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Pediatrics, traumatology, internal medicine, gyn/obs, General Surgery, Cardiology
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Host family, student hostel, student flat
Host Family, student hostel, student flat
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Valera is a city in Trujillo State in Venezuela, situated between the rivers Momboy and Motatán.The city is home to Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Colombian and Spanish communities. 

The city is the commercial center of Trujillo state, and a gateway to the Andes region of Venezuela. It has a vibrant business community, as well as a diverse and educated workforce. As the economic and commercial center of Trujillo state, Valera is a leading distribution centre for the agricultural products in Venezuela, in which sugarcane, cacao, coffee, fruit, and grains are cultivated. Flour milling is a principal industry. The area has traditionally supplied about one-fourth of the nation’s wheat.

University of Los Andes Merida has the medical career from second year and start next year  from first to sixth year medical school Valera extension which is based next to the University Hospital Dr. Pedro Emilio Carrillo and the same hospital for clinical internships.
Host Family
Host family
The public transport in the city of Valera is composed of small buses and popular "vans" that are nothing more than old VAN 80, type trucks municipal total of 5 lines are presented: two being the most used ( Popular line and line 48) to have routes to sites of interest in the city; others would mention Line 7 and Line Forest Hills 79 which is responsible for transporting the citizens of downtown to popular locations such as the La Floresta, the urbanization Las Lomas and San Luis upper Sector; the last line, but not least, is responsible for the road to the Parishes of Momboy Mendoza and La Puerta, both belonging to the municipality Valera. The large number of such groups buseta cause a large backlog of poor urban roads Valera. And on June 23 the new ring served by Bus Trujillo. These are modern buses made in China and burgundy with "air conditioning" and other extra service in urban routes of the state. Bus Route One-Valera Trujillo ranging from urbanism Santa Cruz Carmania in the north to the south, passing through Las Pulgas, La Marchantica, La Redoma, Centro de Valera on Avenida Bolivar, Las Acacias, the Country up to Carmania in output Valera towards the door. The other route or path 2 goes from the El Milagro, through the center of Valera, Central Hospital HUPEC Avenue 14, El Cementerio Plaza Miranda, Sector San Antonio de la Floresta and returning in the Avenida Bolivar, Mc Donalds, Beatrice and returning to Milagro.

Taxis and motorcycle taxis 
The city does not have a control system for taxis, these are organized in small lines and grouped in large supermarkets, shopping centers, in the Municipal Market and the Passenger Terminal. On the other hand, the motorcycle taxi service is provided, this activity if it is being controlled by the Municipality of Valera and provides an alternative to avoid traffic congestion.

Antonio Nicolás Briceño National Airport is the largest airport terminal state located in the town San Rafael de Carvajal 4 km from the center of Valera being the international abbreviation for this city VLV. He returned to Caracas operations only through the Regional Airline Avior working for three days a week, Monday, Wednesday, Friday. The airline plans to make a flight to the city of Coro in Falcon and possibly another which would make Curacao International Airport after enabling the respective customs. The company has so far only Conviasa offices in the terminal and has not reactivated flights.
Because it is such a competitive market, night clubs, bars and restaurants are constantly reinventing themselves and places that are packed one weekend are deserted the next. For that reason it would probably be best to Ask the LEO in each LC.

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  • Iglesia San Juan Bautista
  • Las Torres del Murachi
  • Teatro Libertad
  • Teatro Ana Enriqueta Terán
  • Parque Los Ilustres
  • Casa de Carmania
  • Estadio José Alberto Pérez
  • Museo antropólógico Tulene Bertoni
  • Centro Comercial Edivica
  • Centro Comercial Plaza
  • Monumento de la Virgen de la Paz
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