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Do not forget to bring your white coat and the printed version of the Handbook. Other documents may be needed and the LEO will ask you.
Giovanna Calfi
Seventh largest city of Sao Paulo, Barretos is located in the northern region of the state, 420 kilometers from capital and has an estimated population approached 118,521 inhabitants (census 2014). The 161-year-city is nationally known for the Festa do Peão de Boiadeiro de Barretos, considered the country's biggest rodeo and country music festival
Barretos has a Medical school, the Faculdade de Ciências da Saúde de Barretos – Dr Paulo Prata, which is associated to Santa Casa de Misericordia de Barretos, Hospital Notre Dame, Barretos Cancer Hospital (Pio XII Foundation), clinical and surgical Ambulatório Médico de Especialidades – AME (medical specialties clinic) and IRCAD (Institut de Recherche contre les Cancers de l'Appareil Digestif) - Latin America.
The medicine school of barretos has research projects and laboratories associated to the Barretos Cancer Hospital where the incomings will be received.
If your internship is at Barretos Cancer Hospital (Pio XII Foundation) all meals will be provided at the hospital canteen. In other cases, one meal per day will be provided by the local student who is responsible for hosting the international student.
Students' apartment
We don't have a very good public transportation system here but please don't worry!
Taxi services are very cheap and you can always ask for a ride to us from the local committee or to the student responsible for you because everything is really close and we would be pleased to help. Also, depending on where you'll stay, it's possible to walk to the hospital.
We don't get lots of international people around here so everyone is always pleased to go out and show the town to our incomings.
We'll make sure that you are more than welcomed here!
PARQUE DO PEÃO. located at Brigadeiro Faria Lima highway, it was opened in 1985, where the famous Barretos Country Party happens every year, in August. The place impresses due to its attractiveness.

FESTA DO PEÃO DE BARRETOS. This is a Rodeo Party which happens every year in Barretos city, in the state of São Paulo, Brazil. This party traditionally happens every August and it is promoted by “Os Independentes” group. In 1956, a group of single men made the party for the first time, that’s why they are called “Os Independentes”. Ever since, the party was recognized internationally due to its big structure and the best people and animals which join one of the most famous rodeo in the world.

DIVINO ESPIRITO SANTO CHURCH. The church is located at Francisco Barreto Square, in the center of the city. The prayers who founded the church donated the place where it is located. Then, the first chapel was built. In the end of the XIX century, the construction of the church was started, leaded by Pagani Fioravante. The construction obeys the roman style with olympic columns and saint images, as well as works of art painted in window glasses and in the walls.

LAKE AREA. Located in Centenário da Abolição Avenue, there are three different lakes side by side, a confluence of Aleixo river. There is also a bike route and areas for sport practicing

MEMORIAL DO PEÃO. Located inside the famous country park, this memorial tells the history of Barretos Country Party and its foundation, about “Os Independentes” group. The memorial was inaugurated in 2005. 

MUSEU HISTÓRICO, ARTISTICO E FOLCLÓRICO RUY MENEZES. It’s located at 17th avenue with 16th street. It was created by the city in April 1974 and received a donation from Ana Rosa museum, which used to work inside Mário Vieira Marcondes school. This construction, from 1907, was already the City Hall. It is known as “Palácio das Águias”.
Tetanus and hepatitis B vaccines