Taiwan (FMS-Taiwan) - Taichung, China Medical University, Post-Baccalaureat Chinese Medicine
All clinical departments, Traditional Chinese Medicine
SCORE: July, August and September
SCORE: 2000NTD/month as Pocket Money
When you get the opportunity to have a one-month clerkship in our hospital, you should have an physical examination including HIV Test,HBS Antigen,HBS Antibody,TPHA,HCV, VZV IgG,and Chest X-ray Examination.

China Medical University (CMU) was established as China Medical College on June 6, 1958 and transformed itself into China Medical University in 2003. It is the fourth medical school in Taiwan and the first academic institution in Taiwan where Chinese medicine and pharmacy programs are provided. The university has steadily grown to its present position as one of the foremost medical universities in Taiwan. The university has two major campuses, Taichung (including Wuchuan and Ankang) and Beigang. 

Located in the center of Taichung City, CMU includes 6 colleges where western medicine, Chinese medicine, pharmacy (including Chinese herbs), health care (including nursing), life sciences, and public health educational, research and practice programs are provided. Interdisciplinary courses are also available as the basis for students to integrate their learning experiences. With CMU’s top ranked laboratories, a library and reference center, two comprehensive teaching hospitals, and a strong staff commitment to students, our university provides a total approach to medical education in a caring, nurturing and well-equipped environment. China Medical University is the first school in Central Taiwan to be ranked as one of the top 400 universities in the world. Moreover, in the field of Clinical Medicine and Pharmacy, the ranking of CMU even reaches the top 200, in which only three Taiwan universities are enlisted.


China Medical University Hospital (CMUH) was opened in 1980 as the country’s fourth teaching hospital, and its mission was to provide care for all those in need—whether elderly, ill, disabled, or orphaned. Today, this mission continues. The CMUH has international repute, attracting thousands of people from around the region and across the world to Taiwan to receive care from world-renowned physicians in state-of-the-art medical facilities. 

"CMUH is committed toproviding excellent medical services, clinical education and research, and the modernisation of Chinese Medicine. It is also our mission to cultivate continual improvement of such education, research, and medical services, and we strive to launch strategic alliances with reputed medical institutions that share the same beliefs as CMUH, in order to construct a Chinese medical system offering patient-focused, high-quality services." -Dr. Chang-Hai Tsai, MD, PhD., Chairman of the Board, CMU and CMUH Medical System Many physicians at CMUH are also faculty physicians at China Medical University (CMU), one of the top 200 medical universities of the world. These physicians have access to the latest technological procedures and clinical trial medications, ensuring the best quality of care for our patients. This tradition of excellence consistently places it among the nation’s best in the prestigious Global Views Monthly (


University, Post-Baccalaureate Chinese Medicine, Taichung

Biophysics and Medical Physics) Basic Science Laboratory analysis of trimethylaminuria: from metabolite assay to molecular diagnosis

0 NT/month for SCOPE incoming

2000 NT/month for SCORE incoming


Four people dorm, furnished with bunk bed on desk with bookshelves and a closet. Shared bathroom in each dorm.

Washing and drying machines available(pay service). Internet access included, requires set up. No computer in rooms, two in common rooms on floors 2 and 4. Fridge and microwave in common 


Even though our Contact Persons are specifically instructed to pick you up at the airport with a sign that has your name on it, sometimes things don’t go according to plan. In the event that you cannot find your CP, here are the instructions on how to get to the bus platforms:

–For Terminal One

Go to the southwest side of the Arrival Passenger Reception Area.

–For Terminal Two

Go to the northeast side of the Arrival Passenger Reception Area.

Please check this site or contact your responsible airline to see which terminal will your airline stop: http://www.taoyuan-airport.com/english/Airlines/

At the bus platform, you can

–Take the Bus

All routes to Taichung city will stop at Tsao-Ma terminal(


Please look forward to the warm welcome from our CPs! The students from CMU are all friendly and eager to be friends with you. We couldn't be happier to provide all the helps we can! Beside that, we have several small gatherings like the welcoming party, so we always have chances to know each other!! Other than that, during the summer exchange periods, SCOPE Taiwan will hold two trips to the best attractions in Taiwan. During the trips, you'll meet many other incomings exchanging in different parts of Taiwan and have fun together with them!! Be sure to ask your CP for more information and register for the social events!!


Downtown Attractions


Taichung is a versatile city with many attractions to offer. Probably one of the best ways to showcase Taiwan's energetic local lifestyle is the night market. Just twenty two minutes walk away from campus is the I Chung Night Market, one of Taichung's best night markets and a very popular hangout for teenagers around. This is the place to get a taste of the unique Taiwanese night market snacks, where you'll find bizzar combinations and unbelievable deliciousness, the local flavor of Taiwan. Be sure to try the fried chicken and refreshment stands, where the variations will take you beyond your imagination. Aside from the food, the neighbouring allies are populated with shops that sell shoes, bags, accessories and clothes all to the latest fashion and, most importantly, cheap! This is the place to spend all afternoons or days, be sure not to miss it! If this night market doesn't quite satisfy you, you can take the bus (No.35) or ask your local CP for directions to the Fong Jia Night market, a good 30 minute drive away from campus. It is one of the biggest and constantly rated best night market in Taiwan. Not only will you find mush more places to shop, the food is also incredible; the best snacks of all kinds are all concentrated here, be sure not to over stuff yourself! For more information see: Taiwan.


There is also the Eslite bookstore, with its beautiful architecture and park, a beautiful, tranquil little district. The building itslef has exquist dinning and shopping aside from the bookstore, and there are usually seasonal public art displayed up front.


The “Greenway” is one of the best place to visit in Taichung! Many people spend their whole afternoon wandering around this area, enjoying the free but fantastic performance of the street performers. Taichung also houses two of Taiwan's best musems- the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Art, the National Museum of Natural Science, all in the downtown area. If you are looking for more green, there's just a park located conveniently across from the Lifu Hospital (see map below) near by. Aside from that, you can also visit the Taichung Metropolitan Park, quite a big area with a lake for walk, jog and biking, or the Taichung Folklore park, where you'll find some ancient buildings of traditional herritage.

Rural Attractions




Just less than an hour's drive will take you away from the bustles of the city and enjoy the rural areas of central Taiwan. A very popular site is the Gaomei wetlands,a place to take off your shoes, soak in the mud and get close to the water, and the top choice for seeing sunsets.

Another is to the mountainous areas of Hsin She, where you'll see large acres of flower farms, and the famous Lavender Cottage. Or you could also visit the Wuqi Tourist Fish market near the Taichung port,where fresh delicious seafood is served.

For a day trip or weekends trip around central Taiwan, you can go further into the mountains in the national parks or reserves area, like Wuling or Dahxueshan National Forest Recreation area, or the Dong Shi Forest Park. The Chingjing Veterans Farm, a well developed area with beautiful farms and characteristic lodging choices, is also a very recommended location for weekend traveling ideas.