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The province of Mugla, located in the southwest corner of Turkey where the Aegean Sea meets the Mediterranean, includes popular holiday destinations, such as Gokova, Bodrum, Marmaris, Datca, Milas, Dalyan and Fethiye. With its beautiful resorts, impressive ruins of past civilizations, magnificent landscapes and vast beaches, thermal waters, rich flora and fauna, as well as accommodations, restaurants and entertainment choices to suit every taste, this region has something to offer to everyone.

The Mugla region, called ‘Caria’ in ancient times, has been a leading social cultural, and historical centre for centuries. Numerous ancient societies and Anatolian civilisations, including Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk, and Ottoman peoples, have existed here. The region came under the rule of the Ottomans in 1390, starting the era of Turkish sovereignty in Mugla.

Mugla's climate type is in  Mediterranean climate. Summers are hot and dry winters are mild and rainy. far parts of the sea are cold and ve they have semi-continental climate type.


The Faculty of Medicine was founded in May 2007, which was followed by the establishment of the Fundamental Medicine, Internal Medicine, and Surgical Medicine Departments and their related subdivisions. The faculty’s missions include promoting academic excellence; educating competent and qualified medical doctors; supporting scientific research based on ethical principles; and providing universally acknowledged high quality health services including diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation. The faculty aims to become an innovator and pioneer academic establishment and to reach the class of leading medicine faculties in Turkey. In doing so, it works to provide national and international education, research, and health services; develop international connections in education, science, tourism, and technology; and hold a strong institutional identity and culture.


Labs in University:

Anatomy lab, Histology lab, Pharmacology lab, Microbiology lab,  lab, Biochemistry lab, Genetics lab, Medical Biology lab

Our lab studies doesn't accept student for now because of our school policies. We are accepting project exchanges only.

(2016-2017)Role of the miRNA (micro Ribonucleic Acid) and MTUS1 (Microtubule Associated Tumor Suppressor 1) Expressions on Colon Cancer- Genetics
1 meal a day at the hospital.

State Dormitory (managed by General Directorate of Higher Education Credit and Hostels Institution)

Address : Sitki Kocman Street Kotekli Neighbourhood NO: 10/6


We have 2 international airports in Mugla.(Milas-Bodrum Airport and Dalaman Airport .See links below).When you arrive there,you can take MUTTAS’s(airport shuttles) buses to go to Mugla city centre. We’ll pick you up there J

Public Transportation

If you want to go to city center from your dorm(In Kotekli) or turn back to your dorm from city center,you can use public buses.You’ll see that public transportation is so easy,every ten minutes (or less)  the buses will come to the bus stop.You can use Mugla kentkart to pay it.( http://www.kentkart.com/en/domestic-projects/) You can put your money there in  Kentkart Selling Points.

Milas Bodrum Airport (http://www.milasbodrum.dhmi.gov.tr/havaalanlari/home.aspx?hv=6)

Dalaman Airport (http://www.dalaman.dhmi.gov.tr/havaalanlari/home.aspx?hv=5)


Mugla is the administrative capital of a province that incorporates internationally well-known and popular tourist resorts.So that we’ll try to schedule trips to these beautiful touristic,cultural resorts.

And during summer,every weekend,there are organized National Toursin which you can meet and spend some with other incoming students and explore Turkish culture and natural values of Turkey more.Your LEO and contact person will inform you about scheduled social programme and National Tours.In addition,invitations for National Tours  will be sent to your e-mail addresses.



Bodrum is a tourism district of Mugla.There are many touristic centers,holiday hotels and great beaches to swim in Bodrum and Bodrum hosts too many tourists from too many countries every year.Bodrum Castle is a historical place to visit in Bodrum.Bodrum is also famous for night life and night clubs.


For more information : http://www.bodrum.org/



Marmaris is a tourism district of Mugla with pine forests that meet the sea,wonderful bays,clear sea and blue flagged beachs.There are many touristic centers,holiday hotels and great beaches to swim in Marmaris.Marmaris hosts too many tourists from too many countries every year.



Fethiye is a tourism district of Mugla with a wonderful and unique beach in the world,Oludeniz (Literally Translation Name:Dead Sea,Official Translation Name: Blue Lagoon).Beach of Oludeniz was chosen  the most beautiful sandy beach in the world in 2006 with eighty-two percent of the votes.Fethiye is one of the important tourism centers in Turkey.There are many touristic centers,holiday hotels and great beaches to swim in Fethiye .Fethiye has very favorable places for diving.There are many touristic caves to visit in Fethiye.

Must see: http://www.planetware.com/tourist-attractions-/fethiye-tr-mg-fe.htm