Belgium (BeMSA) - Universite Catholique de Louvain
SCOPE: Internal Medicine; Pediatric Department; Radiology
SCOPE: August, SCORE: August
pocket money
student flat / dormitory
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Florence Hoebrechts

Brussels is the vibrant and lively capital of Belgium. It is home to a very international community, being also the capital of the European Union.

Famous for its waffles, chocolate and beer it offers you not only that, but a huge variety of fun things to do and beautiful landmarks to see such as the ancient city center with the „grand place“ and the impressive „Atomium“ in the Western part of the city.

The campus “Woluwe” is the home to three faculties: the faculty of medicine and dentistry, the faculty of pharmacy and biomedical sciences and the faculty of public health.

The entire Université Catholique de Louvain counts 29.000 students of which 5.500 are on the Brussels Campus (Woluwe).

It’s located in the eastern part of Brussels and very easily accessible from the city center by metro and bus.


UCL – the catholic university of Louvain, not to mix up with KUL – the catholic university of Leuven, is one of the best francophone universities in the world.

It is home to students from 127 different nationalities and is divided into six different campuses all over the Wallonie (the francophone part of Belgium).

During your internship, speaking English will be sufficient to communicate with the doctors and tutors. It would be nice for you to have notions in French in order to ensure a better communication with the patients, but it is not a requirement.

The internships will all take place in the University Hospital Saint Luc and in its laboratories.

Researchers from all over the world are working in the UCL research towers.

We offer you very hands-on, interesting research projects, to plunge yourself into the fascinating world of medical reasearch!

Check out the IFMSA projects database to find more information about the specific research projects!

We will provide you with some pocket money to cover the expenses of one meal per working day.


You will be staying at a dormitory close to the university hospital Saint Luc.

Each student has his or her own room with a bed, desk, closet and sink. The kitchen, showers and toilets are shared between the students of each floor. In each room there is a free wireless Internet connection.


Getting there

As Brussels is a very well connected city, you can come here by airplane, train or bus.

The contact person will either pick you up at the station or the airport or right away at Alma, the university’s metro station (line 1, the pink metro line).


Getting around

Brussels isn’t actually as big as it seems. You can get around by bike or take a bus, a tram or the metro.

It’s fun to discover the different parts of the city as the “quartiers” change rapidly from Belgian- to Arabic- to African- to “European”-style.

If you want to go see other places in Belgium, you just hop on the train (5€ for a person under 25) and you will arrive at your dream-destination (inside of Belgium) in less than two hours.

Your contact person will guide you around the city and show you the nicest places of Brussels.

During the weekends we will organize activities (such as an international dinner) and trips to other nice places around Belgium and meet other IFMSA-exchange-students.

Places and monuments to see
  • the “Grand Place” and the ancient city center
  • the Atomium
  • the European Institutions
  • the “Mont des Arts” with Brussels nicest museums
  • the big parc “Cinquantenaire”
  • the African quartier “Matongé”
  • the quartier of Ixelles and its places Jourdan and Flagey (best Belgian fries!)


Prepare yourself for some awesome events in Brussels!!

During the whole summer, there will be the "Apéros Urbains": every Friday there will be an open air party at some other place in the city. This way you can discover different parts of the city while trying Belgium's best drinks and getting to know other people from all over the world!

In August, there will be the "Brussels Summer Festival": the whole city center of Brussels turns into a festival zone and there are wonderful concerts every day. The best thing about it: for students it's low budget :)
Check out to see which bands will be playing this year!

Ask your contact person for other special summer events in Brussels, every year there are awesome festivals and get-together’s all over the city.

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