Algeria (Le Souk) - Constantine
neurosurgery, internal medicine general, neurology, surgery general, emergency medicine, intensive care, internal Medicine-Gastroenterology, infectious Diseases, traumatology, otorhinolaryngology
Only July for the moment
1 meal a day
Student's dormitories or apartments depending on the availability

Same as the ones of the NMO

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Constantine the Universal

It is the bewitching and captivating city to which no one can be indifferent. The fascination this few thousand years old city has is due to its characteristic topography. This city is originally defined by two immense rocks and a gigantic canyon. Its singular relief fascinated not only its inhabitants but also many famous visitors, men of letters, poets, artists, prospectors or mere travellers. You will understand why no one can forget a so sumptuous city by raising the sight to its horizons, its lush valley, its rocks that unusual plants climb up, its sunsets which set fire to its canyons, its eternal Rhummel, awaking the wildest dreams and treating body and soul with the city. « It is Constantine that makes people of Constantine », a sentence confirmed by the testimonies of all those who crossed this city. Its fauna and flora are not in rest, specially the vulture which put its indelible mark on the traditions of the city. Its presence in the canyons nearly symbolised something sacred, indeed mystic, and ancient inhabitants made of it an essential element of the Nachra festive ritual. As a matter of fact, this ritual continued until the 1990s.

We would be gained by making an inventory of this wealth to count it in a heritage as complex as marvellous and which our descendants will be happy to discover. These treasures evidently have been neglected or buried.

Someone said about this maltreated city: ”Constantine needs no one, it itself shapes people, influence them with its substance to guide them in their destiny. More than that, it creates at the same time in their souls a feeling of fear, of courage and creativity which will guide them in the choice of their lives and none of those great men universally known will contradict a truth that has imperatively to be sought, analyzed and explained for all the sceptics”.

Situated between the Maghreb, Africa and the Mediterranean, between the East and the West, embracing numerous civilizations, accepting all races, religions and thoughts, so that it cans only hold a forever unmatched treasure. We can find the name of Constantine in all the countries because it can be conjugated in all tenses and in all spaces to belong to all humanity, it is a common property that must be valued, rehabilitated, preserved, making of it a global reference on all fronts. Constantine is also a great lesson of humanism that few cities can be proud of having. It is a status that the law of nature has decreed.


The clerkships will be in the University Hospital of Constantine: Dr Benbadis.

HOSPITAL website

One meal a day.Don't hesitate asking your contact person to come with you to do the groceries, he/she will give you the best pieces of advice as to what to get to be a true Constantinois! :
  •    Chakhchoukha , eaten often on festive celebrations, especially popular in Constantine.
  • The chbah essafra , a sweet dish prepared containing almonds finely ground and of the red meat, present during the Ramadan and in the ceremonies of marriage.
  • Djouzia : nougat candy with nuts.

Depending on the availability it will be in student's dormitories or in appartments .


We provide free transportation from the airport of constantine , just inform well your contact person about the exact time of your arrival.


The local committee  will provide social programs , including visits of the must see places in the city and surroundings. Other funny actvities will be organised depending on local events of the hosting period.


Encounter one of Algeria's most picturesque cities as you gaze over the Rhumel Gorge in Constantine. This city of 500,000 should not be missed during your exchange.  Below are the most reasons to take time to explore the city of bridges.

  • Sidi Rached's gate bridge
  • The war memorial
  • Palace Ahmed Bey
  • The Emir Abd El Kader's mosque

as for our national explore page, we can unfortunately not publish photos in our explore pages due to copyrights reasons thus we invite you to explore each monument on google :)