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Sometimes called “Southern Palmyra” for its beauty and wealthy, Odessa is a major seaport, traffic focus and recreational center located at the shore of Black Sea. It is the third most populous city of Ukraine with a vast diversity of ethnicities and cultures. It has a relatively short but rich history that dates back to its establishment in 1794 by Russian Empress Catherine the Great. Odessa’s astonishing architecture was created by the minds and hands of many European architects and designers, so that streets and boulevards of historical center are full of majestic European charm. Plentiful cultural life runs in Odessa: there are dozens of museums, music halls and theaters; Odessa National Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet is considered one of the most beautiful and luxurious theaters in Ukraine. There’s a rich nightlife as well, especially in the summertime. Odessa is especially popular in the summer among tourists because of its beaches and diverse touristic programs available during this season.

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History of Odessa National Medical University begins in 1900 when medical faculty of Novorossiyskiy State University, one of the most prestigious universities in Russian Empire, was established. Later it separated and became autonomous institution - Odessa State Medical Institute. After Ukraine acquired its independency, it became Odessa State Medical University, and in 2010 it was given the status of National University. Many prominent medics and scientists, including Nobel laureate I. I. Mechnikov, worked here since the day of its establishment.
Nowadays Odessa National Medical University remains one of the most eminent academic and medical institutions of Ukraine with high quality education and proficient training standards. Teaching is carried out by 62 departments, 43 of which are clinical ones. University also has a library with an extensive fund of books and journals (over 700 thousand titles) and its own printing house. University’s Educational-innovative Centre for the Physicians Practical Training is equipped with contemporaneous facilities that don’t have analogues in Ukraine and provides the most up-to-date practical skill teaching.
“Academic traditions. Innovation technologies” – that is the motto of University Clinic, also known as Center of Reconstructive and Restorative Medicine, one of the best medical centers of the south of Ukraine engaged in health care, undergraduate and postgraduate training, scientific work. Besides University Clinic, there are more than 60 clinical bases with excellent care and training potential.
There are all conditions needed for an affluent students’ leisure: sports complex with six sport halls for different types of workout and several sport groups, additional fitness complex at the sea cost and center for students’ creative work “VITA” with more than thirty artistic groups of different genres.
Odessa National Medical University’s Students’ Scientific Society and Young Scientists Society conduct a large work to organize a scientific work and educational projects in university. Each department has its own scientific club within the framework of which students carry out basic-science or clinical investigations. There is an annual conference organized by the before mentioned structures during which every student or young scientist can report results of their work. Students are encouraged to participate in and guided through a process of applying and completing grants, scholarships and scientific contests. Extracurricular scientific activities also include annual Scientific Tournament and Medical English Speaking Club.
  • There are direct flights to Odessa from Warsaw, Verona, Vienne, Dubai, Tel-Aviv, Munich, Istanbul and Prague. If there’s no direct flight from your city to Odessa, you can get to Kiev or Lviv by air or railway first and after that take bus, train or plane to Odessa.
Habitation in Odessa is not a problem, as Odessa is a touristic city. There are plenty of hostels and private dormitories. For your best comfort local committee will suggest you a flat to live in during your program, but there are alternatives as well.
Local committee will do their best to provide you a place of residence that won’t make you uncomfortable with getting to your clinic. Nevertheless, Odessa has a rich transport network. The main mean of transportation is by bus; there are also trams, trolleybuses and plenty of taxi services, so you can pick up any of them and get wherever you want to get to. Public transport is relatively cheap in Odessa. One-time public transportation by bus costs 0.17 EUR or 0.18 US dollars, by train or trolleybus – 0.1 EUR or 0.11 US dollars. Taxi price depends on the length of your route with an average of 1.5 EUR or 1.6 US dollars.
There’s no chance for you to get bored in Odessa. Here we list only a few activities that local committee suggests you:
• City tour
• International dinner (by the way, Odessa has its unique cuisine that differs from Ukrainian traditional one. You must try both!);
• Museum tour;
• Visiting Theatre of Opera and Ballet (theatrical season closes in the beginning of July and opens in the beginning of August);
• Quests at the escape rooms (there are plenty of them in Odessa with different difficulty level and themes);
• Beach time;
• Visiting water park;
• Trip to Odessa catacombs (there is an extensive network of underground tunnels running under Odessa. They were used during World War II as a strategic site for Soviet partisans, and now it is a well-known museum);
• Night parties at the nightclubs, soulful evenings at artpubs, pub crawls, intellectual games and many more at request! lars.

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The most prominent sights of Odessa are:
• Potemkinski Stairs
• Deribasovska Street
• Primorsky Boulveard
• Monument to Duke de Richelieu
• Odessa National Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet
• Odessa Catacombs
• Mother-in-Law bridge
• One-Wall house
• City Garden
• Memorial park “411th battery”
• Sea port
And there are also many features and activities that allow to get all the charm of Odessa and its culture: visiting local market Privoz and atmospheric patios, taking a sea walk by yacht or sea train, jumping on Mother-in-Law Bridge (notice: “on”, not “off”!), attending lectures or performances on open-air public event platform “Green Theatre” and more!

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