Mexico (AMMEF) - Tampico UAT
emergency medicine, cardiology, general surgery, dermatology, gastroenterology, neurosurgery, traumatology paediatrics, anesthesiology
June, July, December, aUGUST
One per day
Host Family or student appartment--

--Students MUST follow hospital´s specific ALL WHITE UNIFORM dress code
Felix Cantu

Tampico is a city and port in the southeastern part of the state of Tamaulipas, México. It is
located on the north of the Pánuco River, about 6 miles inland from the Gulf of Mexico. The
name "Tampico" is of Huastec origin: tam-piko, meaning "place of otters"; (literally "water
dogs", because our city is surrounded by rivers and lagoons that were the habitat of a large
population of otters. Our city was founded on April 13, 1823, though there had been a series of
human settlements in the area for centuries.


The Autonomous University of Tamaulipas is the public institution of higher education with the
largest coverage and enrollment in the entity.
The increase of the population and political stability affirmed in the country from the year 1920
made patent the necessity to attend the superior education in Tamaulipas, because during the
revolutionary cycle they stopped working the literary institutes of Matamoros and Ciudad
Victoria. In 1929 the first school of Nursing was established in the port of Tampico and the
faculties of Medicine "Dr. Alberto Romo Caballero" and Law were founded in 1950, later the
Faculty of Odontology was installed, schools that were administered by a civil association local
that was named "Professional Education of Tampico", constituting the foundation of the
University of Tamaulipas formally on October 30, 1950. Our metropolitan area has over twelve
public and private hospitals with the best technical advances and a highly regarded medical staff
consists of more than 1200 doctors practicing among more than 45 medical specialties.


Briefly talk about the research projects and labs your incomings will be working in.


One meal per day in the Hospital. Meal and Dinner is at the expense of the exchange student.


It depends, it could be with a host family or in an apartment for students.
The place in which you will stay, always are going to count with basic household services, such as:
* Gas
* Potable water
* Drainage and sewerage
* Electricity
* Internet
* A bed
We as local committee can’t accommodate persons outside the exchange student (NO boyfriend,
girlfriend, friends, family, pets, etc.)

Tampico has easy routes to travel around the city: the cheapest option to get to the hospital is by
bus which costs 9 pesos MNX. Also you can transport by taxi is higher than a bus but is easily,
the cost varies depends the distance, between 40 and 50 pesos MNX.
Our social program includes a calendar full of fun and interesting things to do during your free time.
Don’t forget light clothing and your swimsuit.
You can go to little trips on weekends or stay in Tampico to discover the night life.
After the hospital, during the week we can go to see the most places of Tampico and Madero city.
Go see the aligators sunbath on Laguna Del Carpintero
Enjoy our beautiful beach Miramar
Go to the center of the city
Visit museums and cultural places
Walk in several parks
Visit the Aduana Maritima
Previously to your arrival you have to send to the LEO a formal picture with white background,
Proof of Enrollment, Student Record and C.V.

The clinical rotation is from Monday to Friday, usually from 8am to 4pm.

In our country as a medical student you have to use a WHITE UNIFORM (School or hospital),
so please bring your complete UNIFORM; this include white shirt, white pants, clinical shoes,
white coat and men should wear tie (doesn´t matter the color); Also bring your scrubs, especially
in surgery areas.