Vicente de Paulo 
  • Hospital Regional da FHEMIG - Colônia Padre Damião
  • Hospital São Januário

The medical course has a partnership with the following:

  • Hospital Santa Isabel
  • Hospital São Vicente de Paulo

Currently, the exchange student can attend the following:

  • Hospital São Vicente de Paulo

The Nefrology Service is in the Hospital São Vicente de Paulo, which count with more than 54 doctors in about 10 specialties, with a large structure and a large number of professionals from other areas, providing a wide range of clinical experience.

In addition, it finds an Uba and another 16 neighboring cities, a hemodialysis service, which serves patients with renal failure throughout the comorbidity system, can be visited by the exchange student while knowing the infrastructure and even when he familiar with the environment. It is also an opportunity to see how SUS (Unified Health System) works in reality and learn to deal with people of different classes and diseases.


No one yet, but FAGOC has an ethics and research committee of its own and an animal research center is among the college's plans. (It's really exciting for those who like search!). 

The exchange student will be entitled to at least 3 meals a day given by the host, but he can cook or buy something to eat when he wants, the priority is to feel at home. 
Of course, the IFMSA Brazil, committee Ubá,  and the host can give him a suggestion where to buy some good food.
Note: Be sure to try the Ubá mango, the sweet milk and cheese bread from Minas Gerais and a local soda called Abacatinho and other local foods. Also, of course, the typical Brazilian cuisine.



The conditions of the residence depends on who will receive the exchange student, but we guarantee the good Brazilian hospitality and the availability of the committee to answer any questions and solve problems on this matter.

In general it will be a student republic, hostel or family house.


The IFMSA Brazil staff at Ubá will arrange transportation from the bus station to the lodging location. The one who will receive the exchange student will provide information about means of transport so that it arrives at its destination without problems, being able to help him to arrive at the Hospital or another place that wishes to go.


Ubá has a large number of bars and places of good food and live music that accept diverse musical tastes. Many are perfect for those who want to know the rhythms that make success in Brazil (like Funk and the University Country). Besides having nightclubs, for those who like the party.

Any of these schedules can be combined with the host or someone from IFMSA Brazil - Ubá, who will be happy to accompany the exchange student.

In addition, the exchange student may be invited to participate in any cultural or festive event that occurs on the date of the exchange, with a medical theme or not.

Note: It is emphasized that host or IFMSA Brazil will not pay for any expenses of exchange students in social programs.


São Januário Square;
 Local fair (with products from small producers);
 São José Gymnasium;
 Train station disabled.
Nossa Senhora do Rosário Church
São Januário Parish
Antônio Sales de Carvalho Museum and other little and beautiful places in the city or around it.

Note: Regardless of religion, the architecture and art of churches deserve a visit, just for curiosity :D


The tropical climate of Ubá presents rains during the summer and average annual temperatures between 18.2 ° C and 31 ° C. It is considered the hottest city in the Zona da Mata Mineira, so do not forget your summer clothes and sunscreen.

There will be 2 vacancies in every month described above.