Mexico (AMMEF) - San Luis Potosi
general surgery, internal medicine, traumatología and Orthopedics, ginecology ans obstetrics, adults emergency, paediatrics emergency
June, July, August
At the host family, Hospital or students flat--
At the Host family, Hospital or students flat--
Application for some departments will only be possible if the student speaks fluent Spanish (for example:
You have to bring your own coat and white clothes. And if you need it (General Surgery) 173919486316682
Mauricio Ríos

San Luis Potosí, México, is the favorite destiny for those who seek for
adventure and fun because of all the cultural offer and all the
exceptional options that all the state has to give.
It’s hard not to succumb before all the beauty of our rivers, the great
waterfalls, the magic of our little towns full of charm. It’s easy to fall
in love with our nature and traditions.
The capital city has a beautiful and cozy historical downtown, it was
declared in 2010, by the UNESCO, as “Humanity Heritage”. It is
decorated by pink quarry.
The spell of the Altiplano live on all the great farms that keep all the
records and greatness of the mine history in our country.
We have an exuberant biodiversity and ecological reservations,
perfect for the ecotourism.
Capable to fulfill all your needs no matter what your plan is, true all
the landscapes and ecological enclosures among our 4 regions:
Altiplano, Centro, Media and Huasteca.


The School of Medicine at  Cuauhtémoc University is the first
private school in San Luis Potosí, born with the commitment to
maintain the medicine of excellence that characterizes the state. We
seek to train students to be able to solve the health problems of
society and achieve their expectations of professional development.
To train capable and competent professionals with the knowledge,
skills, attitudes and ethical principles that allow them to practice
general medicine through the scientific foundations of medical
science, clinical skills to solve the individual's health needs and
problems, Family and community, addressing them in a holistic way
with a biopsychosocial and interdisciplinary approach
We have 2 hospitals available for our clinical practice: Hospital
General de Soledad and Hospital del niño y la mujer.


For more information, check the SCORE national EC and the project database.


We provide one lunch for all of our students from Monday to Friday at the Hospital
cafeteria or we can buy you some food so you can prepare your meals.


CEMUC offers two types of accomodation: student flat / dormitory and
Home.stay. The amount of students in each type depends on how many of our
students want to be host of international students. During the school year we
usually place you at a student flat.
Dormitory / Student flat
We usually book double rooms in student flats near the Hospital. Towels and
sheets are included. There are shared bathrooms and kitchen. WIFI is not
included. Flats are for both boys and girls.
Anywhere in San Luis Potosí and surroundings. You will be staying with a family or
with students. Remember this is not a hotel and you must behave politely with
your host and his/her family or roommates. Your host will be also your contact
person. He or she will contact you and let you know where the house is, how your
room will be, what you have to bring, etc.
Special remarks
• Pets, family members, friends or boyfriend/girlfriend visits are not allowed. If
someone wants to visit you while you stay in San Luis Potosí, they will have to
book another room or a hotel (your contact people will provide you webpages
and information to find a cheap place).
• If your behavior is not correct and we receive complains (from your host, your
roommate or the dorm manager), we will cancel your exchange and you won't
have any place to stay in San Luis Potosí. If you thought México means careless
party and fun, think twice before you do it indoors.


You can move easily around San Luis Potosí using buses and car services (Uber).


We do our social programs when we already know how many people are coming,
this is because there is a lot to do in our state, and we have to vote for places to
go or if we have to make 2 groups.
Bring your swimsuit, and a sleeping bag if you want to go camping.
We usually contact you 1 month before, so we can explain the social program and
make a group in a social network so we can vote.
These are just a few videos for you to fall in love with San Luis Potosí. but they
are not in english.
But anything you can think of doing on your stay, we have it.


-EXPULSION: in case the student doesn't respect the rules of the coexistence/
hospital, we reserve the right of expelling them from the exchange. Being that the
case, they should find their own accommodation and will not get a certificate.
Its mandatory to bring white clothes, coat and stethoscope


You are not in your city anymore, you have to take care of your belonging outside
the flat and in the hospital. We are not responsible if you lose your belongings.
If you have special remarks about your food let us know, if it is affordable we can
provide it, if it’s not, you will have to buy it.
Any problem at the hospital or the hosting place you’ll talk directly to the LEO

The weather is sunny at the afternoon but sometimes cold and rainy at night.