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Student hostel
Student hostel
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Kazakhstan is a beautiful country situated in Central Asia with a splendid view of mountains over the horizon! Have a look at the map of Kazakhstan. As you can see the west of the country is partly in Europe, while the rest is in Asia. Kazakhstan is the world's largest landlocked country by land area and the 9th largest country in the world. There are a lot of places you must to see and our NMO will help you with it!

LC IKTU-Turkestanis situated  in Turkestan  town. Its  situated South  Kazakhstan  Region. Turkistan  is  a very   old  city. It is  also known  as one  of the oldest  cities  of  Kazakhstan. There  are   many  historical   places  and  buildings there. Hundreds   of tourists and guests   from  around the  world and  Kazakhstan  visit  the one  of the oldest   buildings –Mausoleum    Khoja Akhmet Yesevi.


Khoja Akhmet Yassawi International  Kazakh-turkish university  has many  faculties. Medical faculty is the  biggest faculty. Nearly 4000 students  study  in Medicine faculty of the  university . There  is  a  big university  town in  Turkestan. Students can find  there  anything  they  need .Medicine   faculty  has  2 buildings. And  there is  a clinic of the  faculty. Pre-clinical   clerkship  will  take   in those  buildings(center simulation etc,). Information about hospitals where the exchange take place. Clinical  clerkships  will take in Yassawi clinic which  is  situated university town.

Microbiology labs mainly researching MRSA influence on population

There  is  a big students  canteen for   students    in the    students  town –Titanic.  The price of meals   is not  expensive BUT  very  tasty. Students   can   have their lunch  and  dinner  there. Well  of  course   there  are  also  many   cafes   and  restaurants   near  the  clinic and  university. But  every  building   has   canteens   so  students   can  have  some tea  anytime they  want.


Students    will  stay  in students   hostels. The 1st  ,2nd and the 5th hostels.  2-3  students  stay  in  1 room .Every  2  room have a gas cooker, fridge ,tables, cupboard   ,sink, a toilet and bathroom .There is a bed ,wardrobe ,2 tables in every room. Smoking  and  drinking hard   drinks is forbidden hostels. There   are  special  laundries in  every  hostel, where    students  can  wash  their  clothes with  washing   machine and  iron them. But   they  will have  to bring  their washing mean (tide,arieletc,) with  themselves or  they  can  just pay  for  it.


The  easiest  way   to  get  to  the  town is IF you  are  coming   by plane  then  you  will be  in Astana or  Almaty  international airport . Almaty  international airport ---buy  ticket  for  plane  from  Almaty  to Shymkent(you   will not  have a  problem  with   that). When  you  come  to  Shymkent International  Airport you  can  take  a  taxi to Shymkent Bus  station(there  are  2 bus  stations ,but you  can  go  to  Turkistan from  both of  them).You  can  find  a mini bus  or taxis  there  until  Turkestan. It  will  take  about 1,5-2  hours   from  Shymkent  to Turkistan. When   you  come  to  Turkestan  we  will be  waiting   for  you  in Bus  station.

You  can  also  come  to Turkestan from  Almaty  (Astana ) by train  or  bus. But   it  will take much time (20-30 hours by  train ,15-20 hours by  bus.

Local Committee members of the IKTU will organize viziting sightseeing of the city


1) The Mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi in Turkestan

The mausoleum on the grave of the poet and preacher Khoja Ahmed Yasawi is located in the city of Turkestan in South Kazakhstan region. It is the central object of the historical and cultural museum-reserve “Azret Sultan.”

The mausoleum was built on the burial site of the Sufi poet Khoja Ahmed Yasawi, who had great authority among Muslims in the region and had an impact on Islam in Central Asia. The photos were taken by Ilia Afanasieff.The existing building was constructed more than 200 years after the death of the preacher by Tamerlane’s order (in the late 14th – early 15th century).

It consists of a large, rectangular building (46,5×65,5 meters) with portals and domes. The height of the arched portal is 37.5 meters, the height of the main dome – 44 meters, the diameter – 22 meters. The mausoleum has one of the largest brick domes in Central Asia.

2) Arystan Bab Mausoleum

Arystan Bab was a mentor of Khodja Ahmed Yassaui, and by tradition a pilgrimage to Yassaui's great mausoleum in Turkestan should be preceded by a visit to the mausoleum of his teacher. It lies south of Turkestan, not far from Otrartobe. To get here, take the same road north from Shauildir as for Otrartobe, but stay on the road rather than taking the right turn for Talapti. From this junction, the Arystan Bab Mausoleum is another 5km, close to the village of Kogam.


The mausoleum lies on the left-hand side of the road. It is an impressive building, originating as a 14th-century structure around Arystan Bab's 12th-century tomb, though most of what you see today dates from the early part of the 20th century. The mausoleum has a broad facade, framed by domed minarets at either end; the carpet-draped tomb in a small room to the left of the entrance is constantly full of believers praying to the great man-there can often be a long queue outside. There is a central arched space, flanked by two buttresses, and two brick domes over the left-hand side of the building. A room to the right-hand side of the arched space is a mosque; it is supported by ancient carved wooden pillars, and in an ante room you can admire a hand-written Koran with extraordinarily beautiful Islamic calligraphy. There is also a small museum room. The first domed chamber to the left-hand side of the arched space contains the cloth-covered tombs of three students of Arystan Bab, whose tall tomb lies in the next chamber, beyond a metal grille.


We are looking forward to see you in Kazakhstan!