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Only clinical students after basic rotation (for SCOPE only)

“Huacho City of Hospitality and the Huachana Sausage”


Huacho is a city on the central coast of Peru, capital of the province of Huaura and regional headquarters of the department of Lima, located in a bay formed by the Pacific Ocean 150 km north of the city of Lima, near the mouth of the Huaura river.


The highest mean temperature varies from 20.9 ° C to 23.9 ° C in February, with the thermoregulatory effect of the sea waters being appreciated, in the sense that temperatures are moderate.

In Huacho, as in other parts of Peru, gastronomy is based on the ingredients that are produced in the place, some originally brought from other latitudes and the native ones, added to the traditional recipes of the inhabitants that, over the centuries, were Influenced by transculturization such as migrations.


The cebiche huachano as the duck cebiche uses a special ingredient: sour orange. This fruit was brought by the Spaniards. And although its cultivation has lost interest in other parts of the country, it is popular in several zones of Huacho. The gastronomic fame of the region, however, does not end here: There is the Huachan breakfast, made up of the huachana sausage, tamales, stuffed (pork blood), fried sweet potatoes and olives squeezed with onion sauce, accompanied - obligatorily - by French bread. We will also find humitas and chapanas and some sweets that are elaborated in Sayan, like the stuffed figs. You can still get some desserts from yesteryear, hard to find elsewhere, such as the brewed beans and the ranchero.

For the services provided during the independence campaign, Huacho received the title of "Fidelisima Villa" by law of the Congress that was enacted in Government House, and signed by the President don Jose de La Mar and Cortazar, on April 16, 1828.


Huacho, is a small and picturesque coastal city, with calm beaches of fine sand and calm waters; Has an extensive malecon and in the port; A large dock.

Among its most known beaches are Hornillos, Colorado, El Paraiso, Playa Chica, Punta Salinas, Centinela, Tambo de Mora, and Las Yeseras.

The National University José Faustino Sánchez Carrión (acronym: UNJFSC) is a public university located in the city of Huacho to the north of the city of Lima in Peru. It was founded in 1968, constituting itself as the first university in the province of Huaura and the Lima Region. At present, the university has approximately 10,000 undergraduate and graduate students grouped in its 13 faculties and 37 professional schools.
The Faculty of Human Medicine of the National University José Faustino Sánchez Carrión is the Faculty that counts on the Academic Schools Professional of Human Medicine and Nursing. For these careers, he holds a Bachelor's degree in Medicine and the professional title of Medical Surgeon, as well as a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing and the professional title of a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing. It was the first Faculty of Medicine of the Region Lima Provinces of which have graduated more than 2,000 professionals until the present time.  The "Regional Hospital Huacho" is located 150 km north of Lima, was founded on October 2, 1970 being a Hospital Health Center with only 4 Basic specialties.
It is located in the avenue José Arambulo La Rosa N 251 Huacho, Peru.
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Your lodging will be at a host family, located very closer to the Hospital. They will provide you at least two meals per day. They are not required to give you more, although they might do. They also provide you with all the equipment to cook your own food.


Your LEO and host will communicate with you as soon as you receive your CA (Card of Acceptance), you can ask them for any question.


You can get by public transport:

- Collective Cars. There are many collective cars on the city, there are many routes so you can easily go wherever you want. The fare is like 0.5 dollar.

- Mototaxis. They are typical cars of some cities, for example in Huacho. They are very cheap, is like 0.5 – 0.8 dollars

- Taxis. They are expensive but safer and fast, you can take a taxi if you’re late or at midnight for example. The fare is like 2 - 2.5 dollars.


We organize social program 1 time each weekend in the months of July, August and September. If you have extra time , we usually make a Trip in the country. Any additional information ask LEO SCHEM.

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Most important places to see in the town and around the town.

ATRACTION No 1 Bandurria

The Bandurria Archaeological Site was discovered by Don Domingo Torero Fernández de Córdova in 1973 and owes its name to being located in the Pampa de Bandurria, named for the once abundance of this small typical bird of the area (Theristicus Branicknii). The archaeological center is located 10 km south of Huacho and is one of the oldest civilizations in America. They would also have been Caral fish suppliers.10
In general, the archaeologists of this site have divided it into 2 major areas: The Home Sector or Sector 1 and the Monumental Sector or Sector 2.

ATRACTION No 2: La Laguna encantada

10 km. Towards the south east of the city we can appreciate the popular call Laguna Encantada, located in the Pampa Colorada in the District of Huacho; Lagoon originated by the product of leaks and irrigations from the Santa Rosa Irrigation. Laguna Encantada is home to several species of birds and lush vegetation. One of the attractions of this lagoon are the boat rides. Holy Week is one of the most popular religious activities by the people of Huacho and those who come from different places to meet God.

ATRACTION No 3: Malecón Roca

The Rocca Malecon of Chorrillos Beach is one of the most important tourist attractions of the city. One of the propellers for its construction was Benjamín Rocca, mayor of the Province of Chancay (today Huaura), the year 1910, that involved its halls, swimming pools, railings and ornamentation of the place.
The former mayor, Carlos Meza Velásquez, began rebuilding the malecón with noble material in 1988, beginning with the ballrooms, passageways overlooking the sea and the pool, the period of former mayor Guillermo Agüero Reeves. In the month of August of 2006.

ATRACTION No 4: “Reserva nacional de Lachay”

Located to the south end of the District of Huacho, at the height of 105 km of the North Pan-American Highway. From there a dirt road of 7 km leads in 20 minutes by car to the entrance to the Reserve (No need a 4x4 pickup). This ecosystem is a representative sample of hills with vegetation found only in Peru and northern Chile. It is an ecosystem based on the mist, so there is only greenery in the coastal winter months (June to September). There are taras and many plant species. They can be seen aguiluchos, coastal foxes, serrano partridges, and occasionally gray deer.. The National Reserve of Lachay, with an extension of more than 5 thousand hectares, belongs only to the district of Huacho and should not be confused with "Las Lomas de Lachay", which is the title of all the plant extension adjacent to the Reserve.

ATRACTION No 5: “Albuferas de Medio Mundo”

Known as Albufera de Medio Mundo because of its natural formation, the product of water leaks, it is ideal for camping because of its natural conditions, given the great harmony between its flora and fauna. It is located at the height of the km. 175 of the North Pan-American Highway.
Above the totorales nest and revoletean an amazing amount of herons. There are also reddish Colombian ducks, coots, cormorants and divers.