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One meal per day offered by the host.
Student's house or host families.
General Surgery, Anesthesiology, Gynecology and Obstetrics, Neonatology and Internal Medicine departaments ONLY accept students from 5th and 6th year.
To be accepted on Internal Medicine departments the student need to have a basic knowledge
Florianópolis is the capital of Santa Catarina state in the southern portion of Brazil. The town is divided in two portions: the continent and the island, both connectes by Pedro Ivo Campos Bridge. 
Most of the town's tourism attractions reside in it's island portion. The main attractions consist of 42 paradisiac beaches, places to hike, bars, nightclubs and commerce in the downtown area.
The town is famous for it's high quality of life and safety by Brazilian standards, being the Brazilian capital city with the highest Human Development Index score. . Because of the strong tourism , people are usually very receptive and willing to help.
The maximum temperatures of the hottest month varies from 25 °C (77 °F) to 40 °C (104 °F) and the minimum temperatures are from 6 °C (43 °F) to 11 °C (52 °F).
Since 1960, the Federal University of  Santa Catarina (UFSC) has been participating in the economic, social, political and cultural development of the State and of the country. Throughout this period, it has been working on preparing students to become highly skilled professionals, thus contributing to scientific progress and establishing itself as a niche of excellence, and being ranked as one of the best centers for higher education in Brazil. Today, besides the investments made on new facilities and on increasing the offers for admission and the range of programs offered at the campus of Florianópolis, UFSC can already see results of its expansion in the state through the campi of Joinville, Curitibanos and Araranguá, where the focus is on meeting the local and regional needs and demands.
Opened in 1980, the University Hospital Polydoro Ernani de São Thiago is the only fully public hospital of Santa Catarina. It was designed in the perspective of the triad of education, research and extension. It serves the local community, the State of Santa Catarina, Florianópolis, tourists and visitors, without distinction. The hospital’s team works intensively on the philosophy of humanist care. The primary care clinic was consolidated, allowing the University Hospital to consolidate four basic areas: internal medicine, surgery, pediatrics and gynecology and obstetrics, and later the obstetric center and neonatal units. The busiest place of the University Hospital is its 24-hour emergency service that reaches an average of 400 patients per day. There is a great demand of the population that sees the center as a free public service of high level of technical competence and humane care. The University Hospital is also state reference in complex pathologies and it has a high demand in the area of cancer and major surgery, in various specialties. In addition, strong researches are developed by its team, like tests on the efficacy of the vaccine against HPV (human papilloma virus).
One meal (breakfast, lunch or dinner) a day is provided for bilateral clerkships. It’s the host’s decision to pay a meal out for the incoming (usually at the University Restaurant) or make it at home. Food for other meals must be bought by students at a local supermarket or grocery store, at his/ her expense.
The exchange student will be hosted by a student, who may or may not live with family or other students. The host usually lives near the university, the place of internship or somewhere easy to catch a bus to your internship place, everything for comfort and convenience of the exchange student.  
International airport
Florianopolis is served by Hercilio Luz International Airport for both domestic
and international flights. It is one of the leading airports in Brazil for charter
flights, especially during the summer months and from destinations such as
Santiago de Chile, Buenos Aires and Cordoba, besides domestic routes.
Bus terminal (connecting to other cities)
Rita Maria is the city main bus terminal, located by the Pedro Ivo Campos
Bridge, on the island, serving ten thousand people daily, which can reach up to
fifteen thousand during the summer season. The bus terminal connects
Florianópolis to most cities, towns and villages of Santa Catarina, and to the
main cities in the South, Southeast and Central-West regions of Brazil. As an
international bus terminal, residents and tourists alike use Rita Maria also to
reach Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and Chile.
Bus terminal (within the city)
Numerous bus terminals link the neighborhoods of Florianopolis, and throught
the Integration System is possible cross the city with just one pass of the bus (
which coust just R$3,90). In addition, Florianopolis will have an app soon, called
“Floripa no ponto”. Throught this app will possible to know routes, time and
forecast displacement of the bus lines. All thing in English or Spanish. Meet
some bus terminal:
 TICAN (Canasvieras) serves the northern beach towns on the island
 TISAN (Santo Antonio de Lisboa) serves the northwestern part of the
 TICEN (Centro) is in the downtown area and has the most bus traffic. It
serves all areas of the island and the mainland
 TITRI (Trindade) is a connector in the northern area around downtown
serving the west coast of the island
 TILAG (Lagoa) is a terminal that connects users to the eastern beach
areas and the district of Lagoa da Conceicao
 TIRIO (Rio Tavares) connects users to the southern area of the island.
Other car services
Florianopolis have too services car that help in transportation like Taxi services
and a lot of apps for smartphone like UBER, 99taxi and Blablacar – a ride
service that a lot of university students use for travel for neighbor citys.
Pedala Floripa project is a University pro bicycle program developed by
CICLOBRASIL group in the State University of Santa Catarina. The project
aims to provide bicycle infra-structure projects and promote bicycle use for
leisure and transport in the city.
Brasilia: 1,673 kilometres ;
Rio de Janeiro: 1,145 kilometres ;
São Paulo: 700 kilometres ;
Porto Alegre: 466 kilometres ;
Curitiba: 300 kilometres ;
Montevideo: 1,253 kilometres ;
Asunción: 1,264 kilometres ;
Buenos Aires: 1,753 kilometres.
If you don’t know what to do on weekends or days off, or just want to have some good
moments between one appointment and other here we have some good places to go to
enjoy what this wonderful city of Florianópolis (kindly called Floripa or Island of Magic) can
The Public Market of Florianópolis is one of the most famous tourist site known as historic,
artistic, architectural and cultural heritage. Located at downtown (historic center) of the
island part of Florianópolis, it was a place where fishermans and colonists could sell their
products. Today, it is still a place, where you can buy fresh sea products, but it is also a
place where you can have some typical dishes such as “sequência de camarão” (sequence
of shrimps), where there are differents ways to prepare it: milanese shrimp, made with garlic
and oil, “casquinha de siri” (a paste made of shrimp served on shell) or served as a sauce
eat with fried fish. Also, you can buy souvenirs from Florianópolis, some handmade, on the
various stores around the Market.
Near the Market, you can visit the Historic Museum of Santa Catarina, also known as Cruz e
Souza’s Palace as a tribute to this famous poetry from the state, where you can see ancient
architecture of what previously (until 1984) was the headquarters of the government of the
state of Santa Catarina.
The Pannacotta Bake Shop is a wonderful bakery at the district of Córrego Grande, near the
State University of Santa Catarina. It is a good to stop by with friends and have a good time
eating delicious desserts such as cakes, tarts, cupcakes, brigadeiros and macarons. And if
you don’t mind going to the continent, there is an amazing confectionery called Dona Fulana
at the district of Coqueiros.While eating some of delicious cakes or pies you can enjoy the
amazing view of the bay! After that you can walk in one of the sea shore streets,
appreciating the sun, the refreshing wind from the sea and the wonderful sight of the sea.
Also, near the university, there is a gourmet sandwich store called Berinjela Gourmet
Sandwich. It is inside the Max Flora Mall, district of Trindade, and it’s owner is an irish whose
sandwiches are one of the best you have ever eaten!
If you’re more like of an outgoing and “night” person, you won’t be disappointed with
Floripa’s clubs and parties! There are a lot of good and fun places where you can go to
dance, have some drinks and listen to some good brazilian, latin, american or foreign music.
1007, Treze and Blues Velvet are three famous clubs in the island, which throw different and
themed parties every weekend. Depending on the parties, you can choose to go to a party to
listen to brazilian funk, or to another one to listen to the best jams of the 2000’s (Britney
Spears’s “Toxic” included!) or even to another one to dance some reggaeton. There are
always a lot of options and you won’t be bored!
But if you’re more in an adventure mood, you can always do some sandboarding in the
Joaquinas’ Beach huge sand dunes (and enjoy the beach right after it, since it’s really close
and the beach is also beautiful) or do some hiking trails. Florianópolis is widely known as a
city related to nature and to the beaches, so it has around 15 different trails. The Lagoinha
do Leste Trail and the Galheta Trail are the most popular among the tourists/exchanger
students who come to Florianópolis, and the most sought-after ones. Since the trails are so
plural (but equally amazing), you can pick a shorter one if you don’t feel like walking too
much. But if you like long-lasting walkings and don’t really mind walking two hours - with the
company of an amazing view and of the sounds, smells and feelings of the nature - there are
also trails for you! You can’t leave the island without doing just a single one of these
incredible trails.
Speaking of beaches, here’s a thing you can’t lose visiting in the island. Florianópolis is one
of the cities with the most beautiful beaches in the entire country (there are over 40!). The
city is really famous for its beaches and they’re often the main reason why tourists come
here. Jurerê, Daniela, Ingleses, Mole, Joaquina, Barra da Lagoa, Campeche, Armação and
Matadeiro are some really popular names for those who seek for famous, beautiful and nice
beaches. And if you google those names, you can immediately understand why they’re so
wanted for the tourist and even for the local people - because the people from Florianópolis
are really proud of their city! So if there’s sun, or even if there’s rain, you can’t let slip the
opportunity of visiting a few beaches in the island, because you definitely won’t regret it!
Florianópolis is known as "island of magic": heart of Santa Catarina state, the island exhibits
more than 40 beaches, a wonderful coast and beautiful surroundings. Save a whole day to go through the
trail of Lagoinha do Leste and you will not regret it. And be sure to visit the small island next to the east
coast of Florianópolis, Campeches's Island, whose water can be compared with Caribbean seas.
Campeche's Island
Lagoinha do leste

