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Host Family, student hostel, student flat

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San Cristóbal is the capital city of the Venezuelan state of Táchira. It is located in a mountainous region of Western Venezuela. The city is situated 818 m/2,625 ft above sea level in the northern Andes overlooking the Torbes River, 56 km/35 mi from the Colombian border. San Cristóbal was founded on March 31, 1561 by Juan de Maldonado. From its inception, the city evolved rapidly as one of the most progressive and important centers of commerce in the country, due primarily to its rich soil and its proximity to the border with Colombia.


The Central Hospital of San Cristobal is the name given to the most important public health institution largest city of San Cristobal Tachira state capital west of the South American country of Venezuela. Specifically located in the Lucio Oquendo Avenue tachirense the city and administratively to the government of Tachira. It was built in the government of General Marcos Perez Jimenez, was almost ready in late 1957, but could not be opened by the fall of the dictatorship in Venezuela in early 1958, was finally opened that same year.

Universidad de Los Andes (university of Los Andes), Hospital de Seguro Social (social insurance’s hospital) and Hospital Central de San Cristobal (San Cristobal’s Central Hospital)




Host Family


Host Family


There are three airports that serve Táchira State and its capital San Cristobal. Airport Juan Vicente Gómez of San Antonio, Airport Mayor Buenaventura Vivas of Santo Domingo del Táchira and International Airport of La Fria. There is a bus terminal located just below the La Concordia neighborhood of San Cristobal where buses, taxis and other land vehicles arrive and depart daily.

In San Cristóbal you may be transported either by your host family, taxi or public transport (buses)

YOU can take a flight to CUCUTA and we will pick you up.


Because it is such a competitive market, night clubs, bars and restaurants are constantly reinventing themselves and places that are packed one weekend are deserted the next. For that reason it would probably be best to Ask the LEO in each LC.

We will try our best to make you feel the "Venezuelan Experience"

  • San Cristobal is a very diverse city, where you could:
  1. Go to “el chorro el indio” a beautiful waterfall at the north of the city, with chilly weather, and a lot of local dishes such as “fresas con crema” which is strawberries in Chantilly cream; and would get to enjoy a lot of venezuelan’s hospitality.
  2. Visit “El Santo Cristo de la Grita” that’d be the Holy Christ from La Grita, which is retained in a beautiful cathedral and holds a beautiful legend inside it, that tells, that the Christ itself appeared all made by itself out of a piece of wood the father of the community church owned.
  3. Go to the “Represa Uribante Caparo” which is a huge dam made destined to provide the whole region with electricity, and its placed where there used to be a whole town called “Potosì”, you can visit, and fleet around it in a boat and even get to touch the tip of the church that was placed there and is the only sign of civilization under it.
  4. Visit a little town called “San Jose de Bolivar” that holds in it still the purity and beauty of the yesteryear days, walking through the streets, it’d be like living around in a different time, wonderful weather, splendid views and warm and kind people.

One of the most celebrated festivities which attracts visitors from all over is the Feria Internacional de San Sebastián held annually at Pueblo Nuevo next to Táchira state football club's grounds. This fair, which occurs at the end of January, combines bullfighting festivities with a myriad of sport activities such as the Vuelta al Táchira, a bicycle race, artistic festivals, agricultural fairs, and many other spectacles. Nearby small businesses, in particular eateries, restaurants and small independent retailers thrive of the activities in Pueblo nuevo.

Places to visit in and around San Cristóbal include all the squares and parks around the city, the enchanting colonial town of San Pedro del Río and Peribeca. During Christmas these towns are full of decorations and mangers of every shape and size. Near the border with Colombiais the town of San Antonio de Táchira, with its lively commercial beat. Other interesting towns are Palmira and Abejales, above the town of Tariba, famous for their sugar cane baskets, and the town of El Topón, a typical agricultural town. The water fall of Chorro el Indio is an entertaining place to visit and be surrounded by nature.

Plaza de los Mangos, in Barrio Obrero, is a popular youth hangout close to San Cristobal's city centre. A leafy square home to music shops, imported clothing retailers, Mini malls, nightclubs, eateries, ice-cream parlours, pool halls, Internet cafés, and small music venues, Plaza de los Mangos has become a busy hub for youth life. On a small offshoot road on the Plaza's north-eastern corner, a small Virgin Mary figure is housed under a protruding old tree branch, a branch once used for public hangings; the date of the last hanging varies with who you ask

San Cristobal’s Hospital services are very wide in terms of pathologies, tropical diseases and traumas that come from in all sizes and shapes, which will provide the student that comes in here with a more open, proper formation than what he/she was expecting to.

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