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Student Rental Accomodation
*Note: Students in Galway will be invited for an online Garda Vetting once exchange spot is confirmed.
Students will receive an email directly from the Central University with further instructions one month before exchange.
Samantha Lyons

Located in the West of Ireland, Galway is the third largest city in the Republic of Ireland and is one of the most unique parts of Ireland to explore. With barren fields, rugged coastline, stone-walled fields, Galway boasts of some of the richest scenic beauty while also having a buzzing cosmopolitan city centre.

Galway city is known for its vibrant lifestyle and numerous festivals, with huge crowds gathering for the annual Galway Arts Festival, Races and numerous other events.

Rich in its cultural heritage, Galway is often referred to as the “Cultural Heart of Ireland” as it is most associated with the Irish language, music, song and dance traditions.

Galway has been dubbed the 'Most Charming City' by the New York Times. 
In 2007, Galway was named one of the top 8 'Sexiest Cities' in the world and 42nd best tourist destinations in the world and 14th in Europe. Galway was also designated the European Capiral of Culture 2020, an opportunity to showcase the best cultural programme thatGalway has to offer in Ireland and across Europe.

Even though it is one of the fastest growing cities in Europe, Galway has retained the friendly character and intimate feel that make it so popular.

The National University of Ireland, Galway was voted Ireland's top University for student retention according to the Sunday Times in 2011. Based on QS rankings, NUI Galway is among the top 1% of universities in the world. It is also the largest and oldest university in the west of Ireland.

Students make up a good proportion of Galway's population, adding vibrance and youth to the city.

Galway is also known to be the most international place in Ireland with 1 in 4 people born outside of the state.


The staff in the School of Medicine are engaged in innovative research in many areas, with particular emphasis on cancer, gene and stem cell therapy and biomedical engineering science.

Student will be provided with one meal a day or pocket money for one meal a day.


Most of the student accommodations are self-catering and located within walking distance from the city centre and the hospital.


The nearest international airport is Dublin Airport. Travel between Dublin Airport and Galway City takes about 3 hours by either direct bus coach (City Link/ Go Bus) or rail.

LC will provide an activity schedule with plenty of suggested activities. Some of the potential activities include weekend tours around some of the famous sites and tourist attractions around. As well as that potential activites include hill walking, pot locks and potential weekend trips at another medical based univiersity. It must be noted that some activities will have to be covered by the incoming student.


Galway is in close proximity to some amazing natural sites, including: 

The Burren: An area of beautiful limestone landscapes in nearby County Clare.

Connemara: Connemara's breathtaking landscape is a mixture of unspoilt rivers, lakes, woodlands, rich meadowlands, rugged hills, dramatic mountains and stunning coastline of sandy beaches and crystal blue waters. 

Cliffs of Moher: Known as one of Ireland's most spectacular natural wonders.

Aran Islands: 3 rocky isles guarding the mouth of Galway Bay, in western Ireland - perfect for a weekend trip away.