Beyond Florianópolis, the state of Santa Catarina has several other riches. The city of “Treze
Tílias”, for instance, is a piece of Austria in Brazil. Founded in October 13, 1933, by habitants of the
Austrian Tyrol that escaped the economic crisis after the World War I. The typical festival known as
“Tirolerfest” happens every year, in October, always near day 13 – during nine days of festival, the city
receives visitors from several parts of the world. In addition, there is a typical cuisine and architecture –
characteristic of european community.

Treze Tílias - festival
Besides that, we have the “Oktoberfest”, also from European heritage, set in Blumenau. The
festival was born in 1984 and made to the history of the country. For 19 days of party, the city shows its
culture, love for the music, dance and typical cuisine. The characteristic atractions are the breweries,
mainly handcrafted.

Oktoberfest – Blumenau
The Santa Catarina upland shows snow precipitations every winter. In the north of state, the city
of Joinville has the biggest Dance Festival that happens in country. The city of Penha is home to “Beto
Carrero World” - a large amusement park, with zoos and theme shows.
Beto Carrero World

Dance Festival - Joinville
Santa Catarina upland
The state of Santa Catarina is like this: multifaceted.
If you get a Student Visa, you can be regularly enrolled in the University just like any other student here. You can have lunch and have dinner at UFSC paying only R$ 1,50, borrow books from the university library, use the University’s Hospital as a regular student and pay 50% off at the cinema, theater, concerts, museums and many other places.