Slovakia (SloMSA) - Bratislava - Slovak Medical University
July, August
School or hospital canteen
Student dormitory at the university

An attendance of at least 80% is required in order to obtain the SCOPE Certificate. You need to wear white clothes at all departments.
Please bring your own stethoscope.
Samo Kapustík
Bratislava is the capital city of Slovakia and the largest city of the country. It's the political, economical and cultural centre. It is a seat of the parliament, Slovak president and the executive branch of government. Several universities, museums, galleries and other important institutions have their headquarters here. Bratislava is located 10 - 15 minutes drive from Hungary and Austria and about 45 min. from Czech Republic.
Slovak Medical University  (SMU) in Bratislava is an educational institution proudly keeping the tradition of education of healthcare workers in specialized studies and continuous life - long education in Slovakia.
Slovak Medical University is a public institution of higher education acting under the Ministry of Health of the Slovac Republic, with the following four faculties:
  • Faculty of Medicine
  • Faculty of Public Health
  • Faculty of Nursing and Professional Health Studies
  • Faculty of Health

Our students are visiting many hospitals in Bratislava, such as :

  • Hospital Ruzinov
  • Hospital of academician Ladislav Derer - Hospital Kramare
  • NOU - National Institute of Oncology
  • Hospital Old Town - Hospital Mickiewiczova
  • Hospital of St. Cyril and Methodius - Hospital Antolska


Food is provided by the meal vouchers, which you can use in school canteen, restaurants or in any shops with groceries. You will receive them at the beginning of your internship.


Accomodation is provided in a dormitory which is located in Slovak Medical University.  Our dormitory offers double - bed rooms with a separate bathroom. It takes about 10 - 15 minutes to the city center by bus and is just a street across the Kramare hospital. The dorm provides free wifi.


The Public Transportation System in Bratislava consists of buses, trolleybuses and trams. There is no subway. The network is relatively dense and most lines operate between 5 am and midnight. During the night, there are special night lines, but they are not very frequent. If you want to travel by public transport, you have to buy a ticket before the ride and validate it. The drivers do not sell the tickets.
You can use buses and trains outside of Bratislava.

During the July, when the foreign students are coming to Bratislava, we are trying to prepare for them various activities such as travelling, visiting lakes and summer festivals and prepare for them some cultural programme, where they can see national traditions.
Also we have common national social program, where all the incomings from Slovakia can meet during one weekend. Trip is called “Get to know Slovakia“ and it lasts for 4 days. Students can see all the must-see beauties, especially of eastern Slovakia during the trip. It is usually organised twice, once for the July incomings and once for August.


Bratislava castle - is located on a hill overlooking the river Danube

New Bridge - known as SNP Bridge, part of it is UFO, which is situated on the top of one pillar. In the UFO there is a fancy restaurant as well as observation desk

Devin castle - has been a National Cultural Monument, it's one of the three oldest historical acknowledge castles in Slovakia. Offers a beautiful view of Bratislava, Danube and Austria

Sandberg - is a sand hill, piece of desert with sandstone which used to be a sea

Slavin - memorial monument and military cemetery of 7000 Soviet soldiers who fell during WWII. Surrounded by one of the nicest views it's located just few minutes of walking from the train station and the city center.

Presidential palace - Grassalkovich palace, is official seat of the president of Slovakia


Warm hugs from Bratislava!