Mexico (AMMEF) - Ciudad Juarez
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Medina Aguero

Meet Ciudad Juarez, Mexico’s door.

It is located on the northern border of our country, is a city that offers an unmatched cultural richness for always being diverse and inclusive.

Ciudad Juarez is a city full of history, and endless unique for being the home of people coming from all over the country seeking to be part of this city with that bicultural border ingredient that changes even the most entrenched perspectives.

Very few people are fortunate to live in a border town like Ciudad Juarez , with its commercial corridors full of life that have something special for everyone , with a busy and exciting nightlife.

The pride of Juarez is only comparable with their hospitality. Here acquaintances become friends and friends become brothers


Meet Ciudad Juarez and live with us a lifetime experience.


The Ciudad Juarez University has been a beacon of academic excellence during the last 40 years not only in Chihuahua, but also in all Mexico. During the past 4 decades, its medical school program has stayed as one of the best of the region.

We’ve managed to achieve exchange deals with 2 of the most important hospitals in the city: City’s General Hospital and Women Hospital, both of them with high demand among patients with specialty areas.

The Women hospital is entirely dedicated to Gynecobstetric and new born specialty, and the General Hospital has accepted to receive exchange students in all the services that include Emergency, Surgery, Radiology, and traumatology.


The University has one research project available for exchange at the time, and the labs are located within the campus’ limits offering safe and accessible surroundings to the exchange students.

- Cytogenetic applied to environmental mutagenesis
     • Description: The project aim is to analyze the genetic damage made in human populations exposed to diverse environmental pollutants through the micronuclei and chromosome abnormalities analysis based in electroforetical techniques.
     • Domain: Genetics, Basic science

For more information, check the SCORE national EC and the project database


During the exchange, the student will be provided by the host family he/she stays with and by the hospital, being the last one given only when available and during hospital’s dining room schedules.


A host family will provide to the Exchange students room and meals because we think this provides a more significant approach to Mexican customs and habits.
And really do you need drink Teuila for know the mexican Parties


In Ciudad Juarez, the most quick and easy transport method is the bus. The city counts with a lot of routes that make easy to connect every single place with the rest of the city.

Because of its commercial importance, Ciudad Juarez is connected to the rest of the country by the highway and the international airport. For its closeness with El Paso, Texas, it’s easy to travel anywhere in the US by just crossing the border.


Ciudad Juarez has a lot of nightlife secure corridors that provide diverse experiences according to your mood; from a quiet coffee shop to a traditional cantina, all you have to do is walk a few blocks.

Being a desert environment provides excellent opportunities to assist to a Desert party in the outskirts of the city with great music and special events.

We are home of one of the biggest international festivals of all the country during the Chihuahua International Festival that occurs each October, providing international performers of all around the globe to Juarez stages.

  • Guadalupe Mission

This temple was stablished as “Our Lady of Guadalupe’s Paso Del Norte Mission” that was home of the Franciscan Order sent to indoctrinate the sumas indigenes and served as rest stop for the caravans from Mexico City carrying weapons, ornaments and merchandise.

  • Juarez Cathedral

Next to the Mission stands Juarez Cathedral which construction began in 1935 and has a unique beauty in its big glass art and neoclassic façade.

  • Metals checkpoint

Despite its small size, this is a very historical building located next to the ex-customs building.
 Here, all the mineral production of the state was checked and countersigned for its export to the US.

  • Border Revolution Museum

Beautiful building with the characteristic European touch that distinguish the latter XIX century architecture. Here was concealed the customs building open to service in 1889.

In 1909 inside its walls, took place the historic interview between Mexican President Porfirio Diaz and his US counterpart, President Taft; paradoxically in this very same building were signed the Ciudad Juarez Treatments that put an end to President Diaz regime. 

  • Benito Juarez Monument

Made out of imported European marble, this tribute to one of the greatest presidents of the nation, was open to the public in 1910 as part of the festivities of the first century of the beginning of the independence war.

  • Juarez Market

You can’t travel and forget to take trip mementos for yourself and your loved ones, so we suggest that you stop by the Juarez Market where you’ll find a great variety of artisans and their products at affordable prices.

  • San Jose Mission

This small chapel is all that remains of the Royal Presidium of Our Pilar Lady and St Joseph founded by New Mexico Governor Domingo Gironza in 1682. After, in 1752, soldiers were sent to stablish the Cariizal Presidium, leaving the chapel as mission bye the indigenes that still lived in Juarez Valley.

The adjoining graveyard owns its importance to the stones where you can still read the names of prominent XIX locals.

  • Arts and History Museum

Designed in 1964, this museum was intended to offer to locals and visitors a general view of the cultures that flourished in the prehispanic Mexico. Besides his historic aspect of the museum, it provides spaces to local, national and foreign artistic exhibitions.


Chiuhuahua, El paso Texas.