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1st_31st July, 1st-31st August
1 meal a day from Monday to Friday, pocket money
Student flat
We required a health insurance as well as liability insurance
Javier Marques Dealbert

Come and enjoy Castellon. Its wonderful mediterranean coast, delicious paella and warm climate is what attracts most people to come to Castellon, however there is much more to discover!

Besides, this little but lovely city, have two of the most important summer music festivals in Spain. 

Medicine degree is a new titulation in Universitat Jaume I, so hospital tutors are so interested in having new students to those who teach a lot of new things.

Besides, hospitals of the city have a quite good technology which you can learn, like 3D operating rooms.

We will provide you pocket money enough to eat 1 meal a day from monday to friday. Taking into account that you are staying in a student flat, where you have a kitchen where to cook.

Ask us and we can give you some advice on where to eat for a good price!

A student flat is what we usually offer. We always try for the flat to be situated near the hospital, with easy access to supermarkets, and with public transport that's nearby too.

Besides, the flat is in downtown so you can go  taking a walk and see the architecture of the city.
Castellon has many ways of transportation. The best way of moving around the city is always on foot, getting to see all the secret corners Castellon has to offer. However, if you are tired or the place you want to go is far away, there are many other public transport options.

1. Bus: There are bus stops everywhere, and just like the underground, they can take you almost anywhere. 

2. Bicicas: Bicycles. Castellon has bike lanes almost everywhere, and moving around on a bicycle is a wonderful way to know the city. 

3. Taxis: Probably the most expensive option. At night, it is the best way to move around the city (although you can take Bicicas), if 4 people share a taxi it isn't that expensive.

4. RENFE, AVE: For traveling to other cities in Spain or Catellon and Alicante the train is a comfortable and fast option
Depending on the month you come to Castellon our social program will change.

In summer, visiting the various beaches around the Valencian community, and maybe even a trip to another city, to the natural pools of Montanejos or to El Desierto De Las Palmas.
In summer, you can go to many music festivals: FIB in July; Arenal Sound Beach Festival and Rototom in August.

You will not be bored, and if you want to visit Barcelona or Madrid, or any other city of Spain, we will help you as much as posible in organising your trip, making sure you have the best time posible.

Either way, our LEOs and contact persons are available for anything you need, and will also offer plenty of things to do while you are here.
A month here will be enough to see all the things Valencia has to offer, such as:
 - Rototom music festival (August)
 - FIB music festival (July)
 - Arenal Sound (August)
 - Beaches
 - Benicassim (typical place where people used to be in summer): music festivals, parties, beach
 - Natural sites (lakes and waterfalls)
 - The Cathedral
 - The port, with a lot of good and cheap restaurants
 - El Desierto de las Palmas
 - Penyiscola (Game of Thrones)
We are a new part of Ifmsa-Spain so, maybe, many things can change.