Brazil (IFMSA Brazil) - Juiz de Fora/MG - SUPREMA
Anesthesiology, Pediatrics, neonatology, orthopedics, general surgery, plastic surgery, gastrointestinal surgery, thoracic surgery, endocrinology, mastology, gynecology obstetrics, family Health, neurology, cardiology, gastroenterology / endoscopy.
All year.
Yes, 1 per day.
Student Flat or Host Family.
Suprema Suprema

The Local Committee Suprema was established in 2014 and since then, activities are carried out on all standing committees of IFMSA, trying to improve a little bit the world and to assist in building better doctors. Thus, there was recognition not only from the students but also from the college board, further contributing to the growth of the committee.Nowadays we count with more than 30 active members, including trainees,
local coordinators and directors.

More specificaly about SCOPE and SCORE, around 270 vacancies are available during all the year in the fields of anesthesiology, neurology, orthopedics, cardiology, obstetrics / gynecology, pediatrics / neonatology, mastology, gastroenterology, endoscopy, endocrinology, public health, general surgery, abdominal surgery, chest surgery and plastic surgery.

Suprema College is a private institution established in 2002. Nowadays, it is constituted for about 720 medical students. The college is a reference for all the state of Minas Gerais, and also has national recognition. According to new datas and a ressearch of 2015, Suprema is the 9th best medical college among all the privates ones in Brazil and it is the 1st in the state of Minas Gerais.

Furthermore, Suprema also has others courses: nursing, physiotherapy and dentistry, having a large physical structure that allows the practice of diverse activities.


Suprema students have at their disposal an exclusive teaching hospital called Hospital e Maternidade Terezinha de Jesus. Counting with 300 active beds , the hospital aims 100 % of their beds to the National Health System (SUS). There is 8 operating rooms and 42 offices to serve the SUS users with 40 medical specialties, nursing, physiotherapy and activities of the Psychology Department and of Social Work . The Central Clinic performs an average of 4,500 medical procedures per month and also has a medical residency program.

Research and extension projects are something highly valued in this institution. Suprema counts with modern laboratories and great technological supplies. There are 3 zones inside the college with available computers  for all the students, giving access to importants ressearches sources and databases. In the teaching hospital, as weel, there is another computer lab with free use.
Beyond this, the college disposes of two libraries, with new publications, essentials books and international periodics.

For the ressearch exchange through SCORE it is available 4 vacancies to the project named as THE EFFECTS OF FISICAL EXCERSISES IN THE AUTONOMIC CARDIOVASCULAR  NERVOUS SYSTEM.

The aim of this project is to determinate the effects of fisical exercises in the autonomic cardiovascular nervous system, and how does it affects the impact of exercises in heath.

The techniques and methods which will be used are searching in indexing databases, such as MEDLine and SciELO. The ressearcher will look for recent articles and those with high-impact in scientific society (randomized controlled-trials articles and sistematic review article).

Brazil has a really diverse cullinary; and according to the region of the country it is possible to find different special dishes.
The city of Juiz de Fora is located in the state called Minas Gerais. Special foods include Feijoada, Doce de Leite, several types of cheese, Goiabada, coffe and the famous Pão de Queijo. It is impossible to forget about Churrasco and Caipirinha.

The traditional everyday meal of a brazillian is composed by rice, beans, salad and meat. Pasta is also really consumed. 
However, assuming that Brazil is a country of huge proportions, it is possible to find food for any taste and from all the parts of the world.
All the incomings students stay in students flats or hosts families. The houses are well located and near of the hospital or clinics where is going to happen the clerkship.

Juiz de Fora is super well located and despite it being on the countryside, it is close to big centers.
If you arrives in Brazil through Rio de Jnaeiro, you just need to take a bus here. It will be not more then 3 hours to get here. The bus is about R$60,00.

If you are going to arrive in São Paulo, you will have two options. The first one is taking a plane from Viracopos Airport to Juiz de Fora. There are daily straights flights and it takes around two hours. The second possibility is by bus, and it will take around 8 hours.

Once in Juiz de Fora, we always try to arrange a house close to where is going to be the clerkship. Most of the places are achieve by just walking or with city buses:


The city has a lot of students from the universities, so the nightlife is quite exciting. There are a lot of great bars, restaurants and nightclubs. The social program will include welcome party, nightouts for having drinks in bars and going out to dance and have fun. 
Karoke party, picnics, cooking lessons, citytours are also provided.

During the weekends is possible to travel. Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Ouro Preto, Petrópolis, National Park of Ibitipoca are nice destinations.

*The Social Program may vary according to the period of the year and to the disponibility of the LC members.

there are many events such as :

  • Festival Internacional de Música Colonial Brasileira e Música Antiga- International Festival of Colonial Brazilian Music and Antique Music (July)
  • Miss Brasil Gay- The biggest event in the city. (August).
  • Rainbow Fest  - Several events (parties, debates and a parade) targeting the GLBT community. In the same week of Miss Brasil Gay (August).
  • Goa Trance - Rave in outskirts of city (November)
  • Celebra Open Air  - Electronic music festival with some foreign attractions (March)
  • Primeiro Plano - Independent movie festival (November)
  • Museu Mariano Procópio - The museum counts itself as one of the principal exhibitions of the imperial period of Brazil.
  • MAM - Juiz de Fora Museum of Modern Art.
  • Morro do Imperador
Bring your own white coat and stethoscope. You have to respect Brazil's norm NR 32: do not use accessories, wear closed shoes and tie your hair.
Be welcome to Minas and Juiz de Fora :)