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Jung Hee Kim

The Catholic University of Daegu is the largest Catholic-affiliated university in South Korea. The main campus is located some distance outside Daegu in neighboring Hayang Town, with two smaller campuses within Daegu. The university enrolls about 17,000 students.


Catholic University of Daegu
The St. Justino Seminary, from which the university claims descent, opened in Daegu on November 1, 1914, having been founded in May of that year. The first four rectors of the school were French missionaries, the first being a Fr. Chargeboeuf, also known by his Korean name Song Duck-mang. The first Korean rector, Fr. Choi Min-sun, who took up the post in 1945, was also the last rector of the seminary, which closed due to the turbulent events of that year, sending most of its students home in May but remaining open until December to allow the final class of 4 to graduate.
In 1952, the Hyosung Women's Junior College was established, offering instruction to 150 students in the fields of music, literature, and home economics. The following year, it became a four-year college, also offering instruction in pharmacology. The college continued to expand steadily in the following years, establishing its graduate school in 1972 and gaining university status in 1980.
Daegu Catholic University Medical Center
Since Daegu Catholic University Medical Center was opened by the Daegu Catholic Foundation for the enhancement of public health, with its central mission to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ, it has undergone extensive development and change. All the staff and faculty are doing their best to accomplish our vision, which is to be the 21st century's leading university hospital, based on curing the whole person and providing advanced health care services. We will lead a human oriented hospital keeping pace with a PT (People Technology) age. Every effort is being made to provide a good workplace for faculty and patients by being conscious of their comfort and security. Of course we will continue to keep excellent man power, continuous education, and invest in advanced medical equipment. Daegu Catholic University Medical Center will give its best not only to cure the patient based on the love and service of the Catholic mission, but also with a true heart. Once more we promise to take care of our neglected neighbors with love and with a patient oriented hospital that serves a patient like a member of our family.
In summation, we will strive to become the 21st century's leading hospital which involves the spirit of Catholicism and a patient oriented care service with the best staff and advanced medical equipment. Thank you very much for all your support and your constant concern for our hospital.

Being a leading medical institute pursuing overall (physical, emotional, spiritual, and social) healing to bring about a healthy society with advanced medical services.
Overall healing Operation of comprehensive counseling center, enhancement of the education of ideology and its practice, activation of hospital mission and social welfare, welfare project at home, raising of catholic medical professionals with knowledge and humanity
Advanced medical services International intercourse(medical techniques, knowledge, and system), enhancement of research system and education system to foster competent medical professionals, establishment of specialized clinic centers that take care of similar diseases classified in a group, establishment of Total Care System for comprehensive care(acute, subacute, and rehabilitation), establishment of specialized medical center that links medical care and welfare(80 parochial welfare facilities)
Cooperation with hospitals
in USA Cooperation in all areas such as treatment, medical support, nursing, and administration, co-hosting of symposiums (research/education), providing advanced medical service through cooperation with world famous hospitals in the United States for the first time in the province.
Extension Construction of new building for treatment and accommodation of patients, with new devices and comfort facilities.




School cafeteria (ticket, pocket money)


rented room of CP and Dormitary(Only when possible)


Free shuttle bus, commercial bus and subway
Subway: Angirang(line 1) and Duryu(line 2) stations both take 15 minutes to our center on foot.
Bus stop: DCUMC station take 5 minutes to our center on foot.


Daegu city tour
Overnight trip to Jeonju, Busan, Andong or somewhere (with CP)

If there's anywhere you want to visit, you can say to CP.


1. Apsan climbing
 You can see beautiful nightscape of the whole city after rewarding climbing.

2. The Arc
 The ARC is a building that embodies an elegant and geometrical approach to the sky, the earth, culture and river culture. The ARC is an abbreviation of Architecture of River Culture and Artistry of River Culture. With water as it common theme, the multi-purpose space is organized in such a way that the structure itself is a work of art. The interior features a modern, yet simple design concept. The building has exhibition spaces and art galleries on the basement floor, a huge circle theater highlighting the theme of water on the first and second ground floors, and an observatory on the third floor with a view of the surrounding natural landscape.

3. E-world & Duryu park

4. Dongsung-ro


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