Mexico (AMMEF) - Ciudad Obregon
Ophthalmology Internal Medicine Gynecology General Surgery Traumatology Oncology Emergency Medicine
June, July, August, December, January, Please contact the LEO informative purposes about the periods available
1 meal per day in the hospital and we will provide you with basic groceries
With a host family of a member of our local committee or an apartment

--No specific EC. 

Our Local Committee SOCEM UNISON, Welcome`s you to Ciudad Obregon, Sonora, Mexico!.
Julissa Mendoza Gomez SOCEM UNISON

--Welcome to the state of Sonora. Our Local Committee (SOCEM UNISON) invites you to come to our city where you will get to know many friendly people and learn many things in the clinical rotation and have a great time in our social program.  Open your eyes to this amazing opportunity of exchanging the world. During the exchange program you will exchange knowledge, culture, values, technical-theoretic and social abilities. This allows to open minds of people around you by thinking globally and acting locally, which will improvie the science and art of Medicine, also, people’s lives. Our incomings will be received by our warm hospitality and you will leave this city with dozens of new experiences and teachings from the differences of your home city, doctors, students, patients and health care system.


Universidad de Sonora, Division de Ciencias Biologicas y de la Salud, Campus Cajeme (University of Sonora, Division of Biological Sciene and Health Care, Campus Cajeme)

San Jose Hospital, Ciudad Obregon, Sonora, Mexico: Comments: A private hospital where you will be able to learn many things

Hospital General de Ciudad Obregon (HGO): A public hospital where you will get to know how the healthcare system works and get to have hands on experience with patients.

Clinica Mayer: If you choose Ofthalmology you will be going to this clinic, it is very well equipped, the Dr and staff are great people. 

You’re learning experience will be great because of the passion in teaching the health professionals have there, and also because of the great amount pathologies you will encounter.
The students can visit a clerkship in other departments in the hospital only if the doctor in charge allows them to



For more information, check the SCORE national EC and the project database


1 meal per day in the hospital and we will provide you with basic groceries


With a host family of a member of our local committee or in an apartment, the exact location will be sent in your AF



Ciudad Obregon has an airport only 15 min away from the city, another option is arriving in Hermosillo (the state`s capital). Most international flights arrive to Mexico City, Cancun, Guadalajara, Monterrey or Tijuana, so will have to look up flights that arrive to those cities and then one to Obregon or Hermosillo. 

For people from Europe, most of the time the least expensive tickets arrive to Cancun.

You can look up flights in Mexico on these websites: Volaris (recommended), Viva Aerobus (the cheapest flights but not the best dates), and Aeromexico (most expensive but most comfortable dates). 


Ubers are available in our city and they are very affordable, also public busses that can be tracked with an app. But members of our local committee will always try to give you ways of transportation.



You will have a great time during your stay, you can see a bit more info on the places you will be able to visit, down below. We are open to hear your opinions about it, to make it even better.  

You will enjoy visiting our surrounding towns and beaches like; Álamos and Cócorit, Sonora: they are cultural towns with many museums and it’s surrounded with beautiful sceneries. You will be mesmerized of the views San Carlos, Sonora has to offer, it’s a touristic beach paradise with the best ocean view in the world according to National Geographic where mountains, ocean, desert and beautiful sunsets meet. Also, get to know the capital city of our state, Hermosillo or have a good time in Obregon walking around the Laguna del Nainari, having a fiesta with your friends with a good beer and the best carne asada tacos in Mexico. 



San Carlos Sonora, Beach, mountains, desert, party, sunsets, great food.

Alamos, Sonora: Magical Town, where many festivities take place. 

Hermosillo: The capital of the state. 

Regional Social Program

Here are some web pages showing breifly some of the thinks to see in Cd. Obregon and Sonora.



Weather: The climate is warm and dry. The average year temperature is 20°C. In January the low is around 8°C  (at night) and 25°C  during the day. In July and August (the hottest months ) temperatures can reach  a high up to 37-45°C    

What to bring in your suit case? Make sure you should bring a swim suit, sun glasses, shorts, tennis shoes, sun screen, mosquito repellent and a hat :) 

 (i.e. Please let us know by email if you’re arriving too early or planning to leave several days after your exchange, otherwise, lodging will not be guarateed).