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General Internal Medicine, Paediatrics, Emergency Medicine, Public Health
March, April, July, October, November, December
at hospital(for pro-exchange) or faculty(for researching exchange) type of the boarding is the launch
Guzelyurt Ogrenci Koyu (Student Hostel)
As Kutahya Saglik Bilimleri University LC, we require you to get vaccinated. Also, you have to prove that you have been vaccinated so don’t forget to get a document.
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Yagmur Tarak

Kutahya is located in the Aegean Region with the population of 305.700. The Greek name of the city is Kotyaion and the name of it in Rome was Cotyaeum. The current name is given by Turks regarding the old names. The city Eskisehir is also very close to Kutahya and you can go there with a bus or a train in one hour. Eskisehir is a very colorful student city with many cultural and entertaintment places. The distance between Kutahya and Istanbul is 330 kilometers. You can come to Kutahya from Istanbul by bus in 5 hours.


We have two hospitals and one faculty buildings. One of them is the additional part and the other hospital base part.
oth of them are at the city center our faculty buildings at our university's Evliya Celebi Campus

Our hospital is located in the city center not in the campus but it does not take long with the city bus. The hospital has 6 floors with 950 sickbed capacity and around 600 health worker. There are 54 departmants in the hospital including Medical Genetics, Perinatology and Nuclear Medicine.


Development of novel combination treatments for breast cancer cells
If our professors have other projects our Local officer for researching exchange will inform our incomings.


At hospital(for pro-exchange) or faculty(for researching exchange) 
For your professional exchange, we will be providing you lunch during your exchange. Since you will be having your internship in the hospital, you will be able to eat lunch at the cafeteria of the hospital without any need of a ticket or a card.


For july and august, lodging is at a special student hostel named Guzelyurt Ogrenci Koyu. It is located in the city center with many transportation opportunities to different parts of the city. For more information and pictures:http://www.guzelyurtogrencikoyu.com/  / for the other months our LC will manage our university guest house or dormitory or another guest house for more information and pictures :http://edergi.dpu.edu.tr/index/dergi_oku/10/5710cdce3f79a#page/6
that picture from our base guest houses we have 3 different guest house


You can use city busses and taxis in the city. There are 9 different city bus numbers to symbolize different routes. A1, 7 and 7A are the ones that travel around the Faculty of Medicine, Kutahya bus station and city center. So, probably using them will be more than enough for you. 

For learning working hours and stations for these transportations, you can use this website: https://www.dpu.edu.tr/index/sayfa/399/sehir-ici-ulasim

Kutahya at the middle of all the highways at Turkey because of that you can go to every big city
(Istanbul,Ankara,Eskisehir,Izmir(Sirince,Ephesus),Denizli(pamukkale),Antalya(olympos,side,alanya),Nevsehir(Cappadoccia)Afyon(thermal water) arround 1-5 hour


Our local committee's social programs are National Food and Drink Party, Eskisehir and Afyon tours.
It will depend your exchange dates. If you want to see a particular place, we are open to your suggestions all the time.


Kutahya Castle, Kutahya Clock Tower, Thermal Baths, Ceramic Museum, Dumlupinar Martyrdom, Kursunlu Mosque, Cinili Mosque, Ulu Mosque, Zafertepe Monument, Ishak Fakih Mosque, Domanic Forests, Dumlupinar Museum, Kutahya Archeological Museum, Donenler Mevlevihanesi

Aizanoi Archaic City: 48 kilometers away from the city center, the Archaic City is also named the Second Ephesus. It includes the world’s best-protected Temple of Zeus, the world’s first stock market and the world’s first stadium-theatre complex.


Kutahya Ceramics Museum: It is located in the city center is the first museum gathered on ceramics. There are many unique pieces of ceramics that are made since the 14th century.


Castle of Kutahya: The Castle of Kutahya is located in the area where Kutahya is first established and it is remained from Byzantine.


The Forest of Domanic: This natural beauty in the district of Domanic is one of the places the visitors arrive first. There are unique species of trees that are only seen in this forest.

Kutahya Ulu Mosque: It is located city center. The most important detail about the mosque is that it has the biggest inner area as a worship place. It is built with only cut stone.