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Allergy & Clinical Immunology, Emergency Medicine, Dermatology, Geriatrics, Immunology, Infectious Diseases, Internal Medicine-Cardiology, Internal Medicine-Endocrinology, Internal Medicine-Gastroenterology, Internal Medicine-General, Internal Medicine-Nephrology, Internal Medicine-Invasive Cardiolog, Internal Medicine-Noninvasive Cardiology, Internal Medicine-Rheumatology, Microbiology, Neurology, Paediatrics, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Radiology, Radiotherapy, Surgery-Cardiothoracic Surgery, Surgery-Cardiovascular Surgery, Surgery-Gastrointestinal Surgery, Surgery-General, Surgery-Neurosurgery, Surgery-Orthopedics, Surgery-Plastic Surgery, Surgery-Transplantation Surgery, Urology
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1 meal / a day at the university, at the cost of hosting association
Student Dormitories or student houses
There are no spesific EC for this LC.

Balikesir is the province, which has coastlines on both the Marmara Sea and the Aegean Sea. Having housed many civilizations in Anatolia throughout its long past, the province is a rich center of historical remains bringing the oldest times of humanity. Balikesir with 22 islands, in terms of the biggest number of islands on-site, is the first in Turkey. This province is famous for olives, thermal spas and clean beaches, making it an important tourist destination. There are many national parks and museums, the most known bird sanctuary National Park hosts tousands of visitors, photographers and scientists every year. Also Zeytinli Rock Fest, held since 2005, one of the Turkey’s biggest music festivals. Balikesir’s people love students. They usually smile to students and chat nicely.and also Balikesir’s weather warm in summer months. Spectacular beaches wait you for swim.



     Balikesir University, campus of Cagis in Bigadic district and located 17 km from the center of Balikesir. Faculty of medicine located with another faculties in campus. Cagis campus also has got health practice and research hospital, sport stations, central library, congress and culture center.

 University has got 65 cultural and sportive clubs for hobbies activities and free times. These clubs shares their concerts, exhibitions, shows and festivals. Social activities areas of the campus always open for students.

 200-beds university hospital equipped with modern techniques for cultivating students in the best way. Located in a close proximity to the campus medical school students in the city park is a big advantage. Although the newly established medical school students renewed day by day to provide a good education and developing.




Laboratories in University:

Anatomy lab, Histology lab, Pharmacology lab, Microbiology lab, Radiology lab, Multidisciplinary lab, Andrology lab, Biochemistry lab, Genetics lab

You can eat 1 meal per day at university in weekdays hosted by association. For other meals, city has got a lot of cheap restaurant for students and there are restaurants in campuss.

Residorm Student Dormitory. 7/24 wireless, bath and toilet in room, there are cafes and market. Canteen is open all of the week. You can find fast-food and many product in dorm canteen. 7/24 security in dorm and open reception day-long. Residorm is half-special state dormitory. It is in campus and 250 meters from faculty and 500 meters from hospital. Residorms rooms for 3 or 2 students. You placed together with them or find empty room for yourself. Dorm hasn’t got meal, can eat only in canteen.Boys and girls are going to be placed in separate cells. Maybe, you can experience problem because campus (residorm) 15 km away city center.

State student dormitory, KYK. KYK is new dormitory for students. Opened ‘2015 Boys’ dormitory in campuss but girls’ out of campuss. 7/24 wireless and security, suchlike service available for students.

House of students, optionally you can place in house at the city center.But you must keep the rules. No alcohol in house, no noise as like these.


Balikesir Bus Station 7/24 service to city center. After city center you can go campus by bus.


Travel district (Ayvalik – Devil’s Table, Bandirma, Erdek..) National tours.

Enjoy and developer activities. Sportive activities. Trekking, Kaz Mountains. Cultural visits.

*Seytan sofrasi
it is a hill that the distance from centre of the ayvalik is 8 km. This region is famous by legend of ''devil's table''. you can watch one of the most beautiful sunsets in turkey from here and also ayvalik islands, bays and pony island views are worth of seeing.

*Sarimsakli kumsali
It is one of the oldest beaches in Turkey. it is located at 8 km from ayvalik. The sea water is not very deep is is shallow.

Kaz daglari
It is rich in oxygen. Its air is one of the cleanest air in Turkey and also it is very rich in terms of biodiversity. it has many lakes, waterfalls and green area.

*Kuvay-yi milliye muzesi
During the kuvay-yi milliye, the museum building was used as headquarters  there are a a lot of  war-era materials in this building.

*manyas kus cenneti...
*cunda adasi